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2 Learning Styles How can I help? Is the one question asked by parents. Knowing your child’s learning style helps you to help them. It is useful to know their learning style when helping them with learning, revision or work tasks. “ I see what you mean…I hear what you say …I feel that…” This information is not just useful for Key Stage 2 but for their continued learning.

3 The Three Most Wisely Used Learning Styles
Visual: Learning through the use of diagrams, charts and pictures. Auditory: Learning through listening and talking ideas through. Kinaesthetic: Learning through doing and making things.

4 Remember Your child may have more than one learning style.
We all need to operate using all the learning styles , so lessons will incorporate all learning styles to develop all these aspects. As your child develops their learning style can change.

5 Other Learning Styles There are other less known learning styles.
These are equally important and are more tailored to the individual in where and how they learn.

6 Personal Learners who like to work on their own.
You can help by asking if they need anything and provide them rest breaks.

7 Group or Sharing Style Learners respond to other learners to build upon their own knowledge. A study buddy, or a family quiz or searching for information together, helps to get these type of learners started.

8 Environmental Learners that enjoy the outside.
Build in time to revise outside, including a family walk. Areas they found difficult look up after the walk.

9 If you have any particular questions we will be happy to answer these.
Thank you. If you have any particular questions we will be happy to answer these.

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