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The Superior Structure of NAOMI -Multi-CCD Detector Method-

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1 The Superior Structure of NAOMI -Multi-CCD Detector Method-


3 The Disadvantages of Current Digital Radiography in the Market The initial investment is very high. Especially for direct digital radiography, which is priced approx. US$100,000) The current x-ray environment must be replaced for the digital radiography system. The maintenance expenses are very high. (maintenance fee, warranty etc)




7 Advantages of NAOMI -Multi-CCD Detector Method Affordable Price Immediate Retrofit System Easy Maintenance There are only USB cable necessary to plug into a computer, and AC adapter to regular outlet. NAOMI can be immediately retrofit into your current x-ray environment. It does not require to replace the whole sensor like other DR systems with amorphous silicon in the current market. NAOMI can be fixed with only the defective parts. This is also one of the main advantages of 192-CCD array. X-ray films will disappear in next 5 years The hospitals / clinics will switch to digital radiography.

8 Limitless potential and excellent expansivity of unique RFs CCD array method compared to digital x-ray sensor on flat panel or with 4-CCD systems. Increase the Sensitivity Level Intensify the Image Quality Level Sensor Size Flexibility and Customization The exposure level becomes 1/3 compared with film. The power supply unit and x-ray generator become very small. Low radiation can not only reduce x-ray dose on human, but also could eliminate the dedicated x-ray room. SHARP is exclusively working with RF to produce special monochrome high sensitivity CCD device for medical use. Reduce the pitch and densify the array of CCDs within one sensor to increase the image quality based on the specific medical application. By increasing the number of CCD within a sensor, the image quality can be increased. It leads to the development of Mammography By increasing or decreasing the number of CCD array, RF can produce the most appropriate sized sensor in each usage NAOMI provides the unlimited possibility of digital radiography sensor to many different applications beyond what we anticipate. It leads to the development of many different size of sensors for special requirement on demand Unique Advantages Of NAOMI

9 There is almost no competitors who carry DR system with the quality and affordability in the market, however, CR system may be our competitors with the price. Superiority of NAOMI toward CR system NAOMI is about the same as CR systems in the current market NAOMI is a DR system, which directly captures the x-ray image in a computer for immediate display NAOMI requires much less space compared with CR system RF Co., Ltd. Who is a competitor?



12 Conclusion 4. Image Quality 2. Instant image acquisition 3. Cost effectiveness 1. To use with existing x-ray machine 5. Maintenance NAOMI offers; With the all necessary tasks fulfilled, NAOMI is the best DDR to upgrade the conventional film environment.

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