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Primary care computing, doing things differently Presenter: Andrew MacBean March 2014.

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1 Primary care computing, doing things differently Presenter: Andrew MacBean March 2014

2 Background/Context Background Previous programmes Foundation PSBA National Programmes (IHR, WCCG, 2DRX, MHOL etc. Etc.) Issues Inconsistent implementation Fragmented support Expensive Opportunities in Wales NWIS Close links to government, health boards and professions Manageable scale Building on success

3 GP Clinical Systems Strategy Published in October 2010 after endorsement by WG, GP and Practice Managers representative groups, and Health Boards –Extensive consultation –Support from the profession Brief overview –Improve the provision of IT Services –Support local and national requirements –Data quality –Affordability and cost effectiveness

4 Before and After

5 Delivering the Strategy Improvements to Network Capacity IT Refresh ProgrammeGP IT Support Service Procurement of a new Framework Contract for GP Systems and Services

6 The New Framework Agreement A fully managed service procured under EU procurement regulations (£40M over 8 years) Includes: –Core GP System –Scanning & Document Management –WCCG –MHOL –IHR

7 Improvements to Network Capacity & Performance PSBA network is reliable and robust Issues with circuits –ADSL –Resilience Upgrade programme in 2013 –10 Mbps for the majority of sites Fully capable of supporting hosted services What happens when connection to the network fails?

8 IT Refresh Programme Intended to keep the equipment in practices up to date £1M per year Has delivered: –8,700 PCs (all PCs < 4 years old) –4,800 Printers (all capable of printing 2D barcodes) –Enhancements to local networks As a result we have very few equipment failures

9 GP IT Support Service - what is it? The GP IT Support Service is a service provided by the NHS Wales Informatics Service to manage IT Support in General Practice ‘One stop shop’ for all practice IT-related issues Single point of contact for IT support – the Primary Care Service Desk IT specialist support provided out of 5 local offices: Swansea/Cardiff/Pontypool/Mold/Bangor Standard look and feel to PCs

10 GP IT Support Service - What are the benefits? Improved support for GP Practices Burden of IT management reduced Improved reliability and performance of systems Improved security Easier to make change New improved e-mail Improved value for money – 50% reduction in revenue One AD Domain [with all other NHS Wales orgs]

11 Next Generation Clinical Systems Why do we have to change? –Security of personal information –Interoperability with other systems –Increased resilience and maintainability –Reducing the load on practices –Ageing technology Benefits –Delivered from multiple, secure data centres –New technologies to improve performance –Options for Disaster Recovery in the event of loss of premises –Improved authentication to systems –High availability and zero data loss

12 Work Programme Timeline July 2012 July 2015 Dec 2012 Dec 2013Dec 2014 System Migration (473, approx 6 per week) GP Systems Implementation Initial Orders Systems Setup GP IT Support Service (660 sites, 8 per week)PSBA UpgradeOngoing IT Refresh

13 Where are we? On track to complete the programme by July 2015 –40% of GMP migrated –16 per month for remainder of programme National Applications –WCCG (99% of practices) –IHR (86% of population) –MHOL (66% of practices) Support –Good customer satisfaction –Improved support for Wales National Applications –Reported infrastructure faults down by 80% –No network outages New developments –GP2GP –Video conferencing (MS Lync)

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