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Multifunctional wedge for cosmetic bottle Customer: Elida Fabergé, Germany Products: Shampoo.

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2 Multifunctional wedge for cosmetic bottle Customer: Elida Fabergé, Germany Products: Shampoo

3 Pallet in-feed and accumulation line Customer: MCM, Germany Products: Motor parts

4 DAS Ergonomical assembly line Customer: Viking Sewing Machines, Sweden Product: Sewing machines

5 Alpine buffer in bottle-filling line Products: Tablets

6 FlexLink’s Vision FlexLink – first choice for easier automation

7 FlexLink provides profitable automation to demanding, world- leading customers. Based on our unique application experience and global network, we offer innovative production solutions to the manufacturers of high volume, lightweight goods. In all aspects we aim to be recognised as the customers' First Choice. FlexLink’s Business Mission

8 FlexLink Offices FlexLink Representatives World Wide Network

9 Focus on 4 Business Areas Components Steady growth will be achieved through optimized product range and supply chain excellence Technology development in prioritized segments will create rapid profitable growth Excellent global market offer of assembly lines focused on telecom will create rapid profitable growth Service and training demands create new business opportunities SystemsAutomationService

10 FlexLink’s Development 1982-87Rapid development of products and international presence 1988Office in USA 1989Office in Japan 1991Distribution centre in Europe 1992Clean room centre in USA 1993Office in Germany 1994Office in Singapore 1995Offices in France, Italy, UK and Benelux 1996Distribution centre in USA 1997Office in Brazil 1998Offices in Norway and Australia 1999FlexLink Automation Oy FlexLink Ticon Ltd. 2000Offices in China and Poland 2001Ofices in Hungary, Spain, Malaysia Acquisition of IHT, FlexTek, DKC Sales MSEK

11 MSMS as Marketing & Sales Tool within FlexLink

12 Do we need a Sales- & Marketing System ? Is information about our customers and contacts available? Do the customers and contact persons get the information they ask for? Is the customer profitable? What is the forecast? Why did we get the order or why not ? Which activities result in business ?

13 Milestones 1994Evaluation of different tools (Caesar, …) 1995Nordic is the first Sales unit using Caesar 3.5 1996Italy 1997Singapore 2000Replaced Caesar with MSMS 2000Poland, BeNeLux, France, Australia, 2001Automation SE, UK, Germany, 2xUS (Bethlehem, Dallas) 2002Japan

14 FlexLink Offices FlexLink Representatives WANWAN

15 MSMS database structure Gothenburg Sales Units - Nordic - BeNeLux - France - Italy - UK - Singapore - Austarlia - US (Bethelem) - US (Dallas) - Automation SE SQL-server - Japan SQL-server - Poland - Hungary SQL-server In total: 13 databases

16 Movex (main source)  MSMS MOVEX (AS/400) MSMS - Customer info - Sales statistics - Customer info - Sales statistics ”file copy” SQL db

17 Information loop db Crystal Reports db www (Intranet) Movex

18 How to work global with many db:s ? SU Global Mngt Centre of Excellence Product Mngt Local Management

19 Reports Seagate Crystal Reports is a excellent tool PowerPlay (to be evaluated) WEB-based reports gives high availability for the users and easy to maintain Reports are only created centrally (cost efficient) for all sales units Standard report package with three levels Global Management – comparisons between sales units – Global analysis Sales Unit – Detailed reports down to individuals Centre Of Excellence – Activities etc cross all databases

20 Customer visits last 90 days per week

21 MSMS INPUT Map the market - Company info - Classifications - Contacts Track Activities and Quotations - Build up the ”History”- book - To-to-list Updates from Movex - Customer info - Order intake / Sales OUTPUT Defined target group - Potential - Key persons Shared data - Everybody has the same information - Less risk if a sales engineer leaves FlexLink The source for - Activity planning - Automated marketing Reports - Status - Performance

22 Why MSMS ? Only one tool One common tool within the FlexLink group Cost efficient Simplifies / Enables automated consolidation of data MSMS – because: Positive experience of Caesar Same supplier as for Movex

23 Remember We do not invest in hard- or software, we invest in changes in way-of-working and attitude

24 Risks A clear local business plan, objectives and strategy must exist A clear project definition with clear limitations The company management must be active in the project Internal marketing Everybody must be a winner

25 Organisation MSMS System owner System owner = Sales Manager Be the enthusiastic driving force behind use of MSMS. Super user Super user = Frequent user (Salesman) Daily help for everybody how to handle the software. IT IT = Local IT co-ordinator Takes care of the database and have all connections available (modem)

26 Experiences Replace an existing system with MSMS requires more preparations in order to reconcile differences (plus & minus) requires less training about Why ? existing data has to imported but everything is not possible change the ”way-of-working” (sales engineers,…) to use another software

27 Experiences Start MSMS from zero requires more preparations in order to answer the question Why ? existing data has to imported. Normally a list of companies in Excel. change the ”way-of-working” (sales engineers,…) to use a software

28 CRM Customer Relationship Management

29 MSMS vs. CRM MSMS is not a CRM-tool ! MSMS is a very good CRM – support – tool ! but

30 CRM Is more than a program in a PC Attitude Behavior Response … Relations are created between people, not companies MSMS is a prerequisite for success within CRM in global companies

31 Wishes for the future Only one database for FlexLink Permission structure like in LAN (groups,…) Developed document management Several locations for documents Retrieve selected documents (replication) Compress documents for replication Multilingual (leadtext, filters) How to handle different characters (Polish, Russian, Japanese,…) WEB-client (everything but no replication)


33 Status today The utilization of MSMS is increasing day by day. All SU:s are up&running. (Japan in Q1-2002) The awareness of the relation between activities and results is a driver (RAC-planning) The reports visualizes the input and make all users to winners The reports creates bridges between all our databases ”Objects” in MSMS is used for complaints in one sales unit, so far


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