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LG Comms, 26 May 2010 Partnerships Working better together Date: 26 May 2010.

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1 LG Comms, 26 May 2010 Partnerships Working better together Date: 26 May 2010

2 Partnerships; working better together A little about us Social communications agency Specialising in positive change campaigns Experience of partnerships at national and local government level Cross sector Engaging hard to reach

3 Partnerships; working better together Partnership in a new context Seismic political shift = a different landscape The Big Society in real life? Local IMPACT communications will be key Creating a ‘communicating community’, not a louder voice Understanding the power of your networks and partners

4 Partnerships; working better together Why we depend on partnerships CREDIBILITY REACH PERCEPTIONS CHANGE LEGACY

5 CREDIBILITY Talk to FRANK (Home Office/Department of Health)

6 Partnerships; working better together Talk to FRANK Honest, non-judgmental drug information for young people and parents Partnership nationally and locally Big, bold brand strategy Comprehensive stakeholder engagement

7 Partnerships; working better together Our brief Engage vulnerable young people; hard to reach and disengaged Maintain and extend FRANK’s credibility Work in partnership in 42 High Focus Areas Deliver through credible and connected partners

8 How we did it Found the most credible messenger Used peer to peer marketing techniques Created an army of FRANK ambassadors Used surprising and provoking tactics

9 REACH It Doesn’t Have to Happen

10 Partnerships; working better together Tackling knife crime in partnership A new approach, partnering with young activists Brave use of social media, letting go of message control Campaign Youth Taskforce More reach through local partnerships with small but vibrant local organisations

11 Partnerships; working better together INSERT SCREEN GRAB OF BEBO SITE

12 PERCEPTION One Westminster

13 Partnerships; working better together One City A unifying brand strategy, commended by LG Comms in 2006 and 2007 Strong community and stakeholder involvement throughout Internal engagement of council staff as delivery partners Clear, consistent messaging across all services and partners Overall satisfaction with the council = 78 per cent (higher than the typical individual service rating of 43 per cent)

14 CHANGE Tower Hamlets Smoking Cessation

15 Partnerships; working better together Bangladeshi men and smoking Brief: Increase the uptake of smoking cessation services in Tower Hamlets by Bangladeshi men Collaborative ‘steering group’ approach was central to campaign success: NHS Tower Hamlets Tobacco Control Team Bangladeshi Media Association East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre Bangladeshi Stop Tobacco Project, specialist tobacco cessation service Local residents, service users Voluntary and third sector organisations, faith leaders Quit dates increased by 45% from 603 in 2007-2008 to 1104 in 2008- 2009 Validated 4 week quits increased by 36% from 381 in 2007-2008 to 595 in 2008-2009

16 LEGACY CLG Inspiring Communities

17 Partnerships; working better together Inspiring Communities to inspire young people 15 areas selected country wide to develop behaviour change strategies to inspire young people Implemented through Neighbourhood Partnerships comprising statutory and voluntary organisations Developed in partnership with communities themselves Processes and structures set in place to ensure partnerships were effective and productive Rooted in real behaviour change insights to ensure sustainability

18 1 Scoping the audience and issue Our behaviour change approach 3 Implementing the intervention 4 Evaluating the programme 2 Developing and testing the plans Partnerships; working better together



21 Partnerships; working better together Tips for getting started 1.Mapping, with your audience at the heart 2.Prioritise and segment your partners 3.Approach with clear benefits and desired outcomes 4.Agree terms of reference 5.Devise structures and processes

22 Partnerships; working better together Mapping your audience’s influencers Cinema 16-19 Five Live Radio 1 LBC Galaxy FM GMTV This Morning Recruitment sites Personal interest consumer sites Job centre Plus/recruitment Local papers Local radio Manchester Evening news Skymag FHM Daily Express Daily Mirror The Guardian Commuter titles – Metro Talk radio MSN/Yahoo Viral/social networks Dad talk Pub Sport The Sun What’s on TV

23 Segment and prioritise Partner Your tier 1 partners Involve Consult Inform Youth clubs Police Schools Residents’ Groups Neighbourhood Watch Your tier 2 partners Young activists Partnerships; working better together

24 Any questions? Contact: Amanda Duffy or Athena Lamnisos 020 7403 2230

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