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PHaMs LOOKOUT May 2014 Published by: Red Cross PHaMs 14b Cambridge St

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1 PHaMs LOOKOUT May 2014 Published by: Red Cross PHaMs 14b Cambridge St
Rockhampton QLD 4700 Tel:

2 Key dates for the month ahead (May); we have a few thing coming up.
Message From Lesley ISLAND CRY…. Wearily our crystal blue ocean clashed Against the jiggered rocks corroding them slightly Under a clouded Moon. Eerily from a far the islands began to cry Stop!!! That almighty thrashing Stop!! That horrific roar We can’t take the sound of crashing anymore Why isn’t there peace in the oceans’ heart What stirs her waters to make her start It’s me!!! The clouded moon laughed I swirl her waters! I rumble her waters! I love to hear the oceans roar! I do not are for your sighs and cries No!! Said the islands The rumbles The roar Let us sleep some more. (written by lil butterfly…A.R.R.) April has been a fantastic month for the PHaMs/Walali team. Along with some friends the team took part in the celebration marking Youth Week. (April 4th – 13th ) by getting very busy over the Bar-b-q. Other exciting news is the Project collaboration between PHaMs/Walali & CQID in an art project to beginning at the Walali Neighbourhood Centre. Key dates for the month ahead (May); we have a few thing coming up. Australian Red Cross 100th Year birthday 8th May National Volunteer Week 12th – 18th May Schizophrenia Awareness Week 11th – 17th May. Peer Zone Workshops 19th & 22nd May National Reconciliation Week 27th May – 3rd Breakfast BBQ by the riverside 28th 8:00am All these events plus our regular weekly activities are to be held at the Walali Neighbourhood Centre. All are welcome to join in or just drop in for a cuppa and some friendly company. We are located at 14b Cambridge Street, Rockhampton. Wishing all a fantastic and safe month. Les Mental Health 101 Q: How common are mental health issues? A: Studies have shown that 1 in 4 individuals globally struggle with a mental health issue at any given time. If you expand that to the course of a lifetime, the number increases to 1 in 2. That means if it’s not you who is struggling, it’s someone you know or love.

3 What’s happening at Walali
Thursdays Sew N Chat Thursday morning is all stitched up with The Sew `N’ Chat group. This activity is for the Novice or very beginner to come along and try your hand at some basic machine sewing or mending. We have fantastic Volunteers who are very patient as well as experienced sewers. All the materials are provided. All you will need to bring is your willingness to learn. This group commences at 10:00am on Thursday morning. Monday mornings activity will have you bowled over. With loads of laughs and some friendly competition. Everyone is getting in the swing of our indoor bowls. Anyone is welcome to come in and enjoy a bowl or sit back with a cuppa and soak up the fun. Where – Walali Neighbourhood Centre When – Monday 10am – 12pm We’ll supply the bowls, you can bring the laughter. Fun & fitness Barista club Barista Club has been steaming along fantastically each week. Participants are welcome to come along and learn to make a coffee the Barista way. This popular skill could be a break back into the employment market or just a way of enjoy a simple pleasure with friends. Barista Club is held at Walali each Thursday commencing at 1pm For more information please contact Lesley Guy PHaMs – Or drop into Walali at 14b Cambridge St, Rockhampton

4 Peer Support News Is recovery actually possible?
People with their own experience of mental health illness (Peers) can directly contribute to the recovery of others. Meaningful peer involvement is associated with innovative recovery-orientated services internationally. Is a series of face-to-face workshops facilitated by and for people with experience of mental distress or addiction. People can explore recovery and whole of life wellbeing strategies, There are 19 fun and interactive workshops under five themes. Peer Zone is not therapy or a vocational course – it invites participants to rebuild a more positive story of their lives, it offers tools for whole of life wellbeing and it creates a community of mutual support. PHaMs will be commencing a Peer Zone group on Monday 19th of May 2014. Understanding ourselves is a series of 4 workshops Understanding our distress Understanding our alcohol and drug use Leading our recovery Exploring our stories For more information please contact Shelly, Peer Zone facilitator at PHaMs/Walali on : Or Is recovery actually possible? Absolutely! One of the biggest misperceptions in society is that mental health issues are a life sentence. Recovery means many things to many people and is personal in nature. For some, recovery is the complete absence of symptoms. For others, recovery means successfully managing symptoms as a normal part of life with no disruption to daily activities. Research has shown that even for those with the most serious mental illnesses, the right treatment can have someone living an independent, fulfilling, and successful life. Understanding Ourselves Empowering ourselves Working on our wellbeing Connecting with the world Exploring our unique identities Peer Group Outing for May A day at the Beach – has been the requested outing for our Peer Group for the month of May The Bus will be leaving the Walali Neighbourhood Centre promptly on Friday the 30th of May at 10am We will be ordering fish n chips down there to enjoy on the beach. To book your seat on the bus it is important you let Staff know at PHaMs/ Walali, or phone : There will be limited seats available.

5 How can we challenge stigma?
A new study from mental health charity, SANE Australia, reports that stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness is widespread, harmful to recovery, and is a major barrier to participation in society for those affected. The new report – A Life without Stigma – concludes that a national strategy to tackle stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness is vital, and should be a non-negotiable component of mental health policies and plans. ‘Stigma is a major issue for people affected by mental illness, influencing how they are viewed and how they view themselves' says Jack Heath, CEO of SANE Australia. 'It is destructive, hurtful, and excluding. If we are to help people with mental illness lead a contributing life, it is essential that we take action against stigma.’ A Life without Stigma points out that while significant progress has been made to reduce the stigma associated with depression, Australia urgently needs a national, long-term strategy to reduce the stigma associated with schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. eWithoutStigma_A_SANE_Report.pdf How can we challenge stigma? We all have a role in creating a mentally healthy community that supports recovery and social inclusion and reduces discrimination. Simple ways to help include: learn and share the facts about mental health and illness get to know people with personal experiences of mental illness speak up in protest when friends, family, colleagues or the media display false beliefs and negative stereotypes offer the same support to people when they are physically or mentally unwell don't label or judge people with a mental illness, treat them with respect and dignity as you would anyone else don’t discriminate when it comes to participation, housing and employment talk openly of your own experience of mental illness. The more hidden mental illness remains, the more people continue to believe that it is shameful and needs to be concealed. STIGMA

6 May 2014 7th 5th 6th Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 8th 9th 12th 13th
What's happening at Walali Neighbourhood Centre 14b Cambridge St, Rockhampton Ph: May 2014 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1st Sew N Tell @ 10:00am Peer Group monthly meeting @ 11:30am Barista Club @ 1:00pm 2nd Garden Project / Zentangles @ 10.00am Peer 11:00am Almost Anything Goes 1:00pm Art Project 5th 10am – 12pm Krafty Yarners 1pm-3pm Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing 6th 7th Centre Closed 8th Early Centre closed 1pm 9th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16thGarden Project / Zentangles 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 26th Fun & Fitness 1.00pm 27th 28th Sorry day bbq breakfast the Riverside 29th 30th Garden Project /Garden Project / Zentangles

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