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December 3, 2007 1 Performance Appraisal for Experienced Teachers WCDSBandOECTA.

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1 December 3, 2007 1 Performance Appraisal for Experienced Teachers WCDSBandOECTA

2 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 2 Experienced Teacher Any teacher who has completed the NTIP Or A certified teacher recognized by the College of Teachers who was in a permanent teaching position prior to the implementation date of the NTIP

3 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 3 Performance Appraisal Purpose Foster teacher development Provide meaningful appraisals that encourage professional learning and growth Identify opportunities for additional support, where required

4 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 4 Process Components Annual Learning Plan (ALP) Performance Appraisal: Pre-observation meeting In-class observation Post-observation meeting Post-observation summative report

5 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 5 TPA Changes ComponentOld TPANew TPA Frequency3 year cycle 5 year cycle Teachers new to the Board must have one in first year of employment Appraisals2 appraisals1 appraisal Rating Scale4 points Exemplary, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory 2 points Satisfactory, unsatisfactory

6 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 6 TPA Changes ComponentOld TPANew TPA Competency Statements Principal must comment on all 16 Principal must consider all 16 but is only required to comment on statements identified with teacher in pre- observation meeting Reporting3 ministry-approved forms to document each meeting 1 ministry-approved form Parent/Student InputAnnual parent and student survey Teachers may optionally include parent and student input when developing their ALP

7 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 7 TPA Changes ComponentOld TPANew TPA Annual Learning Plan Each teacher must write one annually Done in consultation with principal in appraisal year Includes Board initiatives and school improvement items Teacher authored and directed in consultation and collaboration with principal for professional development Updated at least yearly Take into account comments from last TPA

8 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 8 TPA Process Notification of evaluation year within 20 school days of start of school year Appraisal can occur at any time during school year 1. Pre-observation meeting 2. Classroom observation 3. Post-observation meeting 4. Summative report (optional meeting) Annual Learning Plan (ALP) See page 78 in Technical Requirements Manual

9 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 9 Pre-observation Meeting The principal provides the teacher with an overview of the 16 competencies that are within the 5 domains Teacher provides documentation that demonstrates their professional practice, such as: Previous year’s ALP Long range planning example Current unit planning example Lesson plan for lesson of classroom observation Teacher and principal discuss which competencies will form the focus of the classroom observation Not all competencies will be observed in classroom visit Principal will use look-fors as a resource for observing teaching practice See page 76 of Technical Requirements Manual

10 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 10 Domains 5 domains from the College of Teachers: 1. Commitment To Pupils 2. Professional Knowledge 3. Teaching Practice 4. Leadership and Community 5. Professional Learning

11 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 11 Competencies 16 competencies within the 5 domains: 1. Commitment To Pupils (4) 2. Professional Knowledge (4) 3. Teaching Practice (5) 4. Leadership and Community (2) 5. Professional Learning (1) See page 22 of the Technical Requirements Manual

12 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 12 Look-fors Objective observations used by the principal that shows that the teacher has command of the competencies Reduced from 144 to 90 Provide concrete examples of good teaching Not a glorified checklist that equals good teaching See page 59-75 of the Technical Requirements Manual for examples

13 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 13 Classroom Observation Must be at least one visit Not all competencies may be observable Classroom may be gym, guidance office, shop, etc.

14 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 14 Post-Observation Meeting As soon as possible after classroom observation Teacher and principal review the 5 domains that form the focus for the performance appraisal Teacher and principal discuss the comments regarding the competencies that are intended for the summative report form

15 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 15 Summative Report In preparing the summative report, the principal provides comments identified in discussions with the teacher as the focus of the teacher’s performance appraisal Provide an overall rating of the teacher’s performance Satisfactory or unsatisfactory A meeting is not required, but may be requested by the principal or teacher See pages 44-49 of Technical Requirements Manual

16 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 16 Satisfactory Rating After one satisfactory, the appraisal process is completed Must be provided within 20 school days of classroom observation Must be signed by teacher, to acknowledge receipt Teachers may add comments Summative report contains recommended professional growth goals for the teacher to consider in developing their ALP

17 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 17 Unsatisfactory Rating Must be notified within 15 school days of classroom observation Development of an Improvement Plan after first unsatisfactory rating Second appraisal within 60 school days Teacher placed On Review status after two unsatisfactory ratings Recommendation for employment termination after three unsatisfactory ratings

18 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 18 Annual Learning Plan (ALP) Only for experienced teachers Teacher directed and authored Contains professional development In consultation and collaboration with the principal Takes into account summative report of last TPA Contains (see Board approved form): Teacher’s professional growth objectives Proposed action plan Timelines In evaluation year, teacher and principal review and update in a meeting as part of TPA

19 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 19 Professional Learning Types Training – provision of information on technical requirements e.g. legally mandated TPA processes and procedures Staff Development – system-wide, job- embedded learning e.g. A&E policy, differentiated learning practice Professional Development – learning activities teachers choose, either individual or in groups – this is what appears on the ALP

20 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 20 Working Together Consult – the act of seeking information, guidance, advice or an opinion from someone else Collaborate – working together for a common purpose

21 Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools 21 Questions, Comments?

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