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Community Broadband Scotland Alaistar Nicolson Operations Manager.

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1 Community Broadband Scotland Alaistar Nicolson Operations Manager

2 Overview Digital Connectivity Update Community Broadband Scotland –Key features –Progress –Next steps

3 Digital connectivity Deliver world-class digital connectivity for Scotland by 2020 Step change in speed and coverage by 2015 Deliver infrastructure with capacity to deliver speeds of 40-80 Mbps Aim for 85% to 90% of premises Significant uplift in speeds for others

4 Digital connectivity - Procurement Final stages for NGB across HIE –Award by end of 2012 –Work expected to start early 2013 Procurement underway for the rest of Scotland –Aim to award during first half of 2013

5 Community Broadband Scotland Programme announced 8 Aug 2012 Enable local communities to take positive action to deliver connectivity within their communities Provide a one-stop-shop for community broadband enquiries Empower communities to develop tailored solutions to meet their requirements Three year programme with a £5 million budget

6 Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) Developed and delivered in partnership between national and local agencies Project Team to oversee the development and implementation of CBS –Scottish Government –HIE/SE –Local Authorities/COSLA –Industry/Academia

7 CBS – Key features Support service for communities (independent) Website providing online advice, guidance and toolkits (resource hub) Telephone helpline Network of staff on the ground supporting communities Rural Seed Fund

8 CBS - Progress Project Team in place (management) HIE appointed to lead delivery Operations Manager in post Helpline now available 0800 917 3688

9 CBS – Website Website under development Launch by end October 2012

10 CBS – Next steps Develop website content –Planning (community engagement) –Technology options –Community structures –Funding sources/options (partners, shares, grants, etc.) –Commercial issues (legal, licences, insurance, SLA) –Project pages and case studies –Toolkits (how to guides, business plan templates, etc.) –Advisers/CISPs (feedback) –Contact form

11 CBS – Seed Fund Focus on rural and remote communities Least likely to benefit under Step Change 2015 Pioneer Phase 2012/2013 –Communities nominated by CBS partners –Test business models and service delivery –Specialist technical input provided –Innovative technologies and case studies –Extract learning and shape CBS going forward –CBS development officer support

12 CBS – Seed Fund Pioneer selection process underway Regional CBS development officers Open rounds –2013/2014 –2014/2015 Expression of interest January 2013 Open round April 2013

13 CBS – Seed Fund Projects Defined project target areas Representative community group Demonstrate local demand (commitment) Sustainable solution Backhaul access (available/affordable) State aid compliant –Target areas

14 Community Broadband Scotland 0800 917 3688 Alaistar Nicolson Operations Manager

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