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U C 01 October 2012 Universal Credit NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014.

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1 U C 01 October 2012 Universal Credit NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

2 U C Content Ongoing stakeholder engagement Welfare Reform Bill Update Universal Credit Customer Experience Customer Preparation & Personal Budgeting Support NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

3 U C Welfare Reform Elements The main elements of the Welfare Reform Bill are; Universal Credit Personal Independence Payment Localisation of Social Fund and council tax Housing Benefit Reforms The Benefit cap Changes to Employment and Support Contributory Allowance Conditionality and Sanctions including a claimant commitment Fraud and error Child maintenance NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

4 U C Universal Credit The Welfare Reform Bill was introduced into the Northern Ireland Assembly on 01 October. Follow the progress of the Northern Ireland Assembly - Welfare Reform BillNorthern Ireland Assembly - Welfare Reform Bill NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

5 U C Home page of DSD Internet Site Trusted source of information on welfare reform and will include Universal Credit Dedicated section for Universal Credit Area for Universal Credit Stakeholders Source of information for Universal Credit NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

6 U C DSD Internet NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

7 U C Universal Credit DSD Internet NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

8 U C Universal Credit – Stakeholder section NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

9 U C Universal Credit Overview NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

10 U C Recap of Universal Credit A single allowance – which replaces income-related social security benefits, housing benefit and working and children’s tax credit A single allowance – which can be paid whether you are in or out of work Focused on household earnings – credit payment which reflect household circumstances (including additional elements for disability, caring duties, housing costs and children) Tapering of the allowances as earnings rise – Universal Credit withdrawn at a constant rate of 65p in the pound of net earnings NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

11 U C What’s in / What’s out Claims made for households Replaced by Universal Credit Income based Jobseekers Allowance Income related Employment & Support Allowance Income Support Child Tax Credits Working Tax Credits Housing Benefit Social Fund (Budgeting loan elements) Not covered by Universal Credit Disability Living Allowance / Personal Independence Payment Contributory Benefits (although earnings rules aligned) Child Benefit Carers Allowance Social Fund Crisis Loans & Community Care Grants Housing Benefit (Rates) (Council Tax Benefit equivalent) Passported Benefits NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

12 U C Universal Credit - Overview Universal Credit JSA ESA IS HB TCs Customer Programme Self serves online Operation of the taper Finds work Benefits Increased income Employment Poverty Worklessness over generations Replacement of welfare benefits Legislation Automation Advice and assistance NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

13 U C NI Cross-Government Impacts Post Office Network Digital Switchover Support Statistics available Claimant count Concessionary travel Support for business Childcare Child Poverty Raising the participation age Children’s Centres Exportability Government as an employer Area-based Grants SSA DoJDHSSPS DOE PSNI / MoD NIHE DETI DELDSD (Core) DFP ELB / DE Household makes claim to UC Additional support potentially available for UC recipients EMA replacement Learner Support Fund Clothing Grants School transport Free school meals Pupil premium Telecomms and Broadband Online delivery Digital inclusion Charities Estates Rationalisation Enablers to make UC implementation a success Broadband suppliers GP’s surgeries and health centres Wider NHS Social rented sector Payments direct from benefit Council Tax deduction Housing Payments? Fines (Under consultation) Fuel Direct Energy Suppliers Community Transport Bus Service Operators Grant Legal aid Legal Services Commission Warm Front Warm Home Green Deal (introduced 2012) Schools FE providers Local Authorities Appeals Unsuccessful claim The Tribunal Service Regulatory Impacts Right to work Wider labour market support Employment rights National Minimum Wage Working time Directive Regional Growth Fund Local Enterprise Partnerships Tax system Access to skills provision Student finance Higher education access Skills Funding Agency FE providers Higher Education Institutions Student Loan’s Company Those in debt Links with HMRC UK Statistical Authority Child Maintenance Community cohesion Housing policy Wider community impacts Victims of domestic violence Adult social care recipients People with mental health problems People from abroad Volunteers Impact on support for particular groups Appointees claiming on behalf of others Families (including those with multiple problems) Temporary Workers Ex-offenders Young People NEET Rural communities Ex-service personnel Service Families Reserves Drug-misusers Homeless people Under 18s Children Sight tests and vouchers for glasses / CL Prescriptions Hospital Travel costs scheme Healthy Start Grant Dental treatment Note: Click on the department reference above e.g. SSA and related services will be highlighted. LOCAL COUNCILS CMED Childrens Commissioner DRD TREASURY DARD Leisure Services Supporting People Scheme Work ProgrammeConditionality OFMDFM Childcare Grant Land / Border Implications DCAL Sponsored Facilities AME / DEL Court Fees EJO requests Localism / RPA Compensation Recovery NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

14 U C Universal Credit – recent developments Social Security Advisory Committee consulted on Universal Credit Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry on progress towards the implementation of Universal Credit Northern Ireland organisations responded to both Clear themes emerging NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

15 U C DWP Universal Credit Launch Universal Credit will be launched on a phased basis Phase 1 - New claims to Job Seeker’s Allowance will transfer to Universal Credit on a geographical basis Phase 2 - New claims to other benefits to be replaced: Income Support Employment and Support Allowance Tax Credits Housing Benefit Phase 3 – Migration of existing claims to Universal Credit by October 2017 NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

16 U C Passported Benefits DSD assisting other Departments with the eligibility criteria for specific passported benefits. Analysis focused on impact of eligibility criteria on a variety of family types and potential delivery costs DSD are also working with other Departments to consider how passported benefits will be delivered to Universal Credit customers, for example, verification of entitlement. NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

17 U C Passported Benefits Working with Department for Work and Pensions to identify new eligibility criteria for remaining elements of the regulated Social Fund for Universal Credit customers Funeral Payments Sure Start Maternity Grants Cold Weather Payments NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

18 U C Universal Credit Customer Experience NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

19 U C Universal Credit Customer Journey I become unemployed, sick, or need to supplement my income. I find out about Universal Credit I can claim online. When my application is completed, my Job Focused Interview is arranged if applicable. Universal Credit may contact me to provide further evidence. If I cannot claim online, I can telephone the Universal Credit Service Centre to make a claim, call into a front line service or seek help from a Customer Representative Group. My circumstances, income or capital mean I am not entitled to UC or I have not provided supporting evidence requested and application has been disallowed – I may ask for a reconsideration, or appeal the decision. I have made a successful claim to UC and continue my journey as Unemployed, Sick or Employed NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

20 U C Stage 1 - triage  Customer enters Jobs and Benefits Office/Social Security Office  Floorwalker interacts with queues to sift out straightforward referrals  First contact team at desk greets remaining customers and establishes reason for visit  Non Universal Credit customers are referred to Business As Usual  Customers eligible for UC move to stage 2 First Contact Team Business As Usual Stage 2  Agent explains options for making a claim to Universal Credit/reporting a change and what details will be needed.  If all details to hand, agent/customer agree most appropriate method of making claim/report CoC.  If additional information required, customer can make appointment to return Face to Face interaction at the frontline Floorwalker available throughout Face to Face experience Customer makes claim/reports change online from home or elsewhere (not in office) Customer makes a claim/reports change using own phone at home to UC Service Centre Customer uses PC in JB0/SSO to make UC claim/report change Agent inputs the claim/records the change online on behalf of the customer. (Process still in development.) Outreach Service/Third sector (Process still in development) 1 2 3 4 5 3a Unassisted Customer uses PC unaided to make a claim to UC or report CoC 3b Non UC customers Assisted  One to many (1 agent helping a number of customers) or  One to one Some of these customers may not need to go through triage and may go directly to their Work Focussed Interview if they have already made a claim to UC. Reasons for attending  Benefit Claim/Report change of circumstances  Pre-arranged appointment  Labour Market activity  Enquiries  Financial Assistance NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

21 U C Telephony support for Universal Credit customers Take claims to Universal Credit or changes of circumstances from customers who cannot use the online service. Support customers who need help to get online or to continue their claim online. Support customers who have questions if they encounter problems with making an online claim. NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

22 DEL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Helping people prepare for and move into work NICVA 1 October 2012

23 Employment Service & Universal Credit DEL Employment Service has a frontline service of highly trained and skilled advisers who will assist clients as Universal Credit rolls-out in NI Advisers will help people move into work, including self employment The Employment Service aims to improve linkages between employment programmes and skills development to maximise opportunities for employment

24 Four UC Conditionality Groups Once a claim is made to UC the customer will be placed in one of the following groups: 1.Full Conditionality – current JSA 2.Work Preparation – current ESA WRAG 3.Keeping in Touch with the Labour Market – current Lone Parents 4.No Conditionality

25 1. Full Conditionality This group will have the following requirements: Work Availability - immediately available for work, exceptions apply e.g. those who have to make childcare arrangements Work Preparation - specific action e.g. CV, skills assessment Work-Focused Interview – periodic interviews with Advisers in additions to a fortnightly review Personalised Conditionality Requirements – permitted customers can place limits on types of work in certain circumstances e.g. those with a good work history, health condition.

26 2. Work Preparation This group are: People with a disability or have a current health condition which means they have limited capability for work at the current time They will be required to: Attend Work Focused Interviews and take reasonable steps to prepare for work

27 3. Keeping in Touch with the Labour Market This group are: Lone parents or lead carers in a couple with a child over one but under five They will be required to: Attend periodic interviews to discuss their plans for returning to the labour market

28 4. No Conditionality This group: Have a disability or serious health condition which prevents them working and preparing for work; and/or Are a lone parent or lead carer in a couple with a child under one; and/or Have intensive and regular caring responsibilities; and/or Earning above the relevant threshold

29 Work Focused Interview DEL Employment Service Adviser Develop tailored Claimant Commitment Identify/agree activities to increase employment prospects Identify/agree training work placements, and/or specialised support with the aim of moving into work; Consider realistic current/future work opportunities

30 What Support is available? Skilled ES Adviser service Steps 2 Success All age tailored adult return-to-work provision for Full Conditionality and Work Preparation groups, voluntary access for existing ESA and IB claimants Client Support Fund Youth Employment Scheme 2 to 8 week Work Experience Scheme Skills Audit/Assessment /Development Programme Enhanced Employer Subsidy Disablement Advisory Service Access to Work (NI) Job Introduction Scheme Specialist Disability Support including Occupational Psychology Services Workable NI Future support for ‘in work’ group

31 U C Customer Preparation and Personal Budgeting Support NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

32 U C New Ways to Claim Single Household Payment Monthly Payment REQUIREMENT FOR A PERSONAL BUDGETING STRATEGY IS DRIVEN BY THE FINANCIAL CHANGES Direct Payment of Housing Costs Financial Changes Work Focus What changes will Universal Credit Customers face? Customers NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

33 U C Personal Budgeting Overview Customers managing their money, paying their bills, in full, on time Financial Products Budgeting Support More Frequent Housing Costs to Landlord Split Payment Alternative Payment Type Stimulate Market Prepare Customers Encourage Take Up and use Increase Capability Prepare Customers Risk based approach Regularly reviewed Volumes minimised Move to Support Inherent budgeting capability Based on Customer need Tailored Support NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

34 U C Personal Budgeting - Scope Within the Universal Credit Programme we have established 3 related sets of activities, which need to be in place for Universal Credit Go-Live - Budgeting Support - aimed at developing suitable support packages for categories of customers who, even with access to suitable products, will need a level of support, via an appropriate change, that may vary in frequency (e.g. one-off regular or continuous in nature). - Alternative Payment & Deferrals - aimed at developing rules, procedures and guidance for categories of customers who will not be able to succeed with the Universal Credit financial defaults; either in the long term or for a temporary period of adjustment. - Financial Products - aimed at enabling the development of a range of appropriate products that will enable customers to select the right one (s) for them to succeed with the financial changes and opportunities that Universal Credit brings. NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

35 U C Preparation & support for the ‘unable’ Some households will need Support to budget e.g. - Guidance and online tools - Telephone Advice - Face-to-Face advice - Practical help with banking and payment products In certain circumstances we can make other payment arrangements e.g. - A more frequent payment - A split payment within the household NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

36 U C We are considering options... For today: What is the best means of taking this work forward – focus group (if so who and how many), correspondence etc? Going forward: What support will customers need to manage this change? Who should deliver (and has the capability to provide) the support? Which customers will need support? We would appreciate the benefit of your expertise in this area and would be grateful for any comments or input - NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

37 U C Next Steps Feedback from External Advice Organisations to inform approach Develop detailed criteria for identifying those in need of support, and if alternative payment arrangement appropriate Develop Northern Ireland Universal Credit Customer Preparation and Budgeting Support Strategy NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

38 U C Summary Good progress is being made to deliver Universal Credit Building a 21 st Century benefits system – with flexibility and continuous improvement Designing a service based on customer journeys involving them and staff in the design Aware of the challenges ahead Work with our partners and stakeholders to design and deliver a successful service for our customers NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

39 U C Contact us NI Universal Credit revised go live - April 2014

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