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Washington, DC - Trip of a Lifetime - The 8 th Grade Trip!!!

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1 Washington, DC - Trip of a Lifetime - The 8 th Grade Trip!!!

2 Day 1 We drive from Stanton to DC Traveling from Ky into WV, Maryland, and then to DC (That’s 3 states in 24 hours!)

3 Day 2 First Stop: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum!

4 Next: Ford’s Theater (Where Lincoln was shot!)

5 Spy Museum Learn about the life of espionage and exhibits where you actually get to act as a spy!

6 Crime & Punishment Museum History of crime, and its consequences, in America and American popular culture. The museum features exhibits on colonial crime, pirates, Wild West outlaws, gangsters, the Mob, mass murderers, and white collar criminals. Twenty-eight interactive stations include the high-speed police chase simulators used in the training of law enforcement officers, and a Firearms Training Simulator (F.A.T.S.) similar to that utilized by the Secret Service.

7 Dinner at the Hard Rock Café!

8 Day 3: The Smithsonians

9 Museum of Natural History This museum contains many of the artifacts and specimens that have been found throughout the world’s history.

10 Museum of American History At the Museum of American History, you will see exhibits representing important events in the history of America. Everything from a piece of Plymouth Rock to Abraham Lincoln’s personal possessions are here to Dorothys shoes, and C3PO (its all here!)Museum of American History As you walk in the front door of this Smithsonian, you are met by the giant flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner in 1813!

11 Air and Space The National Air and Space Museum is home to many of the ships that have been used in space exploration.National Air and Space Museum

12 Arlington Cemetery At this final resting place for military personnel, Arlington Cemetery is a special stop. You will see thousands of white gravestones marking the location of those who have died for our country. Also the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Arlington Cemetery

13 Holocaust Museum Shoes of Jews killed during the Holocaust Images of those who died A life changing experience: learn about the millions of men, women and children killed during the Holocaust and other genocides in our history.

14 Moonlight Dinner Cruise See the monuments lit up at night!

15 Day 4 We Go Home!

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