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Leveraging Success Through Effective Project Management Tools and Processes Charlie Schloff Manager, C3P Project Office Ford Motor Company File: MPUG 2000.

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1 Leveraging Success Through Effective Project Management Tools and Processes Charlie Schloff Manager, C3P Project Office Ford Motor Company File: MPUG 2000 v1.2.ppt

2 Purpose Of This Presentation  Raise your awareness of how Project Management tools, processes and methodologies are being applied to meet today’s business challenges.  Initiate creative thinking in how Project Management of this type can be strategically applied to your specific business needs.  Heighten your interest of the level of business value that can be accomplished through effective Project Management.

3 Ford’s Global Presence

4 The Evolution of Vehicle Development  Major changes have occurred since the industry began.  Designs were completed on paper through the 1970’s.  Communication methods were slow and limiting.  Little concurrent engineering taking place.  Manufacturing problems were dealt with downstream resulting in a time-consuming and expensive process.

5 The Making of Cars and Trucks  Designers worked exclusively with clay models to formulate styling themes and prototypes.  Physical prototypes were used for fit, function and visual verification.  In the 1970’s, the use of computers to conceive initial designs were beginning to emerge.  In the late 80’s innovative companies began to capitalize on the industry’s need for state-of-the-art computerized efficiencies in vehicle design, engineering, and manufacturing.

6 1995 … C3P Vision “Integration of Ford’s Enterprise Product Development through Global Product Information Management and Advanced Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Functionality”

7 C3P Defined: CAD CAM CAE PIM  Computer Aided Design (CAD)  Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)  Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)  Product Information Management (PIM)

8 But What is C3P?  A suite of globally integrated applications that complement each other.  A single source library of information.  Documented processes and methods that facilitate efficient use of the tools.  A new way of doing business that transforms our way of thinking.

9 A Typical PM Challenge… With any significant change, many issues rise to the surface. As Project Managers, we fill the gaps with new and/or refined processes and technologies. Typical things we see are:  Inconsistency in data management solutions  Process reinvention  Lack of effective utilization of limited resources  Information overload due to data inconsistencies and disorganization  Sluggish metric reporting and data gathering  Lack of proactive planning and forecasting  e-nabling archaic and often flawed processes which result in us making more mistakes even faster!

10 Training, Mentoring & Knowledge Transfer The P-Cubed Delivery Model Portfolio Management Business Goals Projects Programs Executive Decision Making & Involvement Prioritization & Investment Decisions An Integrated Portfolio of Managed Projects Consistent, Repeatable Project Delivery BusinessStrategy ProgramManagement ProjectManagement Collaboration & Performance Tracking

11 C3P Implementation Planning System Mission: To support proactive planning and forecasting of C3P deployment and implementation efforts across the Enterprise through one central web-based repository of up-to-date and reliable information. Strategy:  Apply forecasting methodologies to the business thereby enabling proactive global C3P deployment and implementation efforts.  Consolidate multi-sourced information into a secure web- based database to facilitate the information needs of the responsible deployment and implementation initiatives.  Apply sound business decisions that determine where C3P is needed, when it is needed, and who is responsible to deploy what C3P technologies to whom.

12 Online Data Feeds Multi-tiered Metric Reporting Resource and Workload Allocation Product Program Information Facility Planning Information Effective capture of data for pro- active knowledge management Flexible data analysis for dynamic decision making Effective communication and collaboration for robust planning processes Corporate Systems Corporate Systems Telecom’s Planning Telecom’s Planning C3P Project Office Technology Vendors Technology Vendors Facility Services Program Change Mgmt. Global Supplier Planning Product Development Vehicle Operations Powertrain Operations Powertrain Operations Education & Training Customer Service Div. C3P Implementation Planning System Information Customers and Data Sources

13 C3P Implementation Planning System The solution is strategic in that it can be applied beyond the scope of its original intention and design by transforming x-business processes into e-business processes. The e-Business Advantage:  Creates a view-to-the-future for proactive planning.  Enables real-time updates and reporting available globally.  Distributes information gathering in a centralized system.  Provides consistency in data management.  Uses “hard” metrics to more effectively manage the business.  Is interactive to satisfy all levels of management.  Incorporates dynamic security management.


15 Key PM Business Drivers  Leverage MS Project Central and Project 2000 capabilities which integrate the existing database functionality with advanced project management technologies.  Consolidation of issue management tools into a dynamic project tracking and notification system.  Integrate “digital dashboard” methodologies to enable more efficient and effective management of the business through robust and dynamic metric reporting.  Integration of specific processes and metrics for expanded proactive planning and deployment capabilities.  Ability to hear customers and target consumers through the use of strategic project management designed to drive the business to the next level and beyond!

16 Global Leadership  To be the leader in automotive products and services we must also lead in technological capabilities and global business processes.  Ford is clearly establishing itself as that leader through strategic partnerships, effective use of technologies and managed process improvement initiatives.

17 Questions & Answers THANK YOU!

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