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Hi my name is Victor Coles

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1 Hi my name is Victor Coles
Today I be teaching you on agents of erosion and deposition

2 Today I will teach you on some vocabulary
A shoreline is where land and body of water meet Here is a lists Shoreline Beach Longshore current Saltation Deflation Abrasion Dune Loess Glacier Crevasse Glacial drift Stratified drift Till Mass movement Rock fall Landslides Mudflow creep

3 A beach is any area of shorelines

4 A longshore current is moveement of water near and parallel to the shoreline

5 A saltation is the wind occur material of sand size particles by skipping and bouncing in the wind causes the paritcles in the direction the wind bolwing

6 A deflation is lifting and removal of fine sediment by wind

7 A abrasion is grinding and wearing down of rock surfaces by other rock or sand particular

8 A dune are mounds of wind deposited sand

9 A loess are wind can deposit material much finer than sand
A loess are wind can deposit material much finer than sand. Thick deposit of this windblown fine grained sediment

10 A glacier is an enormous mass of moving ice

11 A iceberg is larger pieces of ices that break off an ice shelf and drift into the oceans

12 A crevasse is a glacier flows forward sometimes crevasse occur

13 A glacial drift is the general terms used to describe all material carried and deposition

14 What is stratified drift it is rock material that has been sorted and deposited in layers by water flowing from melted ice

15 What is till it is unsorted rock matterial

16 What is mass movement it is movement of any materials such as rock

17 What is rock fall it is when a group of losses rock falls down a step slope

18 What is landslide it is sudden movement of a large amount of material

19 What is a mudflow it is a rapid movement of large mass of mud

20 What is a creep it is a extremely slow movement of material down slope

21 summary I have learn so much from doing this project it has taught me so much more. I would like to do this again. By Victor Coles

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