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Be safe, Be Secure, Be Smart.... Be in Control!

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1 Be safe, Be Secure, Be Smart.... Be in Control!

2 Internet and Task 1

3 1. What is E-Safety? Write what you think it covers in your own words
E-Safety is about using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in a safe and responsible way. To be safe on the internet

4 2. What are the dangers of using the internet?
Viruses Hackers Phishing Malware Identity Theft Inaccurate Information Encounter with Paedophiles Chat Rooms Pop-up

5 3. What is phishing? An illegal activity where someone pretending to be an organisation or someone they are not trying to get hold of personal information. Examples sent to you asking you to update your information Links on websites that take you to another page asking for personal information

6 4. What are the dangers of using e-mail?
Phishing Viruses Cyberbullying People trying to meet you privately Spam

7 5. Tips you could give someone when using the internet and e-mail to keep them safe
Firewall Pop-up blocker Anti-Virus Delete junk Never visit untrusted websites Do not click on links you are unsure of Never give out personal details Don’t talk to someone you don’t know via , chat room, Facebook...

8 6. What should you do if you had been a victim of technology related problems?
Tell your parents Tell your teachers Report it on CEOP website Tell a responsible adult

9 7. Poster A clear title Logo Purpose of the poster Images Colours
Relevant information

10 Mobile technology Task 2

11 List all the things a mobile phone can do
Make phone calls Text messaging Using the internet Take photographs Video recording Voice recording Download application Play games Check Time and date Send and receive data Blue tooth Infrared Wi-Fi

12 Mobile Phone research Task 3

13 What mobile phone are you researching?

14 Mobile Phone Features Touch Screen Camera Qwerty keyboard
5mpx, 2mpx etc Qwerty keyboard Dual band Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mailbox/Blackberry Enterprise Services Video recording HD Video Calling Memory 8 GB, 2 GB etc Mp3 player/Radio Instant messaging Internet

15 How can the phone be used in a positive way?
Making calls to your friends and families to see how they are To keep in touch with people Keep up to date with news on the internet Have set up on your phone Taking pictures and video recording important moments

16 How can the phone be misused?
To send messages to people that you should not Make prank phone calls Cyberbullying - Threaten someone, send nasty messages Use phone to spam or phishing Video recording happy slap or violence to post on internet

17 cyberbullying Task 4

18 1. What is Cyberbullying Cyber bullying is when someone uses the internet or mobiles to deliberately upset someone else. This is a form of bullying and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

19 2. What happened to Kylie Kenney? What could she have done to get help?
Two of Kylie’s class mates made a website, called it ‘Kill Kylie Incorporated’ and threatened her. She could have reported the website and her class mates to her class teacher Tell her parents or guardian Report website on CEOP

20 3. The Star Wars Kid!!! The class mates didn't have Ghyslain’s permission They stole the video People use the video to create their own versions People can mock Ghyslain

21 4. Word Definitions Flaming Cyberstalking Masquerading Outing
An intense argument that normally takes place in chat rooms, instant messaging and . Cyberstalking A form of harassment through text messages and Masquerading Cyberbullying where the bully pretends to be someone they are not Outing When you show personal information or messages to someone that should not see it.

22 5. Mediums that Cyberbullying takes place within
Text Messages Social Networking Sites - MySpace Picture Messages Instant Messages Chat rooms Online Polls Websites

23 6. Notice board Protect your number. Dial 1831 before you call to set your number to private. Protect your phone's Bluetooth connection. Set Bluetooth to 'hidden'. Switch your mobile off at night. Use the privacy settings in your social networking site. Always use a free address (like Gmail or Hotmail) that you can get rid of Remember that being online does not make you anonymous. Treat others with respect, and expect the same of them. If you don't want something to go around the world, don't post it!

24 What is the best approach to cyber bullying?
Report abuse to police, parents, responsible adult. What would you do?

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