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What the Community voices are saying Gina Archer, Chair, QIECC.

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1 What the Community voices are saying Gina Archer, Chair, QIECC

2 2012:Atherton 2011:Brisbane North side Cooktown North Stradbroke Island 2009:Barcaldine Longreach 2008:Bundaberg Ipswich Weipa 2007:Thursday Island Mt Isa 2006:Caboolture These forums provide the opportunity to meet with Aboriginal community members, Torres Strait Islander community members, educators and key stakeholders for the purpose of: ■ Introducing the QIECC Members and Secretariat Staff ■ Sharing information about the QIECC including its role, function, processes and current activities; and ■ Hearing about issues impacting on Indigenous learners (as it relates to the QIECC's terms of reference). QIECC COMMUNITY FORUMS

3 2008 Annual Forum (Cairns) 2009 Annual Forum (Rockhampton) 2010 Annual Forum (Gold Coast) 2011 Annual Forum (Mackay) 2012 Annual Forum (Brisbane) QIECC ANNUAL FORUMS




7 Community and Annual Forums (2006-2012) Since March 2006, the QIECC has conducted 22 Community Forums and 5 Annual Forums across Queensland where over 1600 delegates attended and participated. Based on the advice from community, the QIECC wrote reports which reflected common themes. The reports were sent to each participant, each education sector and the state and commonwealth Ministers. They were then posted on the QIECC website.

8 Common Themes Once the information was collated seven (7) main common themes have been clearly identified. These are in order of priority: 1.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Resources matters. 2.Genuine Parent and Community Partnerships, Engagement and Relationships. 3.Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in educational institutions. 4.Cultural Awareness Training and Cultural Safety. 5.Disengaged and at-risk students. 6.Effective Communication. 7.Inequitable access to Transport.

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