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DCAP Group, Inc. Financial Analysts and Money Managers Society November 10, 2005.

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1 DCAP Group, Inc. Financial Analysts and Money Managers Society November 10, 2005

2 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]2 Legal Disclaimer Forward Looking Statements This presentation, and the related oral presentation, may contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, may be forward-looking statements. These statements are based on managements current expectations and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those included in forward looking statements due to a variety of factors. More information about these factors can be found in DCAPs latest Annual Report filed with Securities and Exchange Commission under Form 10-K. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward- looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

3 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]3 Agenda Corporate OverviewCorporate Overview Operating StrategyOperating Strategy AddendumAddendum

4 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]4 Corporate Overview The DCAP Organization DCAP Group, Inc. owns and operates the largest chain of independent storefront insurance agencies in the Northeast. We focus predominantly on providing affordable auto insurance, enhanced by our complimentary premium financing capabilities to our target market in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We also offer motorcycle, commercial auto, homeowners and other coverages, as well as tax preparation and roadside assistance services. Our mission is to build our business into a community-based, vertically integrated financial services center for moderate to middle income customers.

5 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]5 Corporate Overview Executives & Advisors Senior Management Barry B. Goldstein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CFO Dana Jimenez, Corporate Controller and Treasurer of Agency Operations Jeanne M. Egan, Vice President - Agency Operations Jeffrey C. Schwartz, Vice President - Payments, Inc. Barry Lefkowitz, Vice President - Marketing & Product Development Professional Advisors Legal Counsel - Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP Independent Accountants - Holtz Rubenstein Reminick & Co., LLP Financial Consultant - Richard Maikis, CPA Maikis Associates, Inc.

6 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]6 Corporate Overview DCAP Group, Inc. Insurance Company Owned Locations (24) Barry Scott Agency (Central NYS) Atlantic Insurance Agency (Eastern PA) DCAP (NJ) Franchises (48) Premium Finance Loan Administration Input 1 Woodland Hills, CA Sales and Marketing Hewlett, New York

7 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]7 Corporate Overview Broad Array of Carrier Relationships COMMERCIAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY

8 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]8 Corporate Overview Milestones 1999 - Extech merged with DCAP Insurance, name changed to DCAP Group, Inc. April 2001 - Barry Goldstein elected Chairman and CEO after serving as a consultant August 2002 - Private placement to fund purchase of Barry Scott Companies, Inc. (19 additional agency locations) from Progressive January 2003 - sold leasehold interest on the International Airport Hotel in Puerto Rico May 2003 - purchased Atlantic Insurance Agency locations in Pennsylvania from investor group affiliated with Mr. Goldstein via issuance of convertible preferred stock July 2003 - restructured premium finance operations. Formerly originated loans for an unrelated finance company, Payments now retains ownership over the receivables it creates. Payments, Inc. obtained $18m credit line from M&T bank, raised $3.5m of subordinated debt

9 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]9 August 2004 - completed a one-for-five reverse stock split October 2004 - DCAP Group, Inc. received approval for NASDAQ Small Cap Market Listing December 2004 - Refinanced and increased line of credit with M&T Bank from $18m to $25m - base rate reduced by 150bps April 2005 - Repaid $2.0 million of subordinated debt

10 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]10 Corporate Overview Current Profile Leading Personal Lines Insurance Provider Largest Northeast agency group with strong consumer value proposition Estimated annual premium volume of over $140,000,000 Highly scalable business model, disciplined acquisition strategy Exceptional Growth Outlook 72 stores in three states today-24 owned/48 franchised Limited, fragmented competition in core market

11 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]11 Competitive Advantages Strong brand-name recognition Existing scale to create a set of services and product offerings not easily attainable by the lesser sized competitors Strong Carrier Relationships DCAP is the largest producer for Progressive in the US-Progressive is the largest US auto insurer through Independent agencies and third largest overall, after State Farm and Allstate DCAP is the largest producer of Assigned Risk coverage in New York Additional relationships: GMAC, Metropolitan, OneBeacon, AIG, Infinity

12 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]12 Corporate Overview Investment Case Tremendous current growth potential Unique status with Progressive; DCAP is being rewarded with above- typical commission levels during 2005 Future storefront insurance agency acquisitions-four locations to be acquired before year-end Ongoing expansion of franchise locations-added four locations in 2005 Expansion of premium finance business into more states and more products-three additional state license applications are pending Highly experienced management team Solid operating discipline and financial controls Proven record of long-term value creation Significant ownership by CEO aligns interests with shareholders

13 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]13 Exciting future growth initiatives to capitalize on agency size and customer base Establishment of 24/7 customer quoting, sales and service Creation of DCAP-branded risk-bearing entity Increasing the front and back-office scale of Payments, Inc. via potential acquisitions

14 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]14 Agenda Corporate OverviewCorporate Overview Operating StrategyOperating Strategy AddendumAddendum

15 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]15 Operating Strategy Increase Sales in Existing Channels

16 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]16 Operating Strategy Day-to-Day Management Senior executive team 100% engaged in operational management Proprietary agency management system Daily Production reporting to CEO from: Company owned locations Underwriting / Policy Administration Premium finance operations Carriers Semi-annual regional meetings with store managers, quarterly meetings with franchisees, monthly meetings with executive staff Ongoing agency automation initiatives focusing on customer service Store manager interests aligned with corporate / shareholder interests

17 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]17 Operating Strategy Growth Plan – Today Expand footprint through storefront agency acquisitions and new franchise sales-targeting Western New York and the Hudson Valley for acquisitions; Westchester, The Bronx and Manhattan for franchises Grow premium finance volumes through new product offerings and wider geographical distribution Further diversify revenue stream, cross-selling opportunities including sales of non-Property & Casualty products

18 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]18 Operating Strategy Disciplined Acquisition Process Take advantage of inherent arbitrage on acquired locations Comprehensive financial, operational & legal due diligence Detailed analysis of earnings, cash flow potential and return on invested capital Review by senior management and Board of Directors Decision and execution Proven by highly profitable purchase of Barry Scott Agency (2002) and Atlantic Insurance Agency (2003)

19 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]19 Operating Strategy Growth Plan – Tomorrow Fill void created by expansion of direct marketers and perceived complacency of competitor storefront operations Create a DCAP-branded risk bearing entity Focus on profitability and growth in shareholders equity

20 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]20 Agenda Corporate OverviewCorporate Overview Operating StrategyOperating Strategy AddendumAddendum

21 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]21 Addendum Headline Issues Facing the Industry Pressure on commission income as auto insurance premiums decline Increased advertising by direct writers moving more policy sales to the Internet and toll - free numbers i.e. GEICO, Progressive Direct, Esurance, etc. Increasing competition Traditional companies like Hartford getting increasingly aggressive A rush of small-cap insurers raising new equity capital Ongoing industry investigation by NY and other states Attorneys General Elimination of highly profitable contingent commissions Increasing regulation = greater costs for all insurance companies may lead to pressure on producers compensation Escalating costs relating to Sarbanes-Oxley although Sec 404 compliance has been delayed until at least 2007

22 DCAP Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: DCAP]22 DCAP Group, Inc. For further information, please see DCAPs reports filed with the SEC pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 which are also available at the SECs website ( Additional copies of this presentation and other background information are publicly available at Interested investors are also invited to contact Barry Goldstein, Chairman and CEO, at (516) 374-7600.

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