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Presentation to Primary School SEAL Co-ordinators: Good to be Me Presented by Education Bradford SEAL Team.

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1 Presentation to Primary School SEAL Co-ordinators: Good to be Me Presented by Education Bradford SEAL Team

2 THEME 4 Good to be Me February – April

3 Good to be me This theme is the first of two focussing specifically on feelings. It explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self awareness. The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners. Self – awareness Managing feelings Empathy

4 Good to be me The theme is structured around the following key strands: Knowing myself Understanding my feelings Self awareness Managing my feelings Standing up for myself

5 Good to be me Notice and celebrate children (and adults) who are: Doing something to be proud of Responding in an assertive way Helping someone with a worry Stopping and thinking when they were angry

6 Assembly

7 Foundation Stage – key vocabulary Comfortable feelings Uncomfortable feelings Calm excited happy Still proud sad Relax angry cross Relaxed stand up for yourself

8 Early Foundation Stage Learning Opportunities Circle games and Rounds 1.Pass the present 2.Teddy is excited because……. Activities My feelings (excited) Calming down Questions for reflection and enquiry Review Links to Birth to three matters/yellow/blue stepping stones

9 Ongoing activities Organising the day The environment The role of adults

10 Later Foundation Stage Learning Opportunities Circle games and Rounds 1.Pass the smile 2.I like…….. when Activities Feeling good about myself Display board for “special things” Understanding my feelings – happy, proud Smiley tokens Standing up for myself

11 Resources Feelings identikit Feelings detective poster Feelings fan seal_exci_happy_proud.ppt seal_exci_happy_proud.ppt Photocards excited happy proud

12 Key vocabulary – Year 1 and 2 Relax Relaxed Tense problem solving Anxious proud Relaxation Worried

13 Learning opportunities Years 1 Circle games and rounds 1.Spin the bottle 2.I feel proud when….. 3.My target was………. 4.I felt …… when I achieved my target Activities Our gifts and talents Proud Anxiety and worrying The wobbly tooth story Ongoing activities in class: a worry box: displays: group feedback: setting goals: contributions to the school community: achievements out of school

14 Resources – Year 1 Posters – problem solving feelings detective Working together self-review checklists Music for different moods (CDROM) Photocards – worried Proud relaxed

15 How are they feeling?



18 Relaxing

19 Learning opportunities Year 2 Circle Games Changing places I am good at….. Activities Feeling good about myself Relaxed Relaxing Assertiveness Daphne dinosaur and Olive owl Develop a quiet corner: identify time for a quiet activity:

20 Photocards

21 Resources – Year 2 Assembly pictures CD Rom Photocard – relaxed Feelings detective poster Emotional barometer Feelings, thoughts and behaviour picture Working together self review checklist

22 Key vocabulary – Years 3 and 4 Surprised threat threatened Worried hopeful Anxious hopeless novelty Angry assertive Disappointed aggressive Relax passive Routine risk

23 Learning opportunities - Year 3 Circle games and rounds; Master of the keys: I was surprised when…………… 1.Feeling good about myself 2.Surprised 3.Being assertive 4.Worried and anxious 5.Relaxation and visualisation Activities: Ideas for following up the assembly story Surprise challenge The Lion, Mouse, Fox and Human story Worry poems Relaxation worry box


25 Resources – Year 3 and 4 Working together self review checklist Photocards surprised, worried, hopeful, disappointed, scared Feelings detective Emotional barometer Assertiveness poster Fight or flight pictures fight_or_flight.pptfight_or_flight.ppt

26 Learning opportunities Year 4 Circle Games and rounds : There's a chair on my right: I hope that…….. 1.Feeling good about myself 2.Hopeful and disappointed 3.Hiding feelings being assertive 4.Fight or flight Activities: Good to be me interview: story “Hopeful”: Hiding my feelings: story “The Lion, Mouse, Fox and Human.” Role play: Links to Getting on and Falling out theme.

27 Key vocabulary – Years 5 + 6 proud anxiety anxious assertive useless worry useful jealous worried passive inadequate scared stressed boastful risk aggressive

28 Resources Year 5 and 6 Feelings fan Pauls story pictures CD – ROM Paul's story.pptPaul's story.ppt Working together self-review checklists Peer pressure photocardsseal_peer_press.ppt photocardsseal_peer_press.ppt Assertiveness poster

29 Learning opportunities Year 5 Circle games: Rounds: In the manner of…………. I feel good when………… 1.Feeling good about myself 2.Proud and boastful 3.Mixed feelings 4.Making choices 5.Agreeing and disagreeing 6.Understanding my feelings Activities “Yes but challenge”: Maggies story: Taking risks: feelings cards: role play boasting/proud: agree/disagree: Pauls story:

30 Learning opportunities Year 6 Circle games: Rounds: Handshake game: ….it really annoys them when…. It makes them happy when… I feel worried when…. 1.Feeling good about myself 2.Anxious and worried 3.Standing up for what I think 4.Assertiveness 5.Understanding my feelings Activity - Mouse’s fact file: Our worries: Wormwart’s cure: peer pressure: standing out from the crowd: body language: overwhelmed by emotions: thm5_emotions.pdf


32 Staffroom activities a Key ideas and concepts: Building emotional resilience Coping with anxiety and worrying Calming down Assertiveness Understanding feelings and how they influence behaviour Activities Understanding emotions, flight or fight: understanding my feelings: relaxation: assertiveness: worrying: building emotional resilience: Links: Importance of emotions in the classroom:

33 Small Group activities Is your school ready for group work?

34 Family activities Is your school ready for the family activities?

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