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Shakespearean Drama.

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1 Shakespearean Drama

2 Tragedy is a drama that ends in catastrophe-most often death-for the main character and often for other important characters as well

3 Tragic Hero is the main character-usually someone who is nobly born and who may have great influence in his or her society This character also has one or more fatal character flaws-a weakness or a serious error in judgment-that leads to his or her downfall. Although the events in a tragedy are often set in motion by an action of the tragic hero, fate may also seem to play a role in the course that the events take.

4 Comic Relief a humorous scene, incident or speech that relieves the overall emotional intensity By providing contrast, comic relief helps the audience to absorb the earlier events in the plot and get ready for the ones to come.

5 Allusion is a brief reference, within a work, to something outside the work that the reader or audience is expected to know The writer might allude to a historical or current event or to a line from another work of literature.

6 Foil Character is a character whose personality or attitudes are in sharp contrast to those of another character in the same work By using a foil, the writer highlights the other character’s traits or attitude.

7 Soliloquy a speech that a character gives when he or she is alone on stage Its purpose is to let the audience know what the character is thinking.

8 Aside is a character’s remark, either to the audience or to another character, that others on stage are not supposed to hear

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