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GRIMSBY AQUATIC CENTRE INDOOR POOL COMPLEX Purpose of this Presentation This presentation is designed to provide the citizens of Grimsby with information.

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3 Purpose of this Presentation This presentation is designed to provide the citizens of Grimsby with information regarding the proposed New Indoor Aquatic Facility

4 Topics Covered in this Discussion Background history The vote Why an indoor aquatic centre in Grimsby? Description of the aquatic centre Proposed location of the aquatic centre Advantages to the Community Benefits to the citizens of Grimsby Costs

5 Background History

6 Development of Pool Proposal An indoor pool within the town of Grimsby has been discussed for the past 25 years Council has not proceeded with this as part of the town plan to date The issue is now put to vote

7 The Referendum

8 The Question “Are you in favour of the Town of Grimsby constructing an “Aquatic Centre” having an estimated construction cost of $6,400,000 with this cost being added to the municipal tax levy for a period of 10 years and an initial estimated annual operating deficit of $250,000 with this and any future deficits being added to the municipal tax levy?”

9 Why an Indoor Aquatic Centre for the town of Grimsby?

10 An Aquatic Facility will: Provide an additional year-round activity option for all ages Minimize the need to travel to a pool Create employment locally Boost town economy Promote education, recreation, competition Promote better health and well-being

11 Aquatic Facts National and provincial recreation participation trends show that swimming is the second most popular recreation activity after walking

12 Definition of an Aquatic Centre

13 What is an Aquatic Centre? A number of individual pools that provide for both specific uses and for flexibility of operation of the whole facility It is a family facility which will serve all ages, all needs and all abilities Capacity of over 200 people

14 Components of an Aquatic Centre

15 The Aquatic Centre will consist of: Lane Pool Recreation Pool Warming/ Therapeutic Pool Change Rooms Administration Offices and Training Rooms Visitor Areas

16 Lane Pool

17 Lane Pool Details 6 lanes 25 metres long Waveless Built to “Swim Ontario” standards Handicap accessible

18 Lane Pool Activities Lessons Fitness Lengths Recreation Competitive Programs Life Guard Training Aquafit Diving Snorkeling/Scuba Synchronized Swimming Water Polo Masters Swimming

19 Recreation Pool

20 Recreation Pool Details 2,000 Square Feet Shallow Handicap Ramp Water Slide Graduated Steps

21 Recreation Pool Activities Recreational Swimming “Aquafit” Fitness Classes Therapeutic Activities Fitness Activities Youth Learn to Swim Programs Pool Parties (Rental)

22 Warming Pool

23 Warming Pool Details 400 Square Feet Warmer Temperature Kidney Shaped Build-in Benches Bubble Jets Handicap Ramp

24 Warming Pool Activities Warm Up Therapeutic Injury Healing Exercise for Disabled Relaxation Socializing

25 Additional Facilities

26 Other Features of the Facility Include: Change Rooms for adults, children, family and handicapped Administration areas for offices, life guard facilities, training rooms, first aid, equipment rooms Visitors viewing area Optional sauna Most facilities handicap accessible

27 Utilities

28 Service and Utility Areas Include: Filters and Pumps Chemical Storage Areas Heating Air Conditioning

29 Where will the Aquatic Facility be Located?

30 Proposed Location The aquatic centre will be connected to the Grimsby Arena located on the property which houses the Town Hall

31 What are the Grimsby Community advantages to an Aquatic Centre?

32 An Aquatic Centre will benefit Grimsby by: Complementing the town’s current recreational and leisure facilities Providing year-round health, educational and recreational benefits Providing economic benefits to Town of Grimsby from visiting users Creating new employment Eliminating the need to travel to a pool

33 What are the benefits to the individual citizens of Grimsby?

34 Personal Benefits from a pool Health Educational Recreational Therapeutic Competitive

35 Health Healthier, more active lifestyle Widely regarded as the best form of exercise Cools the body during exercise Natural fitness solution for kids

36 Educational Important element in kid’s and adults’ development Understand basic water safety Promotes fitness Programs offered

37 Recreational Provide additional recreational activity for youth Familiarity with the water Social opportunity Recreational activities offered

38 Therapeutic Benefits of weightless exercise Injury rehabilitation Stress reduction Aerobic benefits Therapeutic programs

39 Competitive Youth and adult competitive opportunities Competitive water games Can attract out of town visitors through competitions and tournaments Source of community spirit

40 Pools aren’t exclusively just for swimmers!

41 If you are a non-swimmer…. Just enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a pool Or learn to swim at your own pace, to take better advantage of both health benefits and to improve your personal water safety

42 Recreation and Leisure Department Integration

43 The role of the Town Recreation and Leisure Department will be: Facilities management of pool areas Coordination and planning of programs Scheduling Maintenance

44 What is the cost?

45 Costs can be broken into 2 areas: Capital Costs Operating Costs

46 Capital Cost

47 Definition of Capital Cost The capital cost is the one-time expenditure which accounts for all elements required to construct the facility. This includes design, engineering, site preparation, building, equipment, parking and landscaping costs.

48 Estimated Capital Cost The current capital cost estimate is $6,400,000. The projected average tax increase based on a 10-year payoff plan is approximately $95 per household.

49 Operating Costs

50 Definition of Operating Costs The yearly net costs of operating the facility. This includes building maintenance, employee salaries, utilities, supplies, etc.

51 Estimated Operating Cost The current projected yearly net operating cost is $250,000. The average tax increase to each household would be approximately $30 to maintain operation of the facility.

52 Overall Costs

53 Combined Overall Costs The currently projected yearly tax increase to support an Aquatic Centre is $95 (capital) + $30 (operating) = $125 …which is approximately 35 cents per day per household

54 Alternate Funding Sources

55 Alternate Funding After the project is approved, there are numerous alternate options which can be pursued to assist in reducing the overall costs, and potentially reduce the costs to the taxpayers.

56 Capital Funding Sources Include: Town Reserve Superbuild Ontario Trillium Foundation Benefactors Donors Sponsors

57 Operating Funding Sources Include: Partnerships with other organizations such as: –Sport Alliance of Ontario –YMCA –Swim Clubs, Competitions –Therapists, Trainers Rentals: –Rental of space for commercial or mechandising outlets

58 Now, the most critical information of all – THE VOTE!!

59 Criteria for Success of Referendum IMPORTANT – Over 50% of the electorate must vote in order for this to be a valid referendum. This means that it is CRITICAL for as many eligible voters as possible to exercise their privilege to vote.

60 PLEASE  OTE NOVEMBER 10, 2003 (Advance polls and proxy voting will be available)

61 The opportunity for a GRIMSBY AQUATIC CENTRE is in YOUR HANDS, the citizens of Grimsby.

62 This material has been prepared by: The Grimsby Aquatic Centre (GAC) Development Committee (an ad hoc Committee, in partnership with the Recreation Services and Public Works Committee of the Town of Grimsby) All attempts have been made to present this information in a fair and balanced way. For more information visit our website: http://

63 Presentation Produced in cooperation with: eCompuLab 48 Main Street West Grimsby, ON 905-945-4630

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