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The New Improved WebLearn Service Starts in June 2009

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1 The New Improved WebLearn Service Starts in June 2009

2 Current Service Introduced In 2003

3 Usage Of WebLearn Is Increasing

4 Current WebLearn Service: is solid, functional and flexible

5 Current WebLearn Service: gets you from A to B

6 Current WebLearn Service: is becoming outdated

7 Current WebLearn Service: has a limited future

8 New WebLearn Service: solid, functional and flexible

9 New WebLearn Service: looks better

10 New WebLearn Service: offers more tools

11 New WebLearn Service: has a bright future

12 Current WebLearn Service!

13 New WebLearn Service!

14 New WebLearn Is Based On Sakai

15 Sakai Is Used In Many Countries

16 Sakai Is Used At: Cambridge University

17 Sakai Is Used At: MIT

18 Sakai Is Used At: Hull University

19 Sakai Is Used At: New York University

20 Sakai Is Used At: Newcastle University

21 Sakai Is Used At: Stanford University

22 Sakai Is Used At: Lancaster University

23 Sakai Is Used At: John Hopkins University

24 Sakai Is Used At: CCLRC (Daresbury)

25 Sakai Is Used At: Stockholm University

26 Sakai Is Used At: Australian National University

27 Commercial Affiliates

28 WebLearn Stakeholders: Teachers

29 WebLearn Stakeholders: Researchers

30 WebLearn Stakeholders: Administrators

31 Teachers

32 5 Features For Teachers

33 Teachers: Better ‘uploaded files’

34 Teachers: Assessment

35 Teachers: Discussion forum

36 Teachers: Announcements

37 Teachers: Tracking

38 Researchers

39 5 Features For Researchers

40 Researchers: Collaborative wiki

41 Researchers: Public access

42 Researchers: Calendar

43 Researchers: External users

44 Researchers: Survey / opinion poll

45 Administrators

46 5 Features For Administrators

47 Administrators: On-line file store

48 Administrators: Document search

49 Administrators: Easy access control

50 Administrators: Add Network Drive

51 Administrators: Email list + archive

52 Also Has Many Other Tools / Services

53 Timed release

54 Web page authoring

55 Web links

56 News feed display (RSS)

57 Chat room

58 Tutorial sign-up

59 Other Tools / Services Hierarchy

60 Other Tools / Services Devolved administration

61 Other Tools / Services Oak groups service (soon)

62 Content Migration

63 Content Migration: Users want us to move materials!

64 Content Migration: We want users to move materials!

65 Content Migration: We Provide Tools

66 Content Migration: A Time To Tidy Up

67 Important Dates: June ‘08 – Year Long Pilot

68 Important Dates: June ‘09 – Dual Production Service

69 Important Dates: Sep ’11 – Old Service Switched Off

70 Visit The URL:

71 That’s All Folks

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