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Create your site in the folder Rosary in your My Documents Folder.

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1 Create your site in the folder Rosary in your My Documents Folder

2 Make sure you copy all the files from the student share for this project to your Rosemary folder in My Documents

3 Remember to set up your site each time you open Dreamweaver





8 Create new cascading style sheet

9 Select Blank Page/HTML/2 column fixed, left sidebar, header and footer Click on create

10 Name the file Rosary.css and save

11 Don’t worry the text is only there for you to replace You have just created a style sheet! Which will be a template for your web pages

12 File, Save as Template Not File, Save As

13 Save as: Rosary Template

14 Click on Rosary.css To access the properties when you have to

15 Make sure your rulers are on in pixels

16 Double click on twoColLtHdr #header This will bring up the header properties sheet

17 Select Category: Background

18 Select Background-color:

19 Pick a nice Holy Cross Dark Green

20 Click Apply, then Ok

21 Note the change

22 Select the Text in the Header Hit Delete

23 Click on Properties colour box Type in : The Catholic Rosary

24 Pick a nice Cream Colour

25 Now Center the text

26 Click on Add Property

27 Find and select: text-align

28 From the drop down box to the right Of text-align choose: center


30 Double click on: twoColFixLtHdr #sidebar1

31 Select Category: Background

32 Pick the same Holy Cross Green Click Apply

33 Select Category: Border Choose a border, click apply

34 Select Width, click Apply

35 Select a Colour, click Apply, and Ok

36 Select text: Sidebar1 Content Type in: Menu

37 Select the remaining text in the sidebar Type in: Introduction and press the Enter key

38 Repeat for Baptism, Confession, Matrimony, and the Anointing of the Sick and the Holy Orders

39 Change the Text colour

40 Double Click on twoColFixLtHdr #footer

41 Select Category: Background

42 Pick a cream background, click apply

43 Select Top Border ONLY, Style, Width and Colour Click Apply and Ok

44 Add Footer css property

45 Xx-small text for the Footer


47 Align the text for the Footer


49 Create an email link, and date update Format the text Dark Green

50 Double click on twoColFixLtHdr #mainContent

51 Change the Background to a Cream Colour

52 Change the font size to 12

53 Change the font colour to Dark Green Then Click OK

54 Change the font to Times New Roman

55 Select the text: Main Content Change the font to Arial

56 Select Type as Compound Click ok

57 Change the Size to x-large

58 Select Compound Click OK

59 Select the text and change to Dark Green

60 Click OK

61 Change font Size to 12

62 Click Ok

63 Double Click on twoColFixLtHdr #container

64 Change the Background colour to Cream Click Ok

65 Select: Main Content

66 From the Menu Bar select: Insert, Template Objects, Editable Region

67 Change name to: DataTable Click Ok

68 Select the remaining text

69 From the Menu Bar select: Insert, Template Objects, Editable Region

70 Save All

71 Close All

72 Create a web page using the template

73 Select Page from Template Click the Create button

74 Type in the editable region of the DataTitle: Introduction

75 In the DataArea paste in the text from the RosaryText Document in the student share

76 Insert Light1.jpg and picking a right or Left alignment from the Properties drop down box

77 File, Save As……Intro


79 Now Create a new page for all the other Menu items. Once done save and close each one. Then open the Rosary Template to create the links.

80 Open and create your links




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