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7th Grade Language Arts The Raft-n-Peel.

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1 7th Grade Language Arts The Raft-n-Peel

2 What is the Raft-n-Peel
RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format and Topic and is a strategy used to help guide an essay writer to a clearer, more concise essay. PEEL stands for Point, Evidence, Explanation and Link and is a strategy used to help guide an essay writer when writing each individual paragraph of their essay.

3 Raft Practice I will draw one writing prompt from the deck.
Role Audience Format Topic I will draw one writing prompt from the deck. On your paper, draw out the chart above As I read the prompt, fill in the R, A, F, & T. Why do you think it is important to be able to “Raft” an essay??

4 Raft Practice Continued
I will draw two more prompts from the deck How does the prompt change when you change the audience or the format in which you write it? For each prompt, change the audience & the format… does the message change?

5 We are going to PEEL our essays!
Point Evidence Explanation Link Make your point Back it up: Support your point with evidence and examples Explain how the evidence supports your point Link this point to the next point in the following paragraph PEEL is a strategy you can use to help not only outline your essay paragraphs but give your reader an easy way to follow your essay.

6 When do I PEEL? You will receive three copies of the “PEEL” form. You will use this form to help focus your essay. You will be required to turn in all three PEEL sheets with your essay ROUGH DRAFT. Follow the directions!!!

7 Problem/Solution Essay time!!
The time has come to begin the writing process for our problem/solution essays. You will begin by working choosing your topic. I will provide you with a “RAFT” chart – please choose at least two topics & “Raft” them on the chart.

8 Problem/Solution Essay Topics
Gun Control Bullying Teen Safety when Driving Increase in HS Dropouts HS Sports Safety Pollution

9 Problem/Solution Essay
After you’ve chosen a topic, now it is time to OUTLINE. Please follow the outline template displayed for you. Before you may even begin your essay, you must submit a completed outline! You will receive topic approval at that time. The outline will be worked on in class, however if you need to take it home to finish it- that will be fine.

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