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Distance Learning Library Project Mari Ann Hilliar Lucy Collins.

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1 Distance Learning Library Project Mari Ann Hilliar Lucy Collins

2 What can the toolkit do for you? “The ideas in this student’s assignment seem familiar… …but there are no citations or references??”

3 Distance Learning Library Services in MEDIC / PGMDE Information Skills Search strategies Search tutorials Critical Appraisal Referencing Library Services Loans ILL Access to other libraries Support for E Resources

4 Pre 2008 Distance Learning service provided: Point of contact to library staff A hard copy handbook of distance learning specific library services Inductions and / or workshops if on campus residential given

5 Barriers to Distance Learners Location

6 Toolkit Solutions Transferable skills Single point of access Improve Communication Enhance the student experience Integration of Information Skills into the course

7 Toolkit Trialled to 3 courses, partnered with one. Totalling approx 153 students Diabetes partner launched Jan 2009 Medical Education Oct 2008 Medical Toxicology scheduled Sept 2009

8 What can the toolkit do for your students? I’m searching using the title of my assignment but I’m not getting any results. All the articles I find online want my money! I’ve found some websites, but how can I tell if the information is trustworthy?

9 Evaluation Student Queries Feedback questionnaire from Diabetes students Student and staff feedback Statistics

10 Student feedback “I shall need to go back to it periodically to help me find what I need as the course goes on” “I feel it will take some getting use to before I can understand it’s full potential” “I did dip in and out of the toolkit before the first module, but have gained more by being forced to go through it systematically” “I wasted time by doing some things in a round about way and not realising it was all spelt out in the toolkit”

11 What next? Continued evaluation Development of toolkit based on feedback Further integration into 3 trial courses Offer to all MEDIC/PGMDE distance learning courses Adaptation for other courses

12 Contacts Mariann Hilliar Lucy Collins Toolkit

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