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Pat Taylor Executive Director Faces & Voices of Recovery March 23, 2009 Voices of Hope and Optimism, Recovery from Alcohol & Drug Problems The organized.

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1 Pat Taylor Executive Director Faces & Voices of Recovery March 23, 2009 Voices of Hope and Optimism, Recovery from Alcohol & Drug Problems The organized recovery movement in the U.S.

2 2 National Recovery Summit A Call to Action In 2001, recovery advocates came together with national allies to establish Faces & Voices of Recovery, a nationwide advocacy campaign in the U.S.

3 3 Faces & Voices of Recovery It is our collective strength that will ensure our success, and it is our mission to bring the power and proof of recovery to everyone in America.

4 4 Paths to Recovery Mutual Support groups Professional treatment Nontraditional methods Medical interventions Faith on your own and more There are many pathways to recovery

5 5 The Recovery Community People in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, families, friends and allies

6 6 Governance Structure A grassroots organization. We are organized regionally and governed by the recovery community. Meet our board of directors

7 7 Message of Hope Many of us have carried a message of hope on a one-to-one basis; this new recovery movement calls upon us to carry that message of hope to whole communities and the whole culture. We will shape the future of recovery with a detached silence or with a passionate voice. It is time we stepped forward to shape this history with our stories, our time and our talents. William White Author & Recovery Advocate

8 8 Across the country, family members, friends and allies are rallying in support of recovery – creating a new recovery movement!!! A Shared Vision

9 9 Faces & Voices of Recovery Changing public perceptions of recovery Promoting effective public policy Demonstrating that recovery is working for millions of Americans

10 10 Mainstreaming Recovery…

11 11 Recovery-friendly communities We are organizing and mobilizing to develop policies, communities, and a society that are recovery-friendly.

12 12 We will improve the lives of millions of Americans, their families and communities if we treat addiction to alcohol and other drugs as a public health crisis. To overcome this crisis, we must accord dignity to people with addiction and recognize that there is no one path to recovery. Standing up for our rights!

13 13 Faces & Voices of Recovery Raises national profile… September 2005 Summit in Washington, DC Restored rights to students with drug convictions Restored federal funding to organizations providing peer recovery support services Helped to pass the Second Chance Act Helped to pass the Wellstone/Domenici Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act Promoted long-term recovery through projects like HBOs Addiction, Rally for Recovery & Recovery Voices Count

14 14 Faces & Voices of Recovery Supports local recovery advocacy… Conducts workshops and trainings Provides technical assistance Offers programming opportunities Communicates regularly Provides information from Washington and around the world on recovery-related topics and much much more!

15 15 Communicating eNewsletter Power of Our Stories video Regional Listservs Speakers Bureau

16 16 Faces & Voices of Recovery Many Voices, A Common Message By speaking, writing or supporting advocacy efforts, members of the recovery community can make a profound difference in public understanding of addiction and recovery and change discriminatory policies that put up barriers to recovery.

17 17 Our Stories Have Power – A Media Workshop for Recovery Advocates Training developed in 2006 Research-based Over 3,000 advocates trained Adapted for many different purposes Used successfully all over the country Talking about Recovery

18 Faces & Voices of Recovery 2006 18 Public Opinion Research Broad/Deep Support for a Campaign to Put a Face on Recovery 88% believe it is very important for the American public to see that thousands get well each year. 87% believe it is very important for the American public to know the basic facts about addiction and recovery. 50% would be very (31%) or fairly (19%) likely to take part actively in a public campaign. 2001 Survey of the Recovery Community; Peter D. Hart Associates

19 19 Talking About Recovery There are some important things that weve learned from our research about how to talk with people about recovery: Making it personal, so that we have credibility. Keeping it simple and in the present tense, so that its real and understandable. Helping people understand that recovery means that you or the person that you care about is no longer using alcohol or other drugs. We do this by moving away from saying in recovery to saying in long- term recovery, talking about stability and mentioning the length of time that the person is in recovery. Talking about your recovery…not your addiction.

20 20 Website

21 21 Training & Organizing 2007-2009 Teleconference Series: Editorial Board meetings Restoration of Voting Rights Peer Recovery Support Services Recovery Community Centers Message and Media Trainings Science of Addiction and Recovery Training

22 22 Recovery Community Organizations The recovery community is organized in local, state & regional organizations

23 23 Recovery Community Organizations Independent, non-profit organizations that are led and run by representatives of local communities of recovery on behalf of the recovery community. Public education – putting a face and a voice on recovery Advocacy Peer-based and other recovery support services.

24 24 Almost 200 recovery community organizations around the U.S. Ranging in size/budget/scope: 3-5 members to 1,000s of members All volunteer to 20+ staff members $0 budget to over $1 million/year Local, regional, state Recovery Community Organizations

25 25 Recovery Community Organizations Recovery Community Centers A physical location where recovery community organizations organize their ability to care and to advocate Community recovery resource with workshops, trainings, meetings, and sober social events A place where the recovery community volunteers and gives back

26 26 Campaigns & Issues Paul Wellstone/Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Second Chance Act Funding / Budget Priorities Health care reform VICTORY!

27 27 Paul Wellstone & Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 This legislation is one more step in the long civil-rights struggle to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to reach their potential. Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI)

28 28 Health care reform Wellstone-Domenici Act was an important first step in making it possible for the millions of Americans still struggling with addiction and their families to get the help that they need to recover from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Millions more still need help to recover.

29 29 Recovery Voices Count! A step-by- step guide teaches advocates how to engage people in civic life and organize events.

30 30 A constituency of consequence

31 31 Recovery and Wellness focus Ensuring that people get the care and support that they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Embracing all pathways to recovery Networks of formal and informal services and support Policies that support, dont hinder, the ability of people to get into recovery and to sustain their recovery

32 32 Faces & Voices Vision… Communities of recovery will continue to spring up all over the U.S. helping people find and sustain their recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs for the long-term. People in recovery, families, friends and allies will organize and mobilize as a constituency of consequence in thriving recovery community organizations. Discrimination against people in or seeking recovery will be eliminated and the same rights and opportunities will be afforded to all Americans.

33 33 Join Us!

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