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1 Induction Research Support Services Warning NOT UP TO DATE MAY 09 Brenda Jones.

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1 1 Induction Research Support Services Warning NOT UP TO DATE MAY 09 Brenda Jones

2 2 Ginny Nephin (Ryan Armstrong) 22033 Fax Number - 024 7646 1606 Notify them of all visitors due if they are to report to reception. In the case of Interviews copy them in on the interview plan Make sure they have your contact number Parking permits Uni House Ask visitors to call at reception to sort out requirements. Note that parking is now totally free for the first two hours at University House anyway. University House Reception. Joan McGovern Ancillary Services Senate Reception Extn 26110/22033 'image:'

3 3 U. House/ PHONE Contacts Andy (Porter /Post) 22780 George Transport 22776 VC Nigel Thrift PA is CATRYN HEMLOCK 23630 Plus two PA’s who job share: Alison Thomas Mon- Wed am Michelle O’Keefe Wed pm Thu & Fri 74463 Deputy VC Stuart Palmer Gill Gough PA 28164Registrar Jon Baldwin Wendy Taylor PA 23704 'image: budgetstockphoto. com'

4 4 Warwick Phones Telephone Directory: Can be accessed from front of staff web site 'image:' A really useful telephone directory – right up to date Requires search on surname Click on entry and you will be taken to the department listing

5 5 Visitors to the university Notify Ginny & Ryan 22033 RECEPTION of all visitors due if they are to report to reception. Make sure they have your contact number Copies of university map are behind my desk further copies can be obtained from the communications Office - University House – 1 st floor

6 6 Postal service Courier service Departmental Postal Code 174 SAFE / KTP CODE – separate All post must have address stamp -reverse University House Post – not via postroom John Burrows Facilities Manager 'image:' Main Post Room, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK University House CV4 8UW Tel: 024 765 22780 Fax: 024 765 74022 Email

7 7 ROOM BOOKINGS Tel 22708 Booking now on line Need to be logged on to access this link Room Bookings Orders for Tea and Coffee need cost code and via hospitality Check with Nicky for this or if eg SAFE code use that IT Helpdesk 73737 AV Services 22463 Staff Office 28020 Out of term/ other room bookings ROBERT On 22787 'image:'

8 8 Non emergency requests for maintenance can now be handled via the Estates Online Web Service. This service not only allows you to record requests for maintenance but you can now also check the status of any outstanding requests. If you are a first time visitor you will need to apply for a user name and password. Estates Online Web Service Please note that this service is only available to full time members of staff. Address:- Estates Office, University of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, West Midlands CV4 7AL. Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 2551 Fax: +44 (0)24 7652 4444 ESTATES OFFICE Estates – emergencies Eg Leaks – Call 22567 'image:' Contact is Ruth Baker 23441

9 9 SAP Access SAP Helpdesk 72620 Follow the link below for a form:- New SAP Users To arrange access for a new user please complete a New User Application Form (Adobe format) / New User Application Form (Word Format). If the new user requires the same access as an existing user in the same department there is a section on the form to enter this. If you are unsure of the access required please contact the Head Of User Support Services on extn. 22531. (you will need to apply for an IT Services Username before you can be given an SAP Username)New User Application Form (Adobe format)New User Application Form (Word Format) 'image:'

10 10 Absence Sickness forms Sickness Reporting You need to be logged on to access this page New Policy Jan 2 nd 2009 These procedures apply to all staff. A member of staff must notify the Chair/Head of Department of his/her absence as soon as possible on the first full day of absence, either by telephone, in writing, or by a message through someone acting on his/her behalf. The Chair/Head of Department must be informed of the reason for the absence, and kept informed of the progress of the illness and the likely date of return to work. If the absence lasts for four or more consecutive working days, the member of staff must complete a University Self-Certificate Form (not the DHSS Self Certificate Form) on his/her return to work. These are available from the Staff Office. If the absence is for a period of more than seven days in a row, including Saturday and Sunday, the member of staff must obtain a Doctor's Certificate which should be forwarded to the Staff Office (via the member of staff's Department, if that is the normal procedure) without delay. A Self-Certification Form will still need to be completed when the member of staff returns to work. 'image:'

11 11 Procurement PROCUREMENT PROCEDURES Check the Warwick web site – link below as these are constantly updated Procurement Strategy [c] Following on from research commissioned from the Warwick Business School, a Procurement Steering Group (PSG) was established in March 2001. The Procurement Strategy is the outcome of the PSG's deliberations during the latter half of 2001. It was ratified by the Finance Committee in March 2002. At the heart of the Procurement Strategy are 4 key objectives:1. To improve the central co- ordination of goods and services across the University.2. To make suitably qualified central purchasing expertise available to all departments.3. To achieve savings in acquisition and whole life costs.4. To simplify purchasing processes and ensure they are consistent with good purchasing practice. An overview of the Procurement Strategy was presented to representatives from departments on 13, 18 and 21 June 2002.

12 12 'image:'.

13 13 Catering 3 'image:'

14 14 Catering 4 'image:'

15 15 Office Equipment 1.Laptops 2.Data Projector (one new /one old) 3.Digital Camera one older one newer 4.Binder 5.Typewriter 6.Scanner (Training available Tom Sharp – V. Easy) 1.Colour Printer 2.Photocopier code 4891# 3.Microfiche All can be borrowed for official business: There is a signing out sheet in the small stationery cupboard: Please report any faults etc immediately – to the Operations Team via Tom Sharp 'image:'

16 16 STATIONERY ORDERING You will need password and user name to order – restricted But a spreadsheet exists onto which you can add requirements M:\R.S.S\Office Coordination\ STATIONERY Example on next slide – orders now via Office Depot. 24 hour guaranteed next day delivery time 'image:'

17 17

18 18 Booking for Travel / Courses Some trains - if plenty of notice to get tickets posted as it’s cheaper.Flights OPODO or EXPEDIA CHECK FOR THE CHEAPEST POSSIBLE FLIGHTS: NB: Senior Travel will match low price deals BUT YOU NEED TO RING THEM THE DAY YOU GET THE QUOTE Train Need date time etc from person travelling as far in advance as possible SAP Purchase Order number will be required to place an order Travel agency. 'image:' Book Early save £’s

19 19 Senior International Travel Ltd Meridian House9 Riverside CourtPride ParkDerby DE24 8JN Tel. 0870 241 3202Fax. 01332 292 976 Travepad Account contact: Jane AllsobrookOperations manager: Kathy Smith Venue Resources Group Ltd VRG BirminghamLee house6a Highfield RoadBirmingham B15 3EDTel. 0121 248 4455Fax. 0121 248 4456Email No named contact: phone calls are routed to call BTI UK Hogg Robinson (Travel) LtdSomerset House4th Floor37 Temple StreetBirmingham B2 5DPTel. 0121 654 5310Fax. 0121 643 2923Email named contact: phone calls are routed to call Suppliers have equal status and Departments are at liberty to choose which they will prefer to deal with. A list of three preferred agents gives purchasers flexibility and the opportunity of competition for business.

20 20 Travel - Safety committee recommendations S25/03-04 Departments must ensure that any control measures identified by risk assessment are in place Eg PHYSICS TRAVELTRAVEL Transport Protective Clothing Communication Arrangements Security arrangements First aid supplies Emergency Procedures including loss of passport, money etc. Sufficient and appropriate insurance insurance office will advise 2422 Safe secure accommodation – reputable carriers etc Occupational Health 74011 travel advice eg DVT (Current dangers etc) (Immunisations etc needed) (Medical Advisory) 'image:'

21 21 Trainline

22 22 Templates for documents RSS M:\R.S.S\A 1 Office Coordination\Stationery MEMO TEMPLATE FAX TEMPLATE LETTER TEMPLATE 'image:' You will need to change the box at RH corner

23 23 'image:' RSS Phone Policy Target: Answer within 3 rings If a colleagues phone rings you can usually pick up the call by dialing *6 on your phone: Calls will go to voicemail after 5 rings. (please ensure this is set up) and to voice mail or divert - on leaving for the day, especially important once we move to UH. "Good Morning / Afternoon Research Support Services, speaking ". It is important to get the following information right: 1. Name of caller -ask them to spell if necessary. 2. Department (if appropriate) 3. The contract / research application number (if available) 4. Who they wish to speak to (all calls for Kate to go through to Brenda)- it is important to check if Kate is taking calls, before telling the caller that she is here, as she may be in conference or meeting). "Please hold the line, I will try to put you through to ***“ (Please remember to Trans/Conf to hold if you are getting information -remember the caller can hear you and others in the office unless you hold the call and the department will be judged by what they hear) PHONE USER GUIDE

24 24 Unattended Phones When you are away from your phone you should either divert it or put it through to voice mail. (Failing this calls should be set to go to voicemail after *5 rings - please ensure this is set up on individual extensions by entering *36 74747 f r om your extension. You will only need to do this once and can cancel this facility by dialing #8) On leaving at the end of the day, phones should be put though to voice mail. This is especially important in University House Open Plan

25 25 'image:' Petty Cash RSS We hold an amount of Petty Cash in the Department: Regulations can be found at:- Petty cash Regs. Two pages in PDF format (Please ensure that these are read) NB: All receipts must be kept and Voucher countersigned.

26 26 From Idea to Award! Research Finance Research Operations Research Development Grants and Contracts Project finish Project start

27 27

28 28

29 29 And just for fun.. Surviving Open Plan.ppt

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