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TAA1 Advisor Workshop Learning and Innovation. Program Outline Workshop Introduction Overview of the TAA Scheme Outline of the TAA1 Process Break TAA.

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1 TAA1 Advisor Workshop Learning and Innovation

2 Program Outline Workshop Introduction Overview of the TAA Scheme Outline of the TAA1 Process Break TAA 1 Action Plans Summation & Close

3 PURPOSE The purpose of this workshop is to provide ADVISORS with the skills to effectively and efficiently organise and participate in the TAA1.

4 The TAA Scheme is based on: consultation advice support guidance transparency

5 TAA Advisory / Assessment Scheme The Scheme aims to: recognise and develop new teacher potential provide on-going care development advice to new teachers enhance teacher effectiveness improve the quality of the delivery of education to students

6 Target Group The teacher involved generally is… A high achiever in their vocational area. New to full time teaching and/or administrative responsibilities. May be undertaking initial teacher education or is on a full teaching load. Working around 50 to 60 hours per week Preparing at least 1 to 2 hours for every hour in the classroom. Often nervous about being observed in, what they believe is, an assessment. Hesitant to seek help but definitely needing support and guidance.


8 Who Is Involved? Human Resources Unit. Responsible for the implementation and coordination of the TAA Scheme. Teacher Education Coordinator (Learning and Innovation). Supports Teachers, Advisors, Assessors and Managers. Organising Manager (Senior college management eg College Director or ADEP). Coordinates activity to ensure successful completion

9 Advisor (usually immediate supervisor). Supports the teacher preparing for the TAA 1 activity, conducts the activity and assists in the completion of the action plan. Teacher. Prepares for, undertakes and actively participates in, the activity. Reviewing Manager (College director or ADEP). Reviews the completed activity to ensure that ALL guidelines are followed and verifies that the Action Plan is at the required standard.

10 Conducting the TAA1 Coordinated by organising manager Undertaken by advisor (teachers’ immediate supervisor) in the 8 th to 10 th week of starting as a new full time teacher (permanent or temporary) 14 days written notice to teacher preparatory stage needs to occur between the advisor and teacher at least 5 days prior to the observation post observation discussion needs to take place within 5 days of conducting the TAA1

11 Conducting the TAA1 Organising Manager, Advisor and Teacher notified in the 2 nd or 3 rd teaching week after new full time teacher is appointed. Activity undertaken at a mutually agreed time. Teacher must receive written notification regarding the activity at least 14 days prior to the activity taking place. A pre-activity meeting must take place between the Advisor and Teacher at least 5 working days before the activity occurs.

12 TAA 1 Process (cont) Observation MUST be for a minimum of 1 hour and include an Introduction, Body and Summation of a learning session. Advisors comments/observations must only be recorded on the advisory report. Advisory report is used as the basis for the post activity discussions and the formulation of the action plan. Post Observation meeting held immediately after the observation Action plan prepared within 21 days of the observation (can be at post observation meeting). Copy of the action plan and Advisory Report held by Advisor and original sent to HR for placement on Teacher’s Personal file to confirm activity completed.

13 Advisory Report The Advisory Report is a key part of the TAA 1 Activity. Therefore, 1.It must be completed during the post-activity meeting and observation. To be effective it must include all points that will need to be discussed in the post activity meeting and in the preparation of the action plan. 2.Corrective activities that are part of the action plan must be included in the Advisory Report. 3.It should include both positive and negative aspects of the teachers performance.

14 Preparing the Action Plan. Remember that the Action Plan is a mutually agreed document so both the advisor and the teacher should have input to its completion.

15 Preparing the Action Plan cont’ The key parts of an action plan are: 1.Area to be developed. Specifically identifies the part of the teachers performance that requires development e.g. Questioning skills, Session plans, timing etc. 2.Action strategies. Clearly explains what is to be done, how it will be done and who will help. 3. Progress review. Comments on the results of the teachers actions in completing each part of the action plan.


17 Qualities of a good Action Plan. S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Relevant T Timely

18 TAA 1 EXERCISE Arrange yourselves into small groups of 3 or 4 and using the material provided prepare an ACTION PLAN that will support the development of the teacher concerned. After discussion prepare an ACTION PLAN on the transparency provided and select a member of your group to present your findings to the remainder of the group.


20 Summation TAA1 Purpose TAA1 Participants TAA1 Process TAA1 Documentation

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