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Medicine Wheel.

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1 Medicine Wheel

2 important It is very important to note, that what I am sharing with you is how I was taught. Everyone interprets it differently, but they all represent the same sacred teachings. Medicine wheel teachings also very from Nation to Nation Mi’maq, Cree, Ojibwa, Inuit, etc.

3 What is the medicine wheel?
The Medicine Wheel represents all of creation, harmony and connections. It is considered a major symbol of peaceful interaction on Earth The basic Medicine Wheel of the Four Directions can be expanded to include other wheels. These wheels within wheels are used to explain and examine things that get in the way of personal growth and the development process that involves leading a person to wholeness. All Medicine Wheels are tools for people to learn about their place in the universe and their relationship to all things created.

4 What is the medicine wheel?
The medicine wheel is a circle divided into 4 parts, representing the 4 directions which relate to and counterbalance one another to make a whole. This symbol is meant to represent Aboriginal philosophy and the meaning of life.

5 The circle What does a circle represent to you???
There is no beginning, and no end. A circle represents important principles in Aboriginal world views and beliefs: Interconnectedness Equality Continuity Inclusiveness

6 Circles in nature Medicine Wheels made of stone have been found all over North America marking places of ceremony, meditation, teaching and celebration. They are also found in other ways: Movement of seasons, migration of animals/food Suns movement The shape of the Sun, Mother Earth, Moon

7 Circles in Culture Talking circles, dream catchers, wigwams, medicine wheel, hoop dancing.

8 The Number 4 The number 4 is a sacred number in Aboriginal Culture. The power of the 4 directions can be used to explain everything that exists in the world.

9 4 Sacred Medicines Sage Sweet Grass Cedar Tobacco

10 4 Seasons

11 4 Life Stages Infant Youth Adult Elder

12 4 Elements

13 4 Aspects of Human Personality
Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual This is extremely important when working towards balance in your life. What do you do to keep yourself healthy in each of these aspects????

14 Connections

15 connections Always start with the East, because this is where the sun rises. East: Infant, Spring, Spiritual, Tobacco South: Youth, Summer, Emotional, Sage West: Adults, Autumn, Physical, Cedar North: Elders, Winter, Mental, Sweetgrass


17 Centre of the wheel The centre of the medicine wheel represents yourself, and the meaning of life. You need to find balance in all aspects of the wheel before you can find life balance, harmony and your place in the world.

18 7 Directions It is important to note, that although the medicine wheel contains the four sacred directions, there are actually 7 directions. East South West North Up, to the sky Down, to mother earth Inwards, to ourselves

19 “No one better understands you than you
“No one better understands you than you. It is your life experiences that have made you who you are today. And no one can pass judgment on you because they have not lived your life” -Gil Lerat, Raven's Eye Columnist, VANCOUVER

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