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Presentation name (Name of presenter) (Position) (Division/Post name, City) Canada-EU S&T Partnership ERA-Can+/Horizon 2020 Information Sessions January.

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1 Presentation name (Name of presenter) (Position) (Division/Post name, City) Canada-EU S&T Partnership ERA-Can+/Horizon 2020 Information Sessions January 2014

2 Canada-EU S&T Agreement A signed treaty which was renewed in 1996 Annual meetings through the Canada-EU Joint Committee on S&T (JSTCC) Last meeting held March 2013 in Brussels, next meeting in November in Canada. A high level dialogue that: Reviews progress of overall relationship Determines priorities of focus for future cooperation Canada-EU Summit (2008), Prime Minister Harper and the President of the European Union expressed their desire to “undertake common initiatives and advance our objectives in 3 priority areas: In our economic partnership energy and the environment international peace and security In this context, they emphasized the need, in particular, to “strengthen our cooperation mechanisms in the area of research, science and technology.”

3 Why Collaborate  A €70 billion research and innovation funding program over seven years (2014-2020)  By sharing knowledge and resources, we raise the quality of research addressing the greatest challenges on both sides of the Atlantic  Access to leading world talent and scientific knowledge  Work with outstanding researchers from both sides of the Atlantic  Participate in well funded projects bringing together strong international networks  Share knowledge and risks, costs and benefits of research

4 Canadians in Framework Programmes

5 Canadians in FP7 Jan 2007-May 2013

6 Canadian Universities in FP7 Jan 2007-May 2013 UniversityCOOP.PEOPLECAP.IDEASTotal EC Funded Toronto111401263 McGill101620287 UBC61100171 Laval7910172 Alberta11310152 Montréal21000122 INRS260080 Waterloo340071 Calgary222063 Ottawa500053 McMaster410053 Simon Fraser University050050 École Polytechnique310041 7 Universities (3 ea.)91200214 11 Universities (2 ea.)13900223 6 Universities (1 ea.)240060 37 Universities901076118835 (18.6%) CDN Total (all sectors):15611820129575 (25.4%)

7 Hosted by the Irish Prime Minister under the Irish Presidency of the European Union of the European Union May 2013 – Science workshop and signing of the "Galway Statement“ Transatlantic Research AllianceCanada-EU-US On Marine and Arctic Research

8 ICT Collaboration WINNER – Wireless World Initiative New Radio (FP6) WINNER developed a radio system concept that is the first step towards realization of a single wireless system that integrates current systems developed for different purposes (e.g. cellular, WLAN, short-range access etc.). It is key to ensuring wireless access for a wide range of services and applications across all environments and the next generation in wireless technology. Budget: €21.2M / EC : €11.8M (24 months, 2004-05) Partners: (38 partners in 15 countries) Private Sector: Alcatel, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, France Telecom, Fujitsu, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens (Coordinator), Telefonica, Vodaphone… University: Technische Universitaet Dresden, Rheinisch-westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Technische Universitaet Ilmenau… Canadian Partners: Halim Yanikomeroglu, Carleton University, Systems and Computer Engineering

9 “My participation in FP6 was one of the biggest achievements of my career. It created visibility on an international scale and many opportunities” - Halim Yanikomeroglu, Carleton University (2011) European Experience: World Wireless Research Forum, 2001- (NSERC IOF Grant, $25,000) WINNER Project participation funded by NSERC SRO Grant $650,000) Subsequent participation: WINNER II (€22.2M / EC : €12.4M (24 months, 2006-07) Subsequent Funding: FP7 (People – International Outgoing Fellowships (2) Samsung ($200,000) Huawei ($100,000) RIM ($195,000 + NSERC CRD Grant) Huawei Canada ($550,000) MEDI ORF ($740,000) NSERC CRD ($1M) Currently developing consortium for Horizon 2020 (5G Wireless)

10 The Canada-EU Team NCPs Food,Agriculture,Bio Economy: Sara Sarkar, Sr. Analyst, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada – Health: Jacqueline Jorge, Policy Analyst, International Relations, CIHR – jacqulien.jorge@cihr-; Jonathan Nagel, Manager, International Relations & Executive Support – jonathan.nagel@cihr-irsc.gc.cajacqulien.jorge@cihr- Space: Jean-Pierre Arseneault, Counsellor, Canadian Space Agency (Paris) – ICT and NCP Coordinator: Debbie Kemp, Deputy Director, Innovation Outreach, DFATD - Marie Currie Actions: Kate Geddie, Assistant Director, Research, AUCC –; Gail Bowkett, Director, Research & International Relations, AUCC – National Coordinator & International Cooperation (INCO) – Karen Johnstone-Hobbs, S&T Counsellor, Mission of Canada to the EU – ERA-Can+ Partners – both in Canada and Europe

11 Connect with the TCS Connect with the TCS Debbie Kemp, Deputy Director Innovation Outreach Science, Technology & Innovation

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