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Outreach Services Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program (MSOAP) Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program - Indigenous Chronic Disease Measure.

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1 Outreach Services Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program (MSOAP) Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program - Indigenous Chronic Disease Measure (ICDM) Kay Trotman and Jane Cassidy

2 General Practice Queensland (GPQ) General Practice Queensland is a state based organisation that provides strategic leadership, advocacy and representation for 17 divisions of general practice GPQ was established in 1997 GPQ has been a fundholder for the MSOAP since 2000 MSOAP supports the delivery of services to outreach communities by private medical specialists

3 GPQ MSOAP Services To manage existing services and to establish new services based on identified areas of need, the GPQ team works collaboratively with: GPs in specific locations via the Divisions of General Practice Qld Health MSOAP team Department of Health and Ageing Key location specific stakeholders eg. RFDS, QAIHC, Community Controlled Health Services, Deadly Ears Facilities in the identified locations

4 GPQ MSOAP Review Process Formal Reports to AGDHA: December, June Financial, Data Reports Formal Service Review Annually Review templates Division visits Specialist visits Consult stakeholders Develop budgets Service Approval: MSOAP State Advisory Forum Annual Plan submitted Contracts Specialist Contractor Agreement: Budget and service deliverables Location Visit Reports and invoices Contract Divisions of General Practice Monthly Analysis of data sources: Location Visit Report Visit Schedule Compliance to Service deliverables Analysis of Database; Chilli Budget Analysis Communications; List serve etc.

5 GPQ MSOAP Services MSOAP budget 2009 - 2010 service delivery $2,155,242.40 2010 - 2011 service delivery $1,979,325.00 2009-2010 will provide 116 individual private services contracted 36 private providers will visit 54 locations - from Torres Strait in the north, Goondiwindi in the south, to Mount Isa in the west

6 Map of Services

7 GPQ Specialist information SpecialtyLocations AnaestheticsThursday Island DermatologyAurukun, Ayr, Badu Island, Bamaga, Barcaldine, Biloela, Blackall, Charleville, Charters Towers, Cooktown, Cunnamulla, Doomadgee, Emerald, Goondiwindi, Hope Vale, Ingham, Kowanyama, Kurumba, Lockhart River, Longreach, Mapoon, Mornington Island, Murray Island, Napranum, Pormpuraaw, Saibai Island, St George, Thursday Island, Weipa, Winton, Wujal Wujal and Yorke Island O&G – GeneralBiloela, Charters Towers, Clermont, Emerald, Moranbah, Woorabinda and Ingham (reserve) Ophthalmology – GeneralBadu Island, Bamaga, Biloela, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Darnley Island, Hope Vale, Kingaroy, Kubin Island, Mossman Gorge, Quilpie, Saibai Island, Thursday Island, Warraber Island and Yarrabah Paediatrics – GeneralEmerald, Ingham, Kingaroy and Biloela (reserve) Physician –EndocrinologyBowen, Charleville, Chinchilla, Cunnamulla, Goondiwindi, Quilpie, Roma, Cherbourg (reserve), Emerald (reserve), Kingaroy (reserve) and St George (reserve) Physician – GastroenterologyEmerald and Longreach Physician – GeneralAlpha, Barcaldine, Biloela, Charleville, Clermont, Emerald, Longreach, Monto, Winton and Woorabinda Physician – RespiratoryLongreach and Mt Isa Physician – RheumatologyThursday Island (reserve) Physician – ThoracicInnisfail Psychiatry – GeneralBlackwater, Clermont, Emerald, Mt. Isa, Roma, Weipa, Charleville (reserve) and Springsure (reserve) RadiologyGoondiwindi Surgery – ENTAurukun, Coen, Hope Vale, Kowanyama, Lockhart River, Pormpuraaw, St George, Charleville (reserve) and Roma (reserve) Surgery – GeneralGoondiwindi and Kingaroy Surgery – OrthopaedicRoma Surgery – PaediatricThursday Island Surgery – UrologyKingaroy and Roma

8 GPQ MSOAP From 1 July 2009 to 9 March 2010 5817 patients received services from private outreach specialists 972 or 16.7% of these patients identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin 621 clinical sessions ENT services delivered to Aurukun, Hope Vale, Kowanyama, Pormpuraaw, Cooktown

9 Closing the Gap The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has pledged to develop and implement strategies to address Indigenous disadvantage and has agreed six high level targets for Closing the Gap between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians Within the Indigenous Health National Partnership Agreement, five priority areas in relation to chronic disease have been identified: Tackling smoking ($161 million) Primary health care services that delivers ($474 million) Fixing the gaps and improving patient journey($171million) Providing healthy transition to adulthood Making Indigenous health services everyone's business

10 MSOAP Indigenous Chronic Disease Measure (ICDM) Implementation: Service delivery commencing 1 July 2010 - to include medical specialists, GPs, allied health professionals. Pilot services to commence prior to July 2010. Delivery: Services are to be delivered through Aboriginal Medical Services where possible. Target: Rural and remote Indigenous communities with a high prevalence of complex and chronic disease. The Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) Remoteness Index (RA) 2 to 5 is being used. Chronic conditions under MSOAP - ICDM are: Diabetes Cardiovascular disease Chronic respiratory disease Chronic renal (kidney) disease Cancer

11 Proposed Pilot Services MSOAP - ICDM April to June 2009 Division:RHealth Medical specialty: Respiratory AHP: Physiotherapy Locations: Charleville, Cunnamulla, Roma, St George Division: North West Qld Primary Health Care Medical specialty: Endocrinology AHP: Podiatry, physiotherapy Locations: Jundah, Birdsville, Windorah, Bedourie, Winton, Longreach, Barcaldine, Blackall Division:Central Qld Rural Division of General Practice Medical specialty: Endocrinology, Ophthalmology AHP: Dietitian, Diabetes Educator Locations: Emerald, Woorabinda, Eidsvold

12 MSOAP and MSOAP - ICD Working together at the state and local level to provide outreach service delivery. Coordinated approach in particular between GPQ and the other QLD MSOAP fundholder QH Established program Provision of private specialists Supported by robust review process Comprehensive key stakeholder engagement

13 Thank you

14 General Practice Queensland Proposed MSOAP 2010 - 2011 services MSOAP services are continuing from 2009 -2010, and any new services are to be approved by the MSOAP State Advisory Forum. Central Queensland Rural Division of General Practice DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDermatologyBiloela CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralBiloela CQRDGPCentral QueenslandOphthalmology - GeneralBiloela CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GeneralBiloela CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralClermont CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GeneralClermont CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPsychiatry - AdultClermont CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDermatologyEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPaediatrics - GeneralEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GastroenterologyEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GeneralEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPsychiatry - AdultEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GeneralMonto CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralMoranbah CQRDGPCentral QueenslandO & G - GeneralWoorabinda CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhysician - GeneralWoorabinda

15 Far North Queensland Rural Division of General Practice DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation FNQRDGPCairns and HinterlandPhysician - RespiratoryInnisfail FNQRDGPCape YorkPsychiatry - AdultWeipa FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyAurukun FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyLockhart River FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyCooktown FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyHopevale FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyWujal FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyKowanyama FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyPormpuraaw FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyMapoon FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyWeipa FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyNapranum FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyWeipa FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyCoen FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatologyBamaga FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatology- consultationsThursday Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatology - surgical visitsThursday Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatologyBadu Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatologyYorke Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatologyMurray Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitDermatologySaibai Island FNQRDGPCape YorkDermatologyYarrabah FNQRDGPTorres StraitSurgery - PaediatricThursday Island FNQRDGPTorres StraitAnaestheticThursday Island FNQRDGPCairns and HinterlandOphthalmology - GeneralYarrabah FNQRDGPCape YorkOphthalmology - GeneralHope Vale FNQRDGPCairns and HinterlandOphthalmology - GeneralMossman Gorge FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTAurukun FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTHope Vale FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTKowanyama FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTPormpuraaw FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTLockhart River FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTCoen FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTMapoon FNQRDGPCape YorkSurgery - ENTNapranum

16 North and West Queensland Primary Health Care DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - GeneralAlpha NWQPHCTownsvilleDermatologyAyr NWQPHCCentral WestDermatologyBarcaldine NWQPHCCentral WestDermatologyBlackall NWQPHCCentral WestDermatologyLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestDermatologyWinton NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - GeneralBarcaldine NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - EndocrinologyBowen NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - EndocrinologyBowen NWQPHCTownsvilleDermatologyCharters Towers NWQPHCTownsvilleO & G - GeneralCharters Towers NWQPHCMount IsaDermatologyDoomadgee NWQPHCMount IsaDermatologyNormanton NWQPHCMount IsaDermatologyMornington Is NWQPHCTownsvilleDermatologyIngham NWQPHCTownsvillePaediatrics - GeneralIngham NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - GastroenterologyLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - GeneralLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - RespiratoryLongreach NWQPHCMount IsaPsychiatry - AdultMount Isa NWQPHCMount IsaPhysician - RespiratoryMount Isa NWQPHCCentral WestPhysician - GeneralWinton

17 R Health DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation R HealthSouth WestPhysician - GeneralCharleville R HealthSouth WestDermatologyCharleville R HealthSouth WestDermatologyCunnamulla R HealthSouth WestDermatologyGoondiwindi R HealthSouth WestDermatologySt George R HealthSouth WestOphthalmology - GeneralCharleville R HealthSouth WestOphthalmology - GeneralCunnamulla R HealthSouth WestOphthalmology - GeneralQuilpie R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyCharleville R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyCunnamulla R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyQuilpie R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyChinchilla R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyGoondiwindi R HealthSouth WestRadiologyGoondiwindi R HealthSouth WestSurgery - GeneralGoondiwindi R HealthDarling Downs - West MoretonOphthalmology - GeneralKingaroy R HealthDarling Downs - West MoretonPaediatrics - GeneralKingaroy R HealthDarling Downs - West MoretonSurgery - UrologyKingaroy R HealthSouth WestSurgery - UrologyRoma R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologyRoma R HealthSouth WestPsychiatry - AdultRoma R HealthSouth WestPsychiatry - AdultCharleville R HealthSouth WestSurgery - OrthopaedicRoma R HealthSouth WestSurgery - ENTSt George R HealthSouth WestSurgery - ENTRoma R HealthDarling Downs - West MoretonPhysician - EndocrinologyKingaroy R HealthSouth WestPhysician - EndocrinologySt George R HealthDarling Downs - West MoretonPhysician - EndocrinologyCherborugh

18 MSOAP - ICD Services Central Queensland Rural Division of General Practice DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhyscian - EndocrinologyEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDietitianEmerald CQRDGPCentral QueenslandPhyscian - EndocrinologyWoorabinda CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDietitianWoorabinda CQRDGPCentral QueenslandSurgery - OphthalmologyEidsvold CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDietitianEidsvold CQRDGPCentral QueenslandSurgery - OphthalmologyWoorabinda CQRDGPCentral QueenslandDietitianWoorabinda North and West Queensland Primary Health Care DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryJundah NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryBirdsville NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryWindora NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryBedourie NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryWinton NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryBarcaldine NWQPHCCentral WestPodiatryBlackall NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyJundah NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyBirdsville NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyWindora NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyBedourie NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyWinton NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyBlackall NWQPHCCentral WestPhysiotherapyBarcaldine NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyJundah NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyBirdsville NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyWindora NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyBedourie NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyWinton NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyLongreach NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyBlackall NWQPHCCentral WestEndocrinologyBarcaldine R Health DivisionQH DistrictSpecialtyLocation R HealthSouth WestPhysician - RespiratoryCharleville R HealthSouth WestPhysician - RespiratoryCunnamulla R HealthSouth WestPhysician - RespiratoryRoma R HealthSouth WestPhysician - RespiratorySt George

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