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Immigration to Newfoundland Labrador Presented by Marlene Holden LIPs Community Forum Suncor Energy Fluvarium, St. John’s, NL Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

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1 Immigration to Newfoundland Labrador Presented by Marlene Holden LIPs Community Forum Suncor Energy Fluvarium, St. John’s, NL Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 Quiz How any immigrants came to Newfoundland Labrador last year? a) 500 b) 751 c) 2,000 d) 1 000

3 QUIZ Since 2008, immigration to NL has: a) Increased gradually b) Stayed the same  Fluctuated  Decreased significantly

4 Urban Area20082009201020112012 St. John’s481454526462443 Other Newfoundland and Labrador135149188220308 Newfoundland and Labrador616603714682751 Charlottetown1,3601,6302,4931,665981 Other Prince Edward Island83938866108 Prince Edward Island1,4431,7232,5811,7311,089 Halifax2,0571,7921,8031,5761,772 Other Nova Scotia594632605562598 Nova Scotia2,6512,4242,4082,1382,370 Saint John560585655474695 Fredericton544493562581629 Moncton365479424470531 Other New Brunswick387356483442369 New Brunswick1,8561,9132,1241,9672,224 Permanent Residents By province or Territory and Urban Area 2008- 2012

5 QUIZ What are the top three source countries for immigrants to NL a) China, Egypt, Iran b) UK, USA, Philippines c) China, USA, Egypt d) Philippines, India, China

6 10 Countries of Origin in 2012 to NL Philippines -97 People's Republic of China -73 India -72 United Kingdom and Colonies -58 United States of America -44 Pakistan 32 Egypt 23 Bangladesh 19 Libya 17 Iraq 16

7 Quiz What percentage of immigrants to NL settle in St. John’s? a) 53% b) 90%  75%  60%

8 What percentage of immigrants to NL settle in St. John’s? St. John’s 53% = 403 Immigrants CMA excluding St. John’s 6% or 40 immigrants ( North to Pouch Cove, South to Witless Bay and West to Conception Bay South) Rest of Avalon 1% = 11 immigrants Eastern 4% =26 immigrants Central 7% =54 immigrants West 7% =54 immigrants Labrador 14% =104 immirants CMA or CA not stated 8% = 59 immigrants

9 Quiz What percentage of immigrants to NL come in the economic category? a) 30% b) 50% c) 90% d) 70%

10 What percentage of immigrants to NL in 2012 came in the economic category? Family Class (116) or 15% Economic Class (526) or 70%  Federal Skilled Workers and Other (161)  Provincial Nominees (365) Humanitarian/Other (109) or 15%

11 Quiz Total entries of Temporary Foreign Workers in NL in 2012 a. 1000 b. 3500 c. 2285 d. 800

12 Urban area20082009201020112012 St. John’s212349227294354 Other Newfoundland and Labrador1,0831,0429691,0431,931 Newfoundland and Labrador1,2951,3911,1961,3372,285 Charlottetown229279256263278 Other Prince Edward Island219241274325526 Prince Edward Island448520530588804 Halifax1,3101,6521,3751,4121,314 Other Nova Scotia8181,1451,1031,4321,010 Nova Scotia2,1282,7972,4782,8442,324 Moncton233243314367384 Saint John369451244197178 Fredericton201229206179167 Other New Brunswick9077799281,0831,098 New Brunswick1,7101,7021,6921,8261,827 Total Entries of Temporary Foreign Workers by Province or Territory and Urban Area 2008-2012

13 QUIZ Temporary Foreign Students Present on December 1 st by Province or Territory and Urban Area 2012 a. 500 b. 2050 c. 6000 d. 100

14 Temporary Foreign Students Present on Dec 1st 2008-2012 Urban area20082009201020112012 St. John’s610707824746817 Other Newfoundland and Labrador9028118661,0531,233 Newfoundland and Labrador1,5121,5181,6901,7992,050 Charlottetown450583664725733 Other Prince Edward Island6768636172 Prince Edward Island517651727786805 Halifax3,9904,6925,6466,0616,852 Other Nova Scotia1,7991,9132,2642,4912,797 Nova Scotia5,7896,6057,9108,5529,649 Fredericton9529781,1041,1271,114 Moncton801823832883989 Saint John384393390360369 Other New Brunswick1,1151,0861,1791,2401,301 New Brunswick3,2523,2803,5053,6103,773

15 NL is an “old” province in more ways than one! Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest median age (43.8 years) and the highest increase (0.5 years) in median age from July 2010 15Source: 2011 Census

16 Immigrants drive Economics Demographics Drive Economics. 16

17 What must we do to attract, integrate and retain Immigrants NL needs more immigrants. Can forming a Local Immigration Partnership be part of the solution 17

18 Economic/ Labour Market Education Health Social/ Cultural ASK KEY INFORMANTS IN THE COMMUNITY from the following sectors

19 Economic/ Labour Market Demand for jobs vs. Wage issue Inefficiencies in the system Need for TFW and international students in a climate of economic reform Labour market access Lack of employment that matches skills Negative public perceptions

20 Education Gaps in the system Difficulties in the class Drop out rates

21 Health Complex system Difficulty getting access Lack of reliable transportation Interpretation Refugee health issues Cuts to the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program

22 Social/ Cultural Public perception/ misconceptions Feeling unwelcomed Security concerns Lack of common spaces for newcomers to socialize Language barriers Aging population

23 Impact on Newcomers Integration into the community Better access to information Encouraging more participation

24 Existing Partnerships Association for New Canadians Coordinating Committee on Newcomer Integration Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council The Multicultural Women’s Organization Housing for Homelessness Sharing our Cultures Eastern Health Gateway Citizenship and Immigration Canada Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism Service Canada Various Municipalities NL Housing Various Churches, Temples, and Mosques Memorial University International Student Advising Office Eastern School District ESL Programs Provincial Government Education Health Justice Advanced Education and Skills

25 Reports/ Accomplishments CCNI - has been successful in sharing information, identifying issues, and creating solutions to those issues. RIAC - has been successful in creating workshops and helping newcomers network with larger groups. Multicultural groups/ RIAC have brought different groups together for craft fairs and developed the abilities of women within the larger community. ANC provides resettlement services for government assisted refugees. Services/ activities include: LINC school, SWIS, the summer and after school programs, diversity program, health interest group, art show by newcomers, ANC health fair, ANC Christmas Party. Sharing Our Cultures - engages high school children in activities and events that culminate in them sharing their cultures. The Multicultural Women's organization – sharing information for immigrant women and opportunities for generating income. ISA - successful program where they take foreign students out in the community. Refugee Well Women Clinic - made a video to entice doctors to participate in providing well woman care.

26 Reports/ Accomplishments Gateway - work with the ANC health workers to see refugees within two weeks of coming to St. John’s. Have also developed tangible, official reports. Prom initiatives - medical students had a drive and donated prom dresses. Day of action to protest against IFH cuts on June 18th The School System - ESL programs and poverty reduction strategy. Community advisory boards - bringing people together to discuss and analyze issues MUN - recruitment opportunities for international graduates. Path Session was designed to come up with action plan to develop a more welcoming community (came from CIC's Tool Kit). City of St. John's - developed a portal site and information booklet.

27 Advantages of a LIP Networking Sharing of, and better access to, information Maximizing resources Avoiding duplication Formalization Developing a welcoming community

28 Challenges Competition for funds Coordination issues Openness to hearing what newcomers want Volunteer fatigue

29 Mandate Building awareness Information sharing Establishing strategic actions Program evaluation

30 Who Should Lead the LIP? Not-for-profit organization Immigrant service provider agency Community organization A division of Government Municipality A sector based approach


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