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Oh what a day! You are never going to believe what has happened to me. I am so glad that I am back home. Well I had better tell you all about it from.

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2 Oh what a day! You are never going to believe what has happened to me. I am so glad that I am back home. Well I had better tell you all about it from the very beginning. It started as another ordinary day up in the sky. My droplet mates and I were sliding down the clouds, having a great time. Along came a whole gang of water vapour. They made our cloud so heavy that things started to shake and rumble. I grabbed the side of the cloud, but couldn’t hold on….. Suddenly I felt myself falling…. Click on a Photo to Choose Your Own Adventure

3 As I fell from the sky I was travelling at 100k per minute. I was terrified. There were 5 kids walking home from school. I fell into 1 of the kid’s mouth and he choked on me. The kid went into his house and had a tablet. He went straight to the toilet. I ended up in the sewer.

4 I travelled through the sewers and down and down. I thought I was doomed forever, but finally I came out of someone’s hose and onto a plant. I made the plant grow and grow. The sun began to shine and hit where I was holding the plant. I held on tight.

5 The wind began to blow and the plant leaf ripped off and I went up and up. I got hit by another rain drop and fell back down.

6 A bird went flying past and the bird was flapping his wings, as hard as he could. The wind hit me and sent me flying up. I tried to go down, but I went up again. There I was floating in the air…….

7 There I lay, when I felt the warmth of the sun’s rays. I closed my eyes and slowly felt myself relax. I was steaming up, turning to water vapour. Gradually, I drifted up to the sky. That was when I knew my adventure was over and I would soon be back, safe and sound, in the clouds with my friends. Select Another Adventure Close the Book

8 I landed on the road. I was very scared of all the different noises I could hear. I heard more water, Cars, People and some other sounds that I didn’t know what they were. The water was rushing all around me and it scared me. The rushing of the water dragged me down the drain.

9 The drain was dirty and smelly and really not pleasant. It was also full of rubbish. The drain smelt of dead animals and rotting leaves and plants. Finally I moved along the drain to the water Treatment plant.

10 After travelling trough the treatment station I was piped into a big tank on the back of a truck and taken on a long boring drive. I didn’t know where I was going. I was sloshing around in the tank. It is dark and scary.

11 Just when I thought I had had enough I was emptied out onto the grass and the water around me flowed out to start filling a Dam. When there was a lot of water in the dam, kids spent all afternoon splashing around and having lots of fun. It was really neat to be out in the fresh air again.

12 Aaah WWHHAAMM ! I landed in the middle of some weird black thing. It started to rumble and this big rolling thing came and ran me over. I was feeling confused and I didn’t have a clue where I was. All around me I could hear strange noises. I got up and ran as quick I could.

13 Next thing you know I tripped on a big solid rock and fell into a deep, dark hole. I fell really far and into some strange brown and green liquid. The whole place smelt like……..You don’t want to know! I felt disorientated and delirious.

14 I looked like the monster from the black lagoon I was covered in…………………………filth. I felt like I was going to …to (BLEUUUUGH!) Too late I was sick everywhere. I had turned green.

15 Suddenly I lost my balance and fell back. I slowly floated to a water treatment plant- or the WTP for short. I’ve heard about these places from the other water droplets. They clean the water. I swirled around for at least one hour. Finally I went through this pipe, but it was broken. It shot me through a crack into the air. I flew so high I couldn’t see the ground. I was feeling really terrified…..

16 I landed in a long thick forest amongst the trees. It smelt clean, wet and clear fresh air. All around me I could hear animals in a herd running around me. I felt very scared and I hoped I didn’t get squashed. Suddenly an elephant stamped on me and I separated into millions of pieces.

17 My millions of pieces made a magnificent rainbow. I saw some hands coming towards me in a distance from the ground. They look quite terrifying because they looked like big huge ugly things. So I sucked them into my magical land. The hands belonged to a group of children. In my rainbow they had a Magical Adventure. They were sliding on the rainbow and laughing for 20 minutes non stop. They didn’t want to stop because they were having so much fun they ALMOST EXPLODED!

18 I had to tell the kids that they only had 5 more minutes to get out of the magic land or they can never ever get back out again. So they went off to search for a hole in the ground. It was pitch black like a black hole. In exactly 5 mins they were blown out of the black hole onto the ground, sound asleep.

19 They woke up and imagined it was a dream. They all said they all had had the best dream and that they couldn’t believe they had all dreamt that. As for me…..

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