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Computed Radiography Digital Radiography LeeAnn Pack DVM Diplomate ACVR.

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1 Computed Radiography Digital Radiography LeeAnn Pack DVM Diplomate ACVR

2 Computed Radiography (CR) Been around since 1980-81 Uses same radiographic equipment –No change in X-ray machine Uses an imaging plate –Contains a photostimulator phosphor Need a cassette reader Images can be sent to a PACS

3 CT System

4 CR cons Still need imaging plates Cost of plates is expensive Same amount of time to produce the image as with film Processing time Increased exposure when compared to film and DR

5 DR Works like a digital camera –Images are seen immediately Two options –CCD –Digital flat plate detector Can be sent to PACS Small decrease in tech time/time to development when compared to CR

6 DR No film costs No darkroom space No processor to maintain No films to search for or file No expense for film jackets Increased productivity Decreased retakes Decreased exposure (Eklin)

7 Digital Flat Plate Detectors Expensive ($80,000-120,000) Can retrofit into existing X-ray machines Eklin –Exposure is decreased thus improving radiation safety Do not use grid but use image software IDEXX Sound Technologies

8 DR Portable System - EKLIN

9 DR – Portable with Carrier

10 DR Portable System - IDEXX

11 CCD Is sold with an X-ray machine Camera is placed in machine before install – fits underneath the table Less expensive than the Flat Plate Detector Cause increase in exposure by 2 times –Double the mAs

12 Potential Cost Savings Film Space –Wont need the darkroom space Processor –Maintenance Less technician time –Decreased repeats and no developing Time lost looking for films

13 Images Ability to window exposures –Works like CT –Wider latitude for exposures Less retakes –Better soft tissue –Image consistency

14 PACS Picture – viewing at workstations Archiving – images short/long term Communication –local or wide area networks System – use with HIS, other equip. ect. Method that allows storing, retrieving, distributing throughout your hospital or the internet

15 PACS Once an image is made – it is sent to the local PACS – a copy is also sent somewhere else (in house server, off site server) Then the image can be pulled up and viewed –Multiple sites throughout the hospital


17 DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Imaging standard that allows multiple pieces of medical equipment to communicate Essentially all PACS and almost all equipment speak DICOM now DICOM does not effect image quality

18 Computer Monitors Bigger really is better –Small monitor can not see entire image Some choose grey scale monitors –More expensive (3MP) Some choose the Dell monitor –Less costly (2MP)

19 Dell 2407 HC

20 Image Back Up Must have a way to back up copies of images in case your computer crashes Time to “keep” images varies by province/state 3 options –On site server –Off site server –Fingers crossed storage

21 Teleradiology Can send your images to a radiologist for interpretation –Should be of diagnostic quality Buy machine they add in contract with radiologists –Be careful

22 Hospital Integration Can integrate the images you take into the patients hospital record –If hospital is automated Referral veterinarians can view images you have made and also receive reports

23 Images used in this presentation from – – –

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