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Boise Southwest Rotary 6-month review of goals and activities.

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1 Boise Southwest Rotary 6-month review of goals and activities

2 Membership (Terry Bowman) End of 2008 year---106 December 31, 08----109 Goal---- +6 Actual----+3

3 New Members Resigned Conrad Colby Robert Agnetta Ron Crow Danielle Green Kimber Ericksen Ken Grover Sharon Knox Stan Mock Dianne Nordhaus Bruce Wright Bryan Nunes Susan Simmons Frank Taylor

4 Fellowship Summer picnic Bike ride on the greenbelt Golf at Boise Ranch Thursday social (5)

5 Vocational (off site meetings) YMCA Idaho Youth Ranch

6 Rotary Foundation/International (Janet Worthington) Hosting an exchange student from Norway (David Shaw family) Visitors from England (with Terry & Julia Bowman) Visitors to England (Shaw & Des Aulniers ) Assisted the Club in England with funds to go to Tanzania

7 The Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellows awarded to the following Rotarians, their family and friends: Suzie Boyle Kerrie Murray Tom Reynolds Kelly Eau Claire John Gale Amy Stahl Karla Reynolds Porter Ryan Gammill Carol Schroeder David Murray Terry Bowman Debbie Arnell

8 Rotary Foundation Contributions Boise Southwest pledge for Polio Plus--- $1000 per year, next three years Boise Southwest Foundation goal for 08- 09---$11,500; YTD paid $7,110.72, 62% of goal

9 Greater Boise Rotary Foundation Bob Gibb Fellows: Barbara Dorsey Michael Fease Cassie Fontaine Frank Greene John Mackey Michael Roach Dennis Rompala John Sanders

10 Goals and Recognition GBRF goal--$3300.00 YTD $1,335.00 New certificates, certificate holders and pins designed and produced for Bob Gibb fellows.

11 Other Activities Ambassadorial scholar for next year, Jillian Foster—London School of Economics Two teachers visiting from Thailand visit our club (courtesy Janet Worthington)

12 Service Projects (Barbara Dorsey) MSTI Greenbelt cleanup Idaho food bank Santa Paws Rake-UP Boise (2 teams)

13 Service Projects Continued Dictionaries (300—6 schools) Christmas Party with Whittier 4th & 5th graders Afghanistan/Idaho National Guard project Hunger Bowl at BSU home game—to benefit the Idaho Food bank Life’s Kitchen—mock interviews & Life skills

14 Grants MSTI project----- $1300.00 Christmas Party Whittier kids $2200.00 (lunch & gifts) YMCA swimming/Whittier kids---- $2850 Whittier school books /games---$321

15 More Grants Rotaract fund raiser--- $100---fashion show Rotary Float Rose Bowl---$150.00 $100 to the Idaho Food bank in the name of DG Gene Hoge Books sent to Thailand for students learning English

16 Public Relations (Amy Stahl) Press releases relating to Boise Southwest 1. New officers listed 2. Afghanistan project/National Guard 3. YMCA/Whittier kids 4. MSTI project 5. Paul Harris Fellow to Suzie Boyle (Jon Adamson) Look for upcoming Rotary Billboards

17 Administration (Frank Greene) By-laws changed to reflect new dues structure Web site is current on a weekly basis Compliments to Nancy Chinn for a great job on the weekly bulletin Good programs & speakers

18 Administration Continued Elections held for 2009-10 Minnie Benton our Secretary has all records completed accurately and on time for International and the District Julia Bowman our Treasurer –great job on all the financials and filing all the applicable reports; i.e., state incorporation, IRS, budget and monthly financial reviews.

19 Miscellaneous Zone luncheon at BSU, International President in Boise, Boise Southwest with the most members in attendance, October 3. District Governor visit, Gene Hoge—Sept. 03 Bob Shaver, scouting award (Cliff Dochterman) Boise Southwest now has a Foundation 501 (3) c-----Terry Bowman and Dick Cummings

20 Fund Raisers Smoked turkey fund raiser, 100 sold, net profit $1000 Card game $712 to the club, winner Minnie Benton

21 Thanks Thanks to all members of the Boise Southwest Rotary Club for their dedication and service!

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