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Online learning that compliments face-to-face teaching.

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1 Online learning that compliments face-to-face teaching

2 Provides 24/7 accessibility to course materials and grades More efficient use of students time 2

3 Flexibility for students to pursue education anywhere, anytime 3

4 Gives professors the opportunity: To rethink and redesign a course To fit the blended teaching format 4

5 Accessible to special needs students Accessible to adult learners with small children Respects diverse talents and ways of learning 5

6 Provides a uniform format for students and faculty Easy for students to access grades and assignments 6

7 Students can view and review course material and grades without contacting the TA or instructor 7

8 Visual learners Day learners Night learners Students who need more reinforcement 8

9 Post assigned documents Post assignments Post syllabus Insert material from a textbook CD Post e-reserves Insert an announcement 9

10 Add a Choice (a mini poll) Add a Discussion Board Add an online Quiz Add a online Survey Add a Chat room Create a Wiki 10

11 Add Grades Add PowerPoint Add Art images Add audio files for music and language Add video files Add URLs Archive your course 11

12 Equal opportunity for everyone-not just the quick, articulate students who dominate a classroom Some students are more reflective and are more comfortable expressing themselves online 12

13 Use as a tutorial Provide instructor feedback to students Link discussion to course goals 13

14 Students can share drafts of written work with the instructor or peers for review and suggestions Students can discuss concepts together Students who live off campus can be included in projects 14

15 Build Groups (8 is the recommended size) Develop a sense of group that will sustain them through a course Extend class time by assigning students additional topics to consider 15

16 Assessments (Survey) Allows instructors to build and compile course information Frequent assessment provides concept reinforcement Increases motivation 16

17 Helps identify student misconceptions or difficulty with course material Frees up class time 17

18 Display grades to students Display grades by points Display letter grades Display percent Display in categories 18

19 Grades can be hidden Instructors can manually edit grades A hard copy of the grades can be printed Grades can be downloaded by the Professor 19

20 Instructors can track the usage of content Logs can track the participation of your students All forum posts can be tracked for each student 20

21 Advanced Uploading of files (an interactive exchange of files between a professor and his students) Online Text (provides the student with a text box in which to type their response) Upload a single file (file is submitted electronically) Offline (assignment is submitted in class) 21

22 Instructors can mark a course unavailable for a semester Instructors can archive tests and quizzes 22

23 A tool to enhance classroom teaching Login using your Groupwise password and user name 23

24 Sandy Reitsma Telephone:712.722.6044 Help Desk Telephone: 712.722.6299 Computer Services 24

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