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Inanimate Alice. My name Is Alice I'm 17 years old.

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1 Inanimate Alice

2 My name Is Alice I'm 17 years old

3 We’re in Greece Athens to be exact

4 We've been here for 2 years I really like it Next SlideNext Slide

5 The sea is beautiful And the air is so pure

6 I'm in my bed It’s morning now

7 I look out the window And I see the sun

8 My mum walks in “Get up” she says So I do

9 She had already been awake for a while Painting a picture of the beach

10 She got it from so many angles I didn’t know it had so manyNext SlideNext Slide

11 This is my house It’s really big It’s good to have a big house for once in your life

12 I'm in the car And my dad is driving me to school

13 My school is called Zeus It was named after one of the gods

14 I took out my player from my jacket pocket And put on some music

15 I took a look at brad Some people call him breeze I don’t know why?

16 And then I hear Brad “stop” he says So I told dad to stop the car

17 And he did And as I looked out of the window There was a creaking sound from the car And as I looked down

18 I realised That at least half of the car was airborne Probably nearly 100 metres in the air

19 I looked up to the sky “Alice stay still and do not move” said john”

20 He began to move to the back of the car I forced my elbow through the back window

21 And the glass shattered

22 I moved slowly out the window to the back of the car The car creaked again

23 I thought about what I would lose If I died here today

24 I would lose my school and all my friends

25 And my family the people I love

26 And my life would change forever

27 I jumped off the car And my feet hit the hard gravel

28 And I started running Running for help

29 I didn’t know if my father Would be ok So I kept running

30 I saw houses up ahead in the distance And the houses got closer

31 I ran inside the house

32 I called out for help But there was no one there

33 I grabbed a piece of rope of the bench And ran back out of the house

34 I ran back to the place where the car was dangling in the air And I looked down

35 I didn't see the car And there was no sign of it anywhere

36 Most of the time fairytales have a happy ending And at this time there is no way my life is a fairytale

37 I started walking back to the house And I couldn't believe he was dead

38 Somehow I felt like as soon as I got in the house He would just pop out and surprise me

39 But he never did

40 The hardest thing was telling my mum She just kept crying

41 For a minute it was like The whole world had stoped turning

42 And I new that somehow I was going to have to pick up the pieces

43 Bought to you by Taylah Metaxas Inanimate Alice episode 5- Greece

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