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1 Strategic Issues for the College of Sciences and Technology: Achievements, Current Actions and Future Plans The University of Sydney.

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1 1 Strategic Issues for the College of Sciences and Technology: Achievements, Current Actions and Future Plans The University of Sydney

2 2 Vision for CST n The University of Sydney to be “the” university of choice for staff as well as for local and international undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in all areas of science, technology and innovation. n CST graduates to contribute innovatively and effectively in relevant professions and a wide range of fields including education, industry and R&D. n CST to provide a working climate that facilitates creativity, research and scholarship, while also maintaining high standards of administrative work performance.

3 3 Achievements: ARC and other Centres n Australian Centre for Field Robotics n CUDOS, NANO, NICTA n Key Centre for Polymer Colloids n ARC Centre for Research on Ecological Impacts of Coastal Cities n Key Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis n Numerous other centres eg Fruit Fly Research Centre, Heavy Metals Research Centre, Centre for Rural Sustainability, Centre for Precision Agriculture, AGIC, Centre for Geotechnical Research….

4 4 CRCs n Australian Photonics n Advanced Composite Structures n Pest Animal Control n Construction Innovation n Mining Technology and Equipment n Polymers n Smart Internet n Sustainable Cotton n Sustainable Rice n Welded structures n Dairy Products n Capital Markets n Value Added Wheat n Innovative Grain Foods n Sustainable Minerals Processing

5 5 Achievements: Research 2000 - 2001 n 42% of the University Research Performance n 34% of Research Load n 44% of the Research Completions n 43% of Total Research Income n 45% of Weighted Publications n Particular strength in terms of ARC Discovery grants – need to build up Linkage grants

6 6 Achievements: Commercialistion and Start-Up Companies u Aurema Pty Ltd u Australian Photonics Pty Ltd u Ambri Pty Ltd u Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd u Entigen Inc u Macchina Pty Ltd u Nuflora International Pty Ltd u SunPrime Seeds Pty Ltd u University of Sydney Solar Science Pty Ltd u Medsaic Pty Ltd u Elastagen Pty Ltd u Personis Pty Ltd u Glycemic Index Ltd u Vast Audio Pty Ltd u UCOM 7 u UCOM 8 u UCOM xxx

7 7 Achievements: Federation Fellowships n Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte (Robotics and Engineering) n Professor Yu Wing Mai (Mechanical Engineering) n Professor Cathy Stampfl (Physics) n Professor Ben Eggleton (Physics) n Professor Maschmeyer (Chemistry) n Professor Marcela Bilek (Physics) n Professor Peter Robinson (Physics)

8 8 Achievements: Professorial Fellows n Professor Don Melrose (Also a University Professor) n Professor Phil Kuchel n Professor Peter Lay n Professor Max Crossley n Professor Rick Shine

9 9 Achievements: Teaching & Learning n Successful efforts in relation to research training as evidenced in completions n Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Research Supervision (Peter Robinson and Chris Dickman) n Mary Peat has been short-listed for a Quality Teaching Award. n Responsive to the Academic Board Reviews

10 10 Actions this year (General) n Training and staff support u Purchasing Policy and Tendering u Personnel Related Issues u Research Management and Commercialisation u Mentoring Program for the Heads of School n Forums u Future Focus with the Deans u College Marketing Conference u Showcases for Plants, Grid Computing & E- Science, Bioinformatics, Structural Chemistry u Teaching and Learning Showcase u Future Focus with HOS and Deans (Nov)

11 11 Actions this year (Teaching & Learning) n Combined First year Engineering program. n Working toward uniform six-credit points. n Strategic Plan for Plant Science covering curriculum, research and community engatement. n Faculties of Vet, AgFNR and FRM meeting more regularly – shared curriculum & facilities. n Migrating teaching ideas – eg tutor training, showcase for IT and Teaching. n Postgraduate Coursework reps from the Faculties working together – use of WEB CT for administrative discussions.

12 12 Plans (General) n Use the Future Focus to feed into Strategic Planning for 2004 plus n Build on the developing University International Strategic Plan to ensure an International Orientation for CST n International benchmarking (taking into account the revenue per student Kyoto $35,000 Univ of Hong Kong - $43,000 Cambridge - $27,814 Univ of Massa – 23,671 ANU – $32,448 USYD - $12,426

13 13 Plans (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning) n Web-enhanced and mixed mode teaching u Build on examples of success (UniServe Science, FRM, Vet Pub Health, Project Management) n CST UniServe Hub u Image and Learning Objects Warehouse u Tutor Training across the College (build on Sci and Arch) n Grow graduate coursework programs and use these to subsidise top students and funding for research training. n Continue curriculum review and introduction of uniform 6-credit points n Recruit students nationally and not just in New South Wales.

14 14 Plans (Research & Commercialisation) n Maintain and enhance research success. n More showcases, but strategically linked to the National Priorities. n Continued effort to ensure that all staff and students are aware of the IP Rule, IP issues and opportunities for commercialisation. n New Federation Fellows, Centres or Infrastructuree – bid and compete for funding where possible and sensible. n New staff support and efforts to ensure continued emergence of research stars.

15 15 Collaborate with the University in Developments critical for CST n Internationalisation n Integrated IT systems n Development Office – improved Alumni liaison n FMO – Campus 2010 and other developments n CFO plans for new approaches to financial management n HR and Personnel – timelines for appointments and improved recruitment. n BLO, Research Office and Commercialisation n Orange and a Footprint in the West

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