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Welcome to Yorks and Humber Regional Network Meeting.

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1 Welcome to Yorks and Humber Regional Network Meeting

2 National Update Neil Berry

3 Locality Local Update John Dawson

4 Welcome New Members Canopy Housing

5 Welcome New Associate Members Just

6 Welcome New Associate Members Craven Community and Voluntary Service

7 7

8 8 Overview Who we areOur new strategyWhy we have changedHow this affects grant holdersOverview of the new criteriaFunding and support availableHow to apply

9 9 Who we are A registere d Charity Since inception over £330m invested in over 42,000 charities Independently run I ncome covenanted from Lloyds Banking Group (nine year rolling agreement)

10 Our new strategy 10

11 11 Supporting small and medium sized charities Committed to funding core costs Focus where we can make the most difference: young people and adults facing multiple disadvantage at key stages in their lives Flexible and longer-term funding options More than just funding STRATEGY 2014 - 18 CONTINUE OUR ONGOING COMMITMENT TO : Why we have changed

12 Community Programme ended Feb 2014 What about the Community Programme? 12

13 13 Impact on Community Programme grant holders Grant will continue for period agreed Current grant holders Check new criteria No longer have to wait 1 year to reapply Previous grant holders

14 14 Our New Focus Multiple disadvantage Transition points Targeted and holistic work Breaking and preventing cycles of disadvantage Outcomes focused

15 15 Our new criteria – your organisation Registered Charity1 year track record of deliveryAt least 3 Trustees1 year of published accountsIncome between £25,000 and £1mFree reserves less than 12 months expenditureMust work mainly in England and Wales

16 16 You must work with people aged 17 years of age and over who are experiencing at least one of the following issues: People who have been abused or are at risk of abuse People who are victims of sexual exploitation People who are ex-offenders or those at risk of offending People who are long term unemployed People leaving care People who are homeless People with learning disabilities People with mental health and well being issues People with addictions People who are isolated and vulnerable People with severe financial difficulty as a compounding disadvantage Our new criteria – the people you work with

17 Our new criteria – transition points 17 You must work with people experiencing multiple disadvantage at one of the critical points in their life.

18 18 Hospitals, health authorities, hospices Rescue services Schools, colleges, universities Animal charities Type of organisation Capital purchases, building work Statutory responsibilities Medical care, medical equipment, medical research On-line or telephone advice services Events and short-term interventions e.g. holidays Environmental, arts, sports Promotion of religion Type of work Our New criteria – what we don’t fund

19 What’s available? - 3 programmes 19 ENHANCE A grants plus model - offering an optional range of support to strengthen the effectiveness of those we fund

20 20 INVEST programme Must be able to evidence need Up to £25k pa for up to 6 years Must meet focus on multiple disadvantage and transition Will support core or project costs Must meet at least one of the Transition Outcomes and at least one of the Progression Outcomes Must have systems in place to monitor outcomes Invest

21 INVEST programme outcomes 21 TRANSITION OUTCOMES (examples:) PROGRESSION OUTCOMES (examples) Safe, independent and able to make positive choices Improved safety Becoming employed Improved physical health Have not re-offended (in the previous 6 months) Improved mental health Achieved accredited qualification Reduced isolation/increased support networks Progressed into or re-entered education or training Improved employability Safely managing addictions Reduced substance misuse/addictive behaviour Progression into safe and suitable accommodation Managing a tenancy and accommodation

22 INVEST programme example FROM PRISON INTO LEARNING SKILLS AND SEEKING EMPLOMENT A charity that works on a 1:2:1 basis with high risk /multiple offenders. Transition Outcomes : Have not reoffended Progression Outcomes: Improved self / esteem, improved basic skills, improved employability 22

23 23 Must meet focus on multiple disadvantage and transition Where a charity has identified a specific organisational development need Must have a clear plan of activities Total grant of up to £15k up to 2 years Must meet at least one of the Enable programme outcomes Enable ENABLE programme

24 24 ENABLE programme outcomes (Including pilots; assessment of needs; user satisfaction; service reviews; project planning; collaboration with others) IMPROVED ACTIVITIES AND SERVICES (Including review of board/committee policy and practice; trustee training; involving users; change management; social entrepreneurship) IMPROVED LEADERSHIP/GOVERNANCE (Including business planning; fundraising strategies/income generation/ policy/procedure reviews) IMPROVED STRATEGIC PLANNING/POLICY (including finance controls; human resources; management of volunteers; risk management; monitoring frameworks; impact assessment) IMPROVED STRUCTURES/SYSTEMS (Including marketing and communications; website development; reaching new audiences; recruiting volunteers) IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS

25 ENABLE programme example FROM HOMELESSNESS TO ACCOMMODATION AND LIFE SKILLS A charity provides practical support, accommodation and work experience for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness to help them to resettle in the community Transition Outcome: progress to safe and suitable accommodation. Progression Outcomes: Improved physical health, Improved mental health, managing a tenancy and accommodation, improved living skills. Enable Outcomes: Improved Leadership / Governance and Improved Strategic Planning. 25

26 26 ENHANCE programme Must be in receipt of either an Invest or an Enable grant. Support is optional A range of tailored support to help to strengthen the effectiveness of those we fund in reaching disadvantaged people Support Providers currently include: Lloyds Banking Group colleague support, Charities Evaluation Services, Triangle Consulting and a long list of independent consultants Enhance

27 How to apply 27

28 What next? 28 Successful application Monitoring visits and reports Continuation funding Enhance offer if appropriate Unsuccessful application Feedback Reapplying

29 Web address: Phone number: 0870 411 1223 GM’s email address: Any questions? 29

30 Into Work Maxine Bowler, Heeley Development Trust Matt Dean, Zest Leslie Stone, Job Centre Plus

31 Louise Winterburn Policy and Research Manager Towards the election - social change and policy direction

32 Local by default – next steps Action pack for members Developing the evidence base Working with LA’s and Commissioners Influencing government Localism – Public Service Delivery

33 Localism – “Rights” DCLG – Communities in Control Deprived communities Asset ownership and BME Communities Research on Community Housing

34 Funding Supermarket Levy BIG Lottery big/your-voice Cabinet Office Sustainability Fund

35 Campaigns For the Common Good Impact of Austerity and Welfare Cuts Who Benefits End Racism in a Generation

36 Towards the election Localism – equitable distribution of opportunity Local by default Mobilising communities

37 Social Enterprise Alliance Working to Live - how can social economy policies reduce unemployment? Well-Founded Growth - how can we improve local, bottom-up economic solutions? Everybody's Business - how can the private sector deliver greater social value?

38 Bare Necessities - what can the social economy do to lower the cost of living? Public Services - how do we ensure public service reform that delivers for all? Finance - how can social and economic policies work as one to create a more responsible financial system?

39 economy-alliance/take-action

40 Policy Updates Policy blogs and tweets @l_winterburn Calls for evidence Policy Roundtables – local voice to national action

41 web: email:

42 ….to partner property professionals with aspirational community enterprises to transform land and buildings for local and mutual benefit. … to help community asset projects get off to a good start with the support of our expert Brokers. Locality Brokers is on a mission…

43 Neighbourhood Planning


45 How we help community organisations Brokerage support : Initial assessment and agree a plan Prepare a clear and project brief, Apply for pre-feasibility & feasibility funds if appropriate Advice on governance arrangements & business planning Advice on selection and appointment of property professional

46 How we help community organisations Online webinars – started 25 th Feb Making decisions about your project? Project governance & accountability What’s the process? The RIBA stages of work & communicating your project concept. Ben Downie, Director, Inkpen Downie Architecture & Design Ltd Business plan vs building planning? Constructing a viable business plan Jonathan Platt, GCP Architects What if it goes wrong? Due diligence – issues for managing risk Ian Lush, The Architectural Heritage Fund Who do we need to help us? How to choose and appoint your property professionals Lorraine Hart Community Land Use.

47 How we help property professionals Contract Opportunity Service newsletter alert to current opportunities. Brokerage support Help you reach a clear and mutual working arrangement with a community organisation Directory of suppliers: Online and searchable by all. Promotion Blog from ‘pocket parks’ to ‘interior design’ Advertising on the Locality Brokers website

48 “The support of the Broker was so important because she knew about other projects and other approaches that we could consider...” Becky Jeffcoate, Wells Maltings Trust, Norfolk matched with local architect Rupert Kitchen of LSI Architects What they’ve said so far: “The Service provides an opportunity through its structured process for firms to differentiate between “wheel kickers” and those with a serious intent. As it is part of something bigger there is pressure for everyone to perform well.” Firm’s feedback to the evaluator of the pilot service

49 Partnering professionals with aspirational community sector organisations to transform communities web: email:

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