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Alistair D N Edwards POETry In-teraction.

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1 Alistair D N Edwards POETry In-teraction

2 POETS Psychology of Everyday Things Don Norman

3 POETS Design of Everyday Things Don Norman DOETS


5 Poetry in motion

6 Outline POETS Nominations Examples of everyday design Affordances Values Application of these principles to interface design Homework

7 Don Norman

8 Action cycle

9 Affordance ‘Interfaces’ should be intuitive Good designs afford their use

10 Affordances are Ill-defined Why is the chair the favourite example? Culturally dependent Evolutionary Don Norman on affordance

11 Good affordance

12 Bad affordance

13 Good affordance

14 Value in design Every design embodies the designers’ values What are they? Possibly conflicting

15 Example values Accessibility Aesthetics Ease-of-use Ecology Money-making Safety Others?

16 Conflicting values Don Norman on the Macintosh on-switch html

17 Form follows function? Louis Sullivan Jet turbine blades organic, complex curves

18 Form follows function? Louis Sullivan Often cited as an example But actually a counter- example, according to users

19 What would you do with this object? Tap_web.jpg

20 What would you do with this?

21 …and this?

22 Would you twist it?

23 Affordances evolve? What would you do with this object?

24 Affordances evolve? What can’t you do with this object?

25 Hands-free tap

26 Hand washer

27 Hand washer – poor affordance?

28 How would you close the plug?


30 Bad design: Jailin Fan Cold and hot faucets. [taps] The hot (left) and the cold (right) water faucets are separate. Now, for the life of me I don't understand the logic behind this (I had the same problem one years ago in London). In the current configuration, either your hand is really cold or boiling hot - but never in a happy medium (no Intelligent Design here!).

31 Good design: Jailin Fan Oral-B Toothbrush It has got timer. Bring very good experience of brushing teeth to user.

32 Bathrooms

33 Hand dryers What do you know about someone who wants to dry their hands? Their hands are wet

34 Hand dryers



37 What would you do with this dryer?

38 Good design: Judith Borghouts Macbook

39 Good design: Judith Borghouts Alessi kettle

40 Good design: Pep Lopez Font Food container bag

41 Good design: Pep Lopez Font Food container bag

42 Good design: Grace Chen I think the design of the light controler is good. It is simple but easy to understand.

43 Bad design: light switch What can you do with this switch? Lights on Lights off How to tell the difference? Dim the lights

44 Poor design: Cash dispensers: Martin Rooney + Alistair

45 Cash dispensers: Martin Rooney When I go to a cash point, I am 99% of the time just wanting to get some money out. So my mental model is that I expect to find an option simply titled 'cash'. But (as this screenshot shows) there is often never just an option 'cash', its always coupled with some other stuff that I don't care about, that just waste my time and forces me to stop and think. In the screenshot I can choose between: Cash with on-screen balance Cash with receipt Why not just cash ?

46 Cash dispensers: Alistair Inconsistency Allows me to enter how much I want before it tells me its empty Offers me amounts that are multiples of £10 – and then says it’s only got 20s An unusual document mix may be dispensed

47 Cash dispensers etc etc. Edwards, A. D. N. (1997). How hard can it be to design a hole in the wall? Interfaces (36): p. 3. http://www- wall.html

48 Poor design: door lock

49 I have tried – and so far failed – to build a state diagram of this lock

50 Poor design: door lock Locked or open only apparent by trying the handle Unlocking may be once-only or ‘permanent’ Depends on programming and time of day Flashing green light and beep meaning…?

51 Interface designed by an engineer

52 Braille Don’t get me started http://www- braille.html Edwards, A. D. N. (1998). Making elevators truly accessible to blind people. Elevator World, December, pp. 34-35. Making elevators truly accessible to blind people Elevator World,

53 Bad design: Judith Borghouts Jura Ena espresso machine ‘After years of using it, I still can’t remember how to do certain things.’

54 Bad design: Pep Lopez Font Cooker in his house

55 Bad design: Pep Lopez Font Cooker in his house

56 Pratyush Pandab Students in Langwith Uni accommodation might agree with me. The induction cooker with 4 hot rings arranged in a square panel and their corresponding knobs aligned on one side of the panel. Its always fun to watch my flatmates turn the wrong one and then realize it later and mumble!

57 Bad design: Grace Chen I think the oven icon is not very good, I am not really understand what does it mean.

58 Computer interfaces

59 Button affordance

60 Poor design: Pratyush Pandab buttons in win XP affords clicking (bevel design)... contrast it with windows 8 metro overlay. all are 2 dimensional.

61 What does this afford? - Affordances can be culturally- related

62 What does a padlock icon afford?

63 Other interface affordances Evolved? Scroll bars Menus Arrows etc.

64 Homework Choose better labels than A and B Design graphical alternatives (icons) To be selected by a vote (user participation)

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