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Stephen Rolph Locality 0845 345 4564.

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1 Stephen Rolph Locality 0845 345 4564

2 Locality is the leading nationwide network of settlements, development trusts, social action centres and community enterprises. Locality

3 Locality was formed through the merger of bassac and the Development Trusts Association, two leading networks of community owned and led organisations.

4 423 trusts in England (Over 700 trusts across the UK) Members have a combined income of £325m of which £172m is earned income £660 million community owned assets Employ 5,500 staff and engage 20,000 volunteers 82 members in London Locality membership

5 Locality Members grant funding assetsenterprise

6 BUILD BID CHALLENGE New Community Rights

7 Community Purchase. Community Asset Transfer. Multiple Asset Transfer – the Supply Side. Community Right to Bid. Community Right to Reclaim Land. Community Right to Build. Compulsory Purchase for Communities. Empowering Communities: Making the Most of Local Assets - Right to Bid is one of the options for Community Asset Acquisition

8 Asset Transfer: Advancing Assets / Community Assets Programme / The ATU 85% councils aware of agenda 1,500 transfers underway each year, 40% increase during 2011-12 £100m+ investment Right to Bid: 1,800+ enquiries since April 2012 (a quarter from London) Guidance and resources developed Grants programme launched (Social Investment Business) Provisions formally commenced in Sept 2012 476 nominations / 387 listed (34 nominated / listed in London) Our Experience: Headlines

9 The Ivy House Pub, Nunhead, LB Southwark The Ivy House pub in South London was possibly the first place in the country to be listed as an asset of community value using the Community Right to Bid. And the fight to save this historic pub has paid off, with the pub being brought into community ownership in March 2013!

10 The Pub? The Post Office? The Village Hall? The Corner Shop? The School? The Allotments? Your House? The LA’s role LAs manage a list of ‘assets of community value’. Public, private, and VCS owned. Nominations - Parish Council or a locally connected voluntary or community body. LA must inform owner and nominee. Right of appeal for landowner, but not the nominee! 5 year listing. 9 London Boroughs still haven’t got anything on their website. BID

11 Contents of a nomination Description of land/buildings. Details of known occupants/owner. Reason(s) why the nominee thinks it’s an asset of community value. Evidence that nominee is eligible to nominate. BID

12 Definition Current/recent past use furthers the “social well-being” or “social interests” of the community, and likely to continue to do so (or could do so again). Social well-being is not defined. Recent past is not defined (5 years?) Social interests defined as: ‘cultural, recreational or sporting interests’. Must be its principal use. Some exclusions – the main one is residential. BID

13 Moratorium Periods Triggered when owner wants to sell – freehold/25 year lease. Owner cannot conclude sale – illegal to do so. 6 weeks for community group to notify LA they wish to make a non-legally binding bid. A further 4.5 months to raise capital to purchase (6 months in total). Followed by a protected (18 month) period to protect owner from repeated attempts to block sale. BID

14 Moratorium exemptions Housing, NHS and ‘land of statutory undertakers’. If the disposal of the asset is a gift or is made between members of the same family. If the land or building being disposed of is part of a bigger estate. Binding agreement entered into before listing. If the disposal is made to a new owner to continue the same business. BID

15 The opportunity Owners view assets in a different way – as valuable community resources. A legal duty upon councils and a right for communities. Effects on planning – material consideration? Applicable to privately owned assets. Makes ownership visible. A stimulus to community asset mapping – creates a sense of urgency/fundraising focus. BID

16 Challenges Will it discourage discounted asset transfer? Communities of interest as compared with communities of place? Definition of an ACV - postcode lottery? Access to capital finance? 6 months (development time is usually 18-36 months). It’s not a right to buy - the owner does not have to sell to the group. BID

17 Right to Bid vs Asset Transfer Right to BidAsset Transfer BasisStatutoryLocal policy Type of assetDefined in Localism ActAny council owned asset OwnershipAny ownerPublic sector only ProcessDefined in Localism ActBy negotiation ValueMarket valueUndervalue TermsFreehold or lease of 25+ years By negotiation

18 Community assets grants from SIB Available from Social Investment Business: Pre-feasibility grants - £5k to £10k. Feasibility grants - £10k to £100k. Capital (Round 2 coming soon!) Applies to Right to Bid and Asset Transfer. For consortia building, training, expertise, business planning, market research, etc. Not intended for equipment, building costs or running costs.

19 Grants

20 Emerging social finance market The Investment & Contract Readiness Fund The Big Venture Challenge Key Fund Yorkshire Esmee Fairbairn Unity Trust Bank Charity Bank Triodos Bank Cooperative and Community Finance Big Issue Invest Venturesome fundraising/banking-and-investments/loans-and-capital.aspx fundraising/banking-and-investments/loans-and-capital.aspx

21 Find out about some of the projects Locality has assisted: Take advantage of our Community Asset Mapping Platform: Obtain further information about the Community Rights Support Service: Follow our pilot work with private sector property professionals: Use our Whole Life Costing tool for communities: Advice, support and services

22 BID Community Right to Bid Any questions?


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