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IRPG Project B Redesigning the HE data and information landscape.

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1 IRPG Project B Redesigning the HE data and information landscape

2 Agenda Interim Regulatory Partnership Group (IRPG) Project A – Mapping the regulatory framework Project B – Redesigning the data and information landscape

3 IRPG Established by HEFCE and SLC Includes: HESA, QAA, OFFA, OIA Observers: UUK, GuildHE, NUS, UCAS To advise on and oversee the transition to the new regulatory and funding systems for higher education in England

4 Project A – Mapping the current HE system Being undertaken by Deloittes Steering Group Chair: David Wallace (SLC) Objectives: –By March 2012 – a map of the current HE system from perspective of students, providers and regulatory bodies –By June 2012 – recommendations, identifying opportunities for change

5 Project B – Redesigning the HE data and information landscape Consultants working with HESA –3 consultants with a broad experience in HE Steering Group Chair: Steve Egan (HEFCE) Objectives – by June 2012: –Feasibility and cost/benefit study for a new model of data collection –A roadmap for future work

6 Background - HEBRG Principles of Better Regulation Survey of data collection Map of the current Information Landscape

7 HEBRG survey of data collection



10 D-BIS White Paper Para 6.22 of White Paper A new system that: –Meets the needs of a wider group of users –Reduces duplication –Results in timelier and more relevant data Also work with other government departments –Secure buy-in to reducing the burden

11 Project B – 4 streams Establish data availability within HEPs Understand data and information requirements Understand the as is models and technologies Propose and evaluate a to be model

12 Project B - principles Definition of principles with key stakeholders Key early stage Final proposals to be tested against principles

13 Project B – UK dimension Many of the sector-level data systems are UK-wide Project is driven/initiated by developments in England UK dimension brings risks but huge opportunities

14 Project B - engagement Statutory, regulatory, professional bodies Sector bodies Individual institutions (HE, FE, APs) Software suppliers Various events, interviews etc

15 Issues In HE Providers No single version of truth due fragmented business processes Don’t attempt to use own data to run own business in many cases In Data Collectors Information requirements don’t really take account of HE business systems Limited coherence in approach to developing standards Limited co-operation between agencies

16 HE Info Landscape Scenarios Thousand Flowers Data Bucket One-size-fits-all

17 Standards making “CLUB” Data providers and collectors with direct relationship to HEP Data broker(s) Data user community Higher Education Providers and their suppliers of business systems Harmonised technical infrastructure e.g. CERIF XML ESB connectors etc. A Possible Model

18 Hopes for the Future HE Providers retain autonomy but use common data standards within disparate business systems. Increased coherence in business processes implies better management information WITHIN providers. A coherent approach to standards means HE providers can better integrate “outside” requirements for data with normal business processes. HE Providers can better use regulatory reports for their own purposes e.g. benchmarking

19 Questions Do the scenarios and the model stack up as start point? Who should be in the standards club? Who might the brokers be? What do suppliers want/need from our project?

20 Project B – more information URL: JiscMail list Keep an eye out for events

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