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2 The Challenge of Finding a Publisher Luath Press Manuscripts submitted per year - hundreds Titles published per year – 1 to 2% E

3 Ogden Nash ‘ People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up’

4 DESIGN CYCLE FOR MANUFACTURED GOODS CYCLE FOR WRITING POEMS 1) Customer specification. 2) Designer produces plans. 3) Prototype build. 4) Prototype testing. 5) Prototype modification. 6) Production build. 1) Writer specification. 2) Writer’s plan. 3) Write prototype poem. 4) First draft testing. 5) Re-writes. 6) Finished poem. E

5 The Fabrication Shed Writing Prompt:-Write a poem / story, set in an environment you have worked in, using templates of characters you may have worked beside. Read DEAR GREEN PLACE by Archie Hind. E

6 L S Lowry Writing Prompt:-Write a poem / story, set around an environment you have never worked in. As an outsider looking in. E

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