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New Member Orientation. Orientation Attendees n Introductions n Name n Classification n Proposer.

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1 New Member Orientation

2 Orientation Attendees n Introductions n Name n Classification n Proposer

3 Orientation Materials n Rotary Basics n This Is Rotary n The ABC’s of Rotary n You & Your Rotary Foundation n How to Propose a New Member n New Member Checklist n Personal Facts Sheet for the Club Database n List of Club Officers, Directors, and Committee Assignments n Copy of the Club Bylaws n Paul Harris Fellow Information New Member Folder including :

4 Objectives of Orientation n Appreciation n Understanding n Responsibilities

5 What is Rotary? Rotary is an organization of business and professional men and women united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

6 Rotary is … n The world’s first service club n The Rotary Motto: “Service above Self”

7 In the beginning… n The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris. Rotary Founder Paul Harris u The club, with four members, met in rotation at the offices of the members - thus the name Rotary.

8 Object of Rotary The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular...

9 Object of Rotary FIRST : to encourage and foster The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

10 Object of Rotary Second: to encourage and foster High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his or her occupations as an opportunity to serve society;

11 Object of Rotary Third: to encourage and foster The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his or her occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

12 Object of Rotary Fourth: to encourage and foster The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional men and women, united in the ideal of service.

13 5 avenues of service Club service Vocational Service Community Service International Service New Generations Service

14 The Four Way Test n Is it the truth ? n Is it fair to all concerned ? n Will it build goodwill and better friendships ? n Will it be beneficial to all concerned ?

15 Rotary International ANNUAL THEME 2010-2011 2010-2011 Building Communities, Bridging Continents

16 Rotary International August Membership September New Generations October Vocational Service Month November The Rotary Foundation DecemberFamily January Rotary Awareness February World Understanding March Literacy April Magazine JuneRotary Fellowships Monthly Themes

17 Rotary International HQ Evanston, Illinois Rotary International HQ Evanston, Illinois n 1. 2 million Members n District 7020: 2,700 Members in 80 Clubs n Zone 34: 18 Districts in GA, FL and North Caribbean n 30,000+ Clubs n 530+ Districts n 34 Zones

18 Rotary Club of __________ is part of: n Area –__________ n District 7020 n Zone 34

19 Rotary Club of __________ Origins n Chartered ? n ? charter members 2010-2011 n ? Members n President _______ n Meeting at _______- on _______ at ______ (am/pm)

20 Club Committees n Club Administration n Membership n Service Projects n Public Relations n Rotary Foundation

21 Club Committees Club Committees Club Administration involves activities to make the club function successfully

22 Our Club Administration Programs Communications n Weekly Bulletin n Club Directory n New Member Orientation n Web site n E-mail Fellowship n Dinner with friends n Special event gatherings

23 Membership Club Committees Club Committees

24 Membership There are two types of membership in a Rotary club: Active Honorary

25 IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS  Official Induction Into Club  Be assigned a Mentor  Sign-up for Committees  Add Name to Club Directory  Prepare Meeting Badge  Pay Dues

26 The Privileges in Rotary n The privilege of FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS: –in your community –in neighboring cities and towns –throughout Jamaica –around the world

27 The Privileges in Rotary n The privilege of GIVING SERVICE to your community. n The privilege of DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL and understanding. n The privilege of helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS within your vocation through the common bond of Rotary.

28 Your Obligations in Rotary Participation n To be a Rotarian you must give of your time and talents: –in community work –in fellowship and social functions –in club and district activities.

29 MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES nAnAnAnAttend or make-up at least 50% of regular Rotary Club meetings in each half of the year. Attend at least 30% of your club’s meeting in each half year.(strive for 100%) nMnMnMnMembership Growth (Identify and foster) nPnPnPnParticipation in Club Programs nPnPnPnParticipation in Club Projects and Activities nPnPnPnParticipation in Club Committees nPnPnPnPayment of Dues nSnSnSnSupport the Rotary Foundation

30 Service projects pursues activities to improve the quality of life in our community Club Committees Club Committees

31 Public Relations Club Committees Club Committees

32 The Rotary Foundation Doing good in the world Club Committees Club Committees

33 Our Rotary Foundation Programs Ambassadorial scholarships Partnering with other Rotary Club Projects Group Study Exchange Youth Exchange Polio Partners and Polio Plus

34 The Rotary Foundation Source of Funds Paul Harris Fellowships Sustaining Members Benefactors


36 The Rotary Foundation n Rotary Foundation Doing Good in the World - Paul Harris Fellowship - Sustaining Members - Benefactors

37 Your Club Leadership n ______________- President n ______________- Secretary n ______________- VP n ______________- Treasurer n Directors – __________

38 District 7020 Officers Governor 2010-2011 Diana White (USVI) District Governor Elect (2011-2012) Guy Theodore (Haiti) District Governor Nominee (2012-2013) Vance Lewis (BVI)

39 Rotary Club of ________ Source of Funds Club Fundraisers - n Dues – ______/Annum n Weekly fines n Fundraising events n Meals

40 District 7020 Conferences District 7020 Conferences n 2011St. Thomas, USVI April 11 – 16 n 2012St. Marc, Haiti n 2013Tortola, BVI

41 The Rotary Club of _______ Rotaract / Interact/ EarlyAct Clubs n Our club sponsors n ? Rotaract Club n ? Interact Clubs n ? Early Act Clubs

42 Rotary Communication n Club Bulletin n District Newsletter n The Rotarian Magazine n Websites: - - Rotary International (

43 Rotary Club of _________ Being a Rotarian is n Service Above Self n Adhering to the four way test n HAVING FUN!!!

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