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The Elements of Success maWebCenters ® International Convention 2013.

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1 The Elements of Success maWebCenters ® International Convention 2013

2 The Elements of Success We’ve made building your UnFranchise as a WebCenter Owner Easier, Better and more Duplicatable than Ever! The Product The Potential The Partnership

3 Consumer Confusion This is how your prospects feel about choosing a website solution! What Do I Need? Web design Social Media Email Google Mobile Site Email Campaigns CRM E-Commerce Security Support Maintenance How Can I Get It Traditional Do It Myself Discount Provider Print Company Friend Family Member Wait

4 The Simple Solution

5 Very Simple Very simply, we can help small-medium sized businesses: Increase Revenues Decrease Expenses Increase Customer Satisfaction By helping SMB to have a better online marketing strategy and simplifying the process! So how do you do that? It’s a Simple Sales System: You schedule an appointment with Product Specialists Design Center can design a customer design Customer Care will handle all tech support for clients

6 Earning Potential: NOW You can cover the cost of your fixed-cost goals by generating retail profits. The average website sale is $1299 That generates about $1000 retail profit! Take your goals, break them down into $1000 increments to get an estimate of how many website sales you’d need to make to achieve those goals

7 Earning Potential: FUTURE What about the big picture? Each Website sale generates 225 BV In addition, you earn 25 BV/Month for each active client! The 25 BV is automatically billed and credited to you. You can manage your BV when you login to your WebCenter. That means just 12 active website clients would generate 300 BV per month Keep the BV in mind when factoring this into your long- term goals as well. The Ultimate Goal is to Duplicate Base 10, 7 Strong.

8 Recruiting WebCenter Owners We’ve made it easier than ever to share “The WebCenter Opportunity” The Market America Plan Benefits of WebCenter Owners Product and Services Support for WCOs Become a WebCenter Owner New WebCenter UMO Conducted by CWTs 2 nd & 4 th Thursday Live Overviews We will be previewing some of the UMO at the breakout Saturday night! You do not have to major in WebCenters to grow your unFranchise with WebCenter owners! The support for WCOs is there- you just need to know how to use your resources!

9 EMP & WebCenters Market CountriesEMP CountriesComing Soon USA Canada Mexico Australia Taiwan Hong Kong United Kingdom Spain Costa Rica Dominican Republic Columbia Ecuador Panama Singapore New Zealand Philippines Any other country that we can support the language and support hours! We’ve made some fundamental changes to our approach on global sales this year! Your WebCenter will be automatically enabled to sell websites globally in Market Countries and EMP Countries! A website sale in any country will result in home country retail profit and home country BV!

10 EMP & WebCenters That means with the new WebCenterEMP Program you could even sell in: Mainland China!

11 Ways to Ramp up your WebCenter Business WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track Get to a Certified WebCenter Training

12 Brand New Trainings We’ve shortened the trainings We’ve made them workshops, so you’re walking away with experience and an action plan! WCT 101 “Succeeding with WebCenters” Cost to attend: $25 4 hour training How our product can help your prospects! Set attainable goals How to talk to website prospects How to leverage our teams of professionals How to recruit with maWebCenters How to use your WebCenter Participate in a Goal Calculating Workshop! Participate in a 4-part Appointment Setting Workshop!

13 Brand New Trainings Once you’ve mastered the simple strategies, you can choose to take a more advanced approach to selling appointments and building your UnFranchise with WebCenters WCT 201 “Advanced Selling & Networking” Cost to attend: $50 5 hour training More advanced product & market comparisons Goal assessment & revision Networking / Sales / Building value Building share of customer with clients Advanced business building Participate in a Goal Revision Workshop! Participate in a Call Workshop Participate in a Valuable Q&A Sessions

14 WebCenter Fast Track for Success The 90 day Fast Track Small efforts each day add up! Create good Business & WebCenter habits Be consistent Be accountable Build Momentum Get Results RESULTS 153 Website Sales $154,594.00 Retail Profit Over ¼ Million Dollars in ma Products 195 Personally Sponsored 340 Additional Partners 46 Coordinators, 25 EC, 2 MC, 3 SMC

15 Fast Track Coaches Our WebCenter Fast Track Coaches will be guest speaking on Sunday night coaching sessions, guest blogging, interacting on social media to help support fast track participants In addition, they will be helping to conduct national call workshops that all Fast Trackers can participate in via webinar! Please help us welcome, our first ever WebCenter Fast Track Coaches!

16 Fast Track Coaches Trista Polo Russell PoloDon Fagan Jocelyn Holleran Jay SawyerConnie Schnieder Clemant Siu Phil Brinks Chwen LimEric Yu Matt Giebel Sue Gilad

17 Join the Next Fast Track! You can join us on the next WebCenter 90 Day Fast Track and Register for Free! Go to: Step 1: Register for the Fast Track Step 2: Register for Sunday Coaching Webinars Step 3: Download the Welcome Packet

18 Demonstration Jeremy – Website Client #1 Wagner – Website Client #2 Sarah Rose – WebCenter Owner

19 Fast Start Kit! Master UnFranchise Business (300 BV & 3 BDCs) Independent Distributor Subscription Kit Business Building Materials maWebCenter – backed by maWebCenters Teams of Professionals Get a New Business Partner Started! $399

20 * WebCenter monthly service fee is $35/month Get Your 3 Tickets- This weekend only. Come to the Internet Services Booth and get started today! FREE WEBCENTER WebCenter Special Checklist for Success: Become a WebCenter Owner

21 Checklist for Success: Breakout: Saturday 8:00 p.m. Get more information! The new UMO! Details on the next 90 Day Fast Track Panel Presentation from our WebCenter Fast Track Coaches!

22 The Elements of Success maWebCenters ® International Convention 2013

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