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Addictive Adjectives By Mrs. Jaskulka.

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1 Addictive Adjectives By Mrs. Jaskulka

2 Adjectives Describes a noun (person, place, thing)
Creates word pictures Paints word pictures

3 Adjectives create and paint word pictures.
Helpful scout leader Large city Awesome computer

4 Types of Adjectives Words that tell what kind Words that tell how many
Words that compare Words that are articles

5 What Kind Red wagon Wise teacher Scary mansion

6 How Many Three Many Few Amanda has _______balloons.
I only have a _____roses. Look at the______sunflowers in the field!

7 Comparison My house is bigger than yours.

8 Adjectives – Use Senses
See Hear Smell Taste Touch Share examples using each sense.

9 Adjectives - Articles A An The
Articles are special adjectives that are used with nouns.

10 Articles A A is used in front of a noun that starts with a consonant
a child

11 Articles An an is used in front of a noun that starts with a vowel (a,e,I,o,u) an elephant

12 Now you try! ___ apple. A An ___ clock.

13 Wow!

14 Oops!

15 More to Learn About Adjectives
to Learn More About Adjectives

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