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Career Studies GLC 2O0 – Grade 10

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1 Career Studies GLC 2O0 – Grade 10
Cover Letter Career Studies GLC 2O0 – Grade 10

2 Agenda Purpose of a Cover Letter Cover Letter TIPS
Components of Cover Letter Personal Information Date Company Information Opening Paragraph Middle Paragraph Closing Paragraph Sign-off

3 Cover Letter Purpose To direct the reader’s attention to your strong points To highlight facts found in the resume Excite reader about your credentials Remember: You want to make the employer excited to meet you!!!

4 Cover Letter TIPS Be neat. First impressions are important.
Keep your cover letter to one page. Your name, address, telephone number, etc., should match this same information on your resume. Proofread your spelling and grammar!!

5 Cover Letter TIPS Address the letter (where possible) to a real person instead of using “To Whom It Concerns”. Use 1” margins around the page. Use quality white paper, not coloured paper. Include specific examples to illustrate your skills and/or accomplishments. Explain what you can offer the company, not what the company can do for you.

6 Cover Letter TIPS Don’t use too many fonts. Keep your headings consistent in terms of font and font size. Be specific in stating the actual job you are applying for. Be positive. The information in your cover letter should be consistent with the information in your resume.

7 Personal Information Address Date Company Address
Street City, Province Postal Code Date Company Address Name of Contact (Try to get an actual person)

8 Opening Paragraph Name the job that you are applying for and where you saw/heard the advertisement. Example: I am enthusiastic to have the opportunity to apply for the Cashier position at No Frills as advertised when I entered your store recently. I feel that I have excellent qualifications for this position and would appreciate your careful consideration.

9 Middle Paragraph(s) Use employer’s words whenever possible
Document your qualifications by themes and prove points with examples Organize by putting most important paragraphs first Example: I am in the process of obtaining my Secondary School Diploma and involved with a variety of volunteer activities in the school. I have demonstrated interpersonal and numeracy skills in the fundraising duties of money collection and counting. I am a punctual and reliable student who attends school on time and meets deadlines consistently.

10 Closing Paragraph Refer to your resume enclosed
Mention that you would like an interview to provide more information Example: If you feel that your business team could benefit from my contributions, I would appreciate hearing from you. Please review my resume for further details about my skills, experiences and interests. Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to hearing from you.

11 Sign-off Sincerely Example: Sincerely, Signature FirstName LastName

12 Acknowledgment Grade 10 Career Studies – The Complete Course Workbook
Horizons Textbook


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