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We ACT Leadership Team Meeting Friday, February 7 th, 2014.

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1 We ACT Leadership Team Meeting Friday, February 7 th, 2014

2 Meeting Agenda Review Project Outline Faculty/Staff Session Objectives Faculty/Staff Session Design Timeline Role of Chairs Facilitated Discussion with Clinical Chairs

3 Faculty/Staff Session Objectives Quick overview of areas of strength and sustainability Identify opportunities to improve workplace culture and faculty/staff engagement using unique department data, where possible. Recognize linkages to three overall Faculty areas of opportunity Change Management Recognition / Acknowledgement of Contributors Leadership Identify enablers for improvement Identify areas of focus for local development and action plans Work with the Chairs to finalize action plans to advance those initiatives swiftly and in a focused manner

4 Faculty/Staff Session Session Design Meeting Tone Focused on the future Solution-focused and actionable Positive and engaging Aligned to needs of participants, departments and school Focus Clinical & Basic Science – department meetings Staff – focus groups Meeting Length / Timing 1-2 hour meetings – 2 hours is IDEAL! Accommodate department schedules Early morning or late afternoon Department meetings

5 Action Planning We Speak Engagement Participants will articulate key actions that can be taken to strengthen areas of opportunity Actions will inform and shape the action plans Subsequent to each employee engagement session, consultant will work with Chair to use the findings from the session to fine-tune a specific, actionable and meaningful action plan for implementation Based on the common themes, we will identify any actions necessary to be taken at the Faculty level Form a Faculty Action Plan

6 Timeline January – June 2014 Facilitate meeting with Senior Leadership Team - January 17th 2014 Facilitate meetings with all Department Chairs - February Facilitate Faculty/Staff Engagement Sessions: Clinical, Basic Science, Staff – March – May Review, Analyze and Summarize Findings and Action Plans / Communication Phase – May / June

7 Your Role Champion the “We Speak” Employee Sessions Encourage all staff/faculty to attend and get involved Communicate the importance of this work Help us select session dates for your department Administrative Officers work with Kay Hickey, Project Coordinator, Hospital and Interfaculty Relations Align resources to Action Plans Establish Action Plan metrics Track progress and outcomes


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