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In Upper Canada 1 Annual General Meeting Upper Canada Overseas Section 2013 Sep 18.

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1 in Upper Canada 1 Annual General Meeting Upper Canada Overseas Section 2013 Sep 18

2 in Upper Canada 2 AGM - Attendees Albert Bissember Andrew Haisley Conrad McCallum Desmond Alvares L.J. Lahodynskyj Mark Sear Samuel Azu Shane O'Neill Shangar Thillai Stuart Anderson Thomas Ting Varatham Pathmanatham

3 in Upper Canada 3 AGM - AGENDA Welcome Address by Chair Presentation of 2012-2013 reports –Acceptance For 2013-2014 –Election of Officers –Volunteers Closing Address by Past Chair Dinner

4 in Upper Canada 4 WELCOME

5 in Upper Canada 5 REPORTS

6 in Upper Canada 6 REPORTS – Canada Officer WEF calculates Country Competitiveness –Canada Ranked #14 –Falling since 2010 (#09) –Prognosis is lower still, due to lack of innovation business sophistication IMF places GDP as 1.8% growth this year –Consumer spending driven Canadian banking supremo (Mark Carney) gone to the UK –first non-Brit to head Bank of England since founded in 1694 Inquiries this year –In Canada 1 x Taking professional exams Joining BCSinUC –2 x Ontario –1 x Regina –1 x from Nigeria asking to work at BCSinUC Thank for the graphics above 1985 = Upper Canada Brewery 1791–1841 = Upper Canada 2003 = BCS in Upper Canada

7 in Upper Canada 7 REPORTS – Membership Role: –Complies with the BCS Data Protection Guidelines. –Keeps a current and accurate list of membership. Source = HQ –Welcomes new local members Currently: –Numbers are down since last year 206 vs 251 around the world 144 vs 152 in Canada 84 vs 91 in Ontario –Changes for BCSinUC 62 departures 17 additions 1 new Fellow in NYC My Request (as every year) –Check and update your details Thanks to those who have. There is improvement –Conversion of address information Misplaced data & no cleanup Only YOU can update Impacts ALL reporting 7

8 in Upper Canada 8 REPORTS – Membership 8 Ontario 1791–1841 = Upper Canada

9 in Upper Canada 9 REPORTS – Membership 9 GTA Region

10 in Upper Canada 10 REPORTS – Treasurer 10

11 in Upper Canada 11 REPORTS – Treasurer 11 2013/2014 Budget

12 in Upper Canada 12 REPORTS – Secretary - Meetings Role: –Ensure Meetings happen run well documented promote BCS UC events liaise with BCS HQ 2012/2013 –BCSinUC Events First Year of Themed Lecture Series (4 lectures!) Chinese New Year Dinner and Lecture Attendance at the HQ International Branches Meeting / AGM

13 in Upper Canada 13 REPORTS – Secretary - Committee Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) –BCS rules & regulations –Our detailed procedures, hints & guidelines Posted on the Portal with the AGM –Managed by the Secretary Input from each person on their area Chair & Secretary –Planning for the Year with other Engineers Pursuing separate programmes At least 4 of the Committee –BCSinUC Committee Quarterly Committee Meetings

14 in Upper Canada 14 REPORTS - Chair As a volunteer organisation with a naturally restricted pool of potential members, we have focused on things that make us distinctive. We have also explored options to increase our presence and hope to act on some of those in the coming year. In 2011 the committee worked together to create a 3 year strategy for our section centred around an informal lecture series: –2012/2013 Financial Services & IT –2013/2014 Healthcare & IT –2014/2015 Manufacturing & IT This year has seen 5 very successful and enjoyable talks on themes ranging from data security to speculation on what the future will bring. Great attendance with momentum building following each lecture. Attendance for each lecture (1-5) Attendees / BCS members: - Lecture 1 (26/11), L2 (24/21), L3 (28/10), L4 (32/12) & Lecture 5 (42/11) Lecture series attracting well respected speakers such as Prof. Wesley. Looking forward to the coming year and the new lecture series.

15 in Upper Canada 15 REPORTS - Chair Acknowledgement and Thank you!  George Mok – Organizing our Chinese New Year. George has been involved in the Upper Canada Section since its inception.  Frank Boesche – Web presence. Ongoing maintenance and enhancements of our site. Frank has been involved in the Upper Canada Section since its inception.  LJ Lahodynskyj – Has been involved since the inception of the Upper Canada Section. This year he is taking a break to relive the best scenes of Easy Rider. Please wish him luck in his travels!  Thomas Ting – a long standing member taking over as treasurer (subject to election at this AGM of course).  Mark Sear – Secretary – first year with us. New to Canada and a man with great persistence and energy.  Ian Kay of Mirillion recruitment for partnering with us on our lecture series and providing this venue.  Shane O'Neill – long standing committee member for serving a past chair this year. Great job everyone – thank you for a great year!

16 in Upper Canada 16 REPORTS - Acceptance of Reports Propose Acceptance by: Seconded by: Vote For: Vote Against Vote Abstain

17 in Upper Canada 17 2013/2014 – New Committee “Out with the old, …… ……and in with the” New Committee

18 in Upper Canada 18 Committee Overview Things of Note –Lead the BCS in Upper Canada section Support the BCS membership in Canada Increase BCS sense of presence Lead by example –Professional image »Build, maintain and follow the SOPs »Use IT to help our work, eg:our web-presence –Manage the budget Section Committee members responsible for any debt incurred. –Meet 4 times per year for planning / corrective actions –Must be 4 Committee Members or more –Elected & volunteers

19 in Upper Canada 19 Committee Candidates Committee –Candidate for Chair Mark Sear –Candidate for Secretary Stuart Anderson –Candidate for Treasurer Thomas Ting

20 in Upper Canada This slide intentionally left blank

21 in Upper Canada 21 Introducing Committee Volunteers These roles are key to the coming year, and we thank these people for volunteering: Past Chair – Andrew Haisley Chinese New Year Banquet – George Mok Webmaster – Frank Boesche Membership – LJ Lahodynskyj Canada Officer – LJ Lahodynskyj

22 in Upper Canada 22 Closing Remarks from the Past Chair Thank You all for Attending Supper

23 in Upper Canada Dinner

24 in Upper Canada THE END

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