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LMDC Update - July 20, 2011 Washington State Library.

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1 LMDC Update - July 20, 2011 Washington State Library

2 Introduction of Kirsten Furl  Online Resources Coordinator  Ask-WA Manager

3 State Library Budget Update

4  2010 LSTA award – approx $3.58 million  2011 LSTA award – approx $3.35 million (roughly $230,000 less)  2012 LSTA award is expected to be flat at best  For reporting on 2010 LSTA - MOE will be insignificantly short  For reporting on 2011 LSTA – MOE may be substantially short (we are scrambling to find other expenditures that may be eligible) LSTA & Maintenance of Effort

5 Project Jalisco

6 Newsbank Newspapers on Microfilm

7  Purpose – supports planning for future trainings  Open until the end of July  Access at  For questions:  Jennifer Fenton, WSL CE/Training Coordinator at 360.570.5571 or  Kate Laughlin, WLA Program Coordinator at 206.948.5301. Training Needs Assessment

8  WebJunction now offers unlimited courses for Washington library staff  More than 300 courses available through WSL membership  All courses are free of charge  Must have WebJunction Washington account  Create account at  Must affiliate with Washington Unlimited WebJunction

9  Help IMLS prioritize their work over the next five years  Uses IdeaScale by SurveyAnalytics, Seattle, WA Uses crowdsourcing concepts Users can submit ideas, vote and discuss what has already been listed Voting up or down changes the position of the idea relative to other ideas  Register at to participate IMLS Strategic Planning and IdeaScale

10 Update on the Acting State Librarian position

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