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ROCKS AND SOIL By: Kaushik Kumar.

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1 ROCKS AND SOIL By: Kaushik Kumar

2 What are the characteristics of rocks?
The four characteristics that can be used to classify rocks are: Colour Texture Shape Size

3 Types of rocks and examples
The types of rocks are : Igneous -Igneous rocks are formed from melted rock that has cooled and solidified rocks that are form e.g.: granite , basalt and obsidian(volcanic glass) Sedimentary -Sedimentary rocks are formed at the surface of the Earth, either in water or on land. They are layered accumulations of sediments-fragments of rocks, minerals, or animal or plant material e.g.: sand ,pebbles, soft rocks and limestone Metamorphic -Sometimes sedimentary and igneous rocks are subjected to pressures so intense or heat so high that they are completely changed. They become metamorphic rocks, which form while deeply buried within the Earth's crust. e.g.: Shiny crystals, gneisses and marble .

4 What is soil? Soil is a thin layer of material on the Earth’s surface in which the plants grow and have their roots. It is made up of many things, such as weathered rocks and decayed plant and animal matter. Soil is formed over a long period of time.

5 What are the different types of soil?
There many different types of soil, depending on the size of particles of the soil. Soil can be classified as the following: Sandy Soil Silty Soil Loamy Soil Clay Soil Peaty Soil Chalky Soil

6 What are the differences between rocks and soil?
The difference between Rocks and Soil is: Soil is the weathered rock and organic materials and Rock is the cooled down molten material that erupts onto the earth’s surface from the volcano. Soil is loose and soft and rock is hard. We can do gardening or farming in soil but not on rocks.

7 How does erosion affect rock and soil?
Erosion occurs when weathered rock are carried away. It can be caused by the action of water, wind, ice and animals and gravity. The soil gets washed away by strong rain.

8 Bibliography love .au
Exploring Soil and Rocks by Ed Catherall Rocks and Minerals by Chris Pellant

9 The End

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