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COMPANY OVERVIEW. T HIS IS P RACTICAL L OGIC P TY L TD Practical Logic is a specialist business consultancy providing thought leadership and management.

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2 T HIS IS P RACTICAL L OGIC P TY L TD Practical Logic is a specialist business consultancy providing thought leadership and management expertise to private businesses, public companies and government bodies. We help our clients to envision bold new strategies, to build and execute pragmatic plans and to deliver exciting, sustainable outcomes There are four pillars to our business:

3 P RACTICAL P LANNING “Companies that fail to plan, should plan to fail” – an old adage but true. The complexity of the planning process should match the size and complexity of your business. Small, nimble businesses need clear, succinct plans. Large corporations need comprehensive plans – that cascade down into short, meaningful action plans that are workable. All planning processes, from the sophisticated to the simplistic, should result in a concise framework that allocates specific tasks, to named people, for completion in defined time limits. We can take you through this, step by step. Corporate Strategy Strategic Planning Corporate positioning / repositioning Mergers & Acquisitions Industry consolidation Business process management

4 P RACTICAL G ROWTH All companies need to grow; each company faces unique challenges. You may need to: revitalize your product / service range; open new distribution channels, become more competitively successful, enter entirely new markets, or completely re-define your business. Whichever approach is most appropriate for your company, we can guide you, methodically and systematically, so you will end up with the result you are looking for. Business Growth Business turnaround Business transformation New market entry New service innovation New product incubation Competitive market penetration Complex solutions design & mapping

5 P RACTICAL R ESEARCH There are four strands to your company's DNA. Your customers are the main source of revenue. Your suppliers bring you the components through which to create value. Your employees transform inputs into value-laden outputs. Your shareholders fund your business, carry the risk, and determine your value For each of these critical audiences, you need to ensure the best possible experience, so that you enjoy the best possible contributions to your success. To do that, you need practical programmes that will deliver meaningful, measurable results. We undertake hands-on research into local markets, to find out what the potential is for generating revenue. The results are not hypothetical; they’re pragmatic outcomes you can work with. We also survey your clients – properly – making sure we look behind the diplomatic veneer to understand their opinions, their priorities and their preferences. If you’d like to understand how to best align the attitudes of your employees with the requirements of your customers, we can do that too. Practical Research Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Customer value perception (CVAL) Employee satisfaction (ESAT) Shareholder satisfaction (SSAT) Supplier Value Mapping (SuVal) Market scoping & structure modelling Product-market propensity assessment

6 P RACTICAL M ARKETING Marketing can be expensive and difficult to measure. You need to market your business in a way that will generate sales results and bring measurable outcomes. You need to be sure that every dollar you spend on marketing is contributing strongly to improved profit. We offer sales-driven strategic marketing, using proven techniques that integrate tightly with sales pipeline management. Corporate positioning is about optimising the value of your company, as measured by what the market would be willing to pay to acquire it. Done well, this is far more valuable than organic growth.

7 P RACTICAL P EOPLE Dr. Philip Hadcroft A leading authority in the field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He attained the world’s first PhD in that discipline in 2002, has worked extensively in that field for over 20 years and was appointed as the official BPO Strategy Advisor to the Heilongjiang (China) Government in 2006. He has chaired forums, run workshops and addressed audiences in this field all over the world. For many years, the Head of Strategy & Marketing for Australian public companies, he is an experienced practitioner in strategic planning, qualitative research, sales-driven marketing, and mergers & acquisitions. Vickki Elliott Vickki has over 15 years experience in marketing and communications, gained predominantly in the financial services and IT industries. She has broad experience working within privately held institutions, public corporations, venture-capital-run companies and the not-for-profit sector. Branding, customer communications, corporate positioning and market scoping research are the areas in which she has recently been working. Pat Gallagher Pat’s executive management experience has been largely centred around retail supply chain logistics and health sector infomatics. His technical specialities include electronic data capture and transmission, and new technology commercialisation. Pat is very strongly connected into the e-Health and pharmaceutical industries. Jaime TeohJaime is a conceptual and versatile art director and a talented graphic designer, rolled into one. She has a passion for beautiful ideas that really work, and revels in designing concepts that can be executed through multiple delivery channels, especially digital. Over ten years working in the advertising and design industries has given Jaime a wealth of valuable experience. Jaime was awarded ADMA Bronze Award (2009) and The Big Book of Green Design (twice). Jim LeFeverJim Lefever is a results driven change agent experienced in the strategic transformation of business functions, as well as the alignment of HR to the business and the creation of strategic Human Resources partnership models. He is a commercially focused leader with over 25 years experience in people management and driving change. Kylie Chicktong Kylie is an experienced and versatile art director and graphic designer. With more than 12 years’ experience working across both graphic arts and advertising disciplines, she fully understands the role of effective visual design in simplifying the comprehension of complex communications, or drawing attention to marketing materials. Peter Kawerau- Barich Peter is a strategic copywriter who specialises in developing marketing communications that deepen and strengthen customer relationships. From his extensive experience as a senior creative with some of Australia’s leading direct and integrated marketing agencies, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in finding, winning and keeping customers – a process that has changed dramatically during the past decade. Phil HoarePhil has over 35 years' experience in IT and has been directly involved in developing business outsourced solutions for the past 20 years. These solutions have helped to shape the strategic directions of both public and private organisations, for whom he has worked. He has established new areas of operations from the point of their original conception. He is a strategic thinker with sound business acumen and excellent technical skills.

8 VISION, PLANNING & EXECUTION ABN: 15145719286 Mail: PO Box 799, Drummoyne, NSW 1470, Australia Skype:practical.logic Phone: Sydney:+61 (0)2 97050500 Melbourne:+61 (0)3 90169246 Adelaide:+61 (0)8 81214373 Manchester (UK): +44 (0)161 4083929

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