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Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Membership Update May, 2013.

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1 Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Membership Update May, 2013

2 What We Said Last April … Fine-tuning of strategy – Proactive efforts on only a short list of strategic candidates – Reactive response to all other enquiries Transportation partners – Consider smaller carriers only on a reactive basis! Considering non-manufacturing companies as partners, not members – An exception for companies whose primary business (globally) is chemistry, even if not in Canada (e.g. Rhodia) – Newalta, Envirotec and Quantum Murray to move to partner category Key Board / member company role: – Introductions / door opening 2

3 What’s a Strategic Candidate? One or more of… – Past members – Operating in key communities Sarnia, Varennes, Bécancour, Fort Sask – Clearly affiliated with current members – Major / common / important service providers – High visibility new entrants – Global Charter signatories 3

4 Membership Engagement 2012 Proactive Efforts – Strategic Candidates Evonik (Maitland) *+ EKA * Cabot*+ Styrolution *+ Sabic Oxy Vinyl * Dow Corning Williams Energy *+ Sasol* * In person meetings + membership support / involvement 4 Reactive Zochem Parachem Afton Canada Green Mantra Fielding CF Industries

5 Partnership Engagement 2012 Proactive Efforts Trimac * RTS* * In person meetings 5 Reactive Jade Transport + DJ Knoll Transport + Minibulk Inc. + Fluid Energy Group Avery Weigh-Tronix Altex Energy Tervita Corporation Superior Energy Luninaltra Technologies Ltd. Hinco Logistics + Enzo Energy Services+ + - membership referrals

6 One Step Forward… Some small successes Evonik Maitland joined (April 1, 2013) Trimac will apply under similar arrangements with rail partners. Good and positive discussions with Cabot Canada (Sarnia) Two steps back: Departures - Ruetgers, Envirotec, NewAlta, Celanese, Hydor-Tech Lack of progress with other key targets 6

7 What we heard… Membership Candidates Interested in RC brand and access to RC. We are production focused, limited staff and overhead. Cost not consistent with expectations. Concerned about expectations for participation. Lack of acceptance / alignment with ACC RCMS / RC14000 approaches is a barrier. Regional groups (SLEA and SIA) serve their advocacy needs. Mixed messages from current members vs previous members (we carry some baggage) 7 Partnership Candidates Contact initiated by suggestion from current member. Limited understanding and awareness of CIAC or RC. Not involved in any other similar organizations. Would be a major leap of faith / step forward to get engaged - more time required. From CIAC perspective – would require significant resources to support these smaller companies.

8 Questions Raised? Do we need to remove excuses / barriers to entry? How do we overcome the free rider syndrome? Others? 8

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